Body Trends: Plastic Surgery for Your Genitals?

If you think it’s weird for someone to get a nose job, you’ll definitely be surprised about how many cosmetic plastic surgeries are available for your private parts!

According to, more than 75% of women are unhappy with the look of their vulva, and 45% of men wish they were sporting a larger penis. Because of this, there are many plastic surgery options available for men and women who want to change the look of their private areas.

Why do women want to get surgery for their genitals?

Common reasons for wanting to go under the knife for women include one labia being larger than the other, the labia appearing “droopy,” “too long,” or “unsymmetrical,” or having an abundance of skin around the clitoris.

While it may seem a bit shallow for women to want to alter what their momma gave them, there are actually many medical and sexual reasons for wanting to have a procedure done. Some reasons include the following:

#1 A loose vagina. Many women find their vaginas have loosened, while some find themselves dealing with incontinence after having children, and simply want to be restored to their former tightness.

#2 Sexual stimulation or lack thereof. Another issue has to do with a lack of sexual stimulation or painful sensations during intercourse or sexual play.

#3 Birth defects. Many women are embarrassed about certain birth defects or surgeries that have affected the appearance of the vagina.

Vaginal procedures

Medical reasons aside, some women just want a younger, flashier-looking vagina! If you’re looking to enhance what you’ve got, here are some common procedures for the vagina:

#1 Labiaplasty. This procedure is for women who want to reduce the shape or size of the labia minora *the smaller set of vaginal lips*. It is extremely common for women to have oversized “inner lips,” whether this is how they were born or simply a sign of aging. If you want a tighter, more symmetrical-looking vagina, then this is the surgery for you.

#2 Hymenoplasty. For most women, you were probably happy to have your hymen done away with, so you could start wearing tampons like the rest of your friends – or you were just ready to start enjoying sex. For these women, it seems implausible that anyone would ever want to medically repair their hymen, but rest assured, it’s a real thing!

So why would a woman want to repair her hymen? Many do so for culture or religious-based reasons, while others do so to take back possible sexual abuse that was done to them.

#3 Clitoral hood reduction. Some women have the skin around their clitoris or the clitoral hood removed. Why? Some women are said to experience greater sexual pleasure once this skin is removed, as it is responsible for covering up the most sensitive area on a woman’s vagina.

#4 Vaginoplasty. Looking for a tighter, younger-looking va-jay-jay? The vaginoplasty procedure will actually remove excess lining in the vagina, therefore tightening the area and giving you a “healthier” look. This is especially common for mothers who have problems with their vaginas post-childbirth.

Penis procedures

Are there really enough penile procedures to warrant the penis having its own section? You betcha! If you think there are only two ways to go here, bigger or smaller, you’ll definitely want to keep reading.

#1 Penis enlargement. Alright, you knew this one was coming. Many men are obsessed with the size of their penis and never fail to pout if they don’t find it big enough. That’s why penis enlargement, by way of length and girth, is growing in popularity.

#2 Penis reduction. Men love their members. They love their strength, size, and stamina, and certainly never shy away from a smile when their lady love compliments their big dick… or at least, most men. Unfortunately for others, the size of their penis is so large that it actually inhibits sexual activity. It is more difficult to give head to a large penis, as well as have intercourse.

WebMD reports that the average inside of a vagina increases to just under 5″ when aroused, making men larger than 6″ have to work a little harder while getting it in. This can result in discomfort for both the man and the woman.

#3 Foreskin restoration. That’s right! Most circumcised men had their foreskin taken away from them without having any say about it, and now they’re taking the power back! Some men are actually having their foreskin restored by a grafting or stretching method. By doing this, men hope to achieve an aesthetically pleasing, “natural-looking” penis, as well as renewed sexual and glanular sensations.

#4 Scrotal reduction. Ah, the balls. The underappreciated underside of our beloved friend, the penis. Scrotal reduction or “peno-scrotal webbing” is where excessive skin on the testicles is removed. This is done due to cosmetic reasons, as well as being done to improve sexual activity as some men have skin so excessive, it actually gets in the way of getting a condom latched on. Yikes!

Plastic surgery alternatives

If you’re not into the whole plastic surgery bit, but still feel like your genitals could use a pick me up, then you’re in luck. There are several things you can do to help you feel better about the looks of things down south.

#1 Revamp and restyle. You know how when girls want to change up their looks, they simply change their hair? Well, whether you’re male or female, doing a bit of “landscaping” down there can help freshen up an otherwise boring area.

Try something different from going completely bald or doing a landing strip. For example, use pubic hair-safe dyes, and dye some cute shapes, grow up a fabulous 70s bush, or incorporate style into your pubes by shaving in a lightning bolt or a heart. Maybe all you need is a good change of scenery.

#2 Work out! If you’re sick of the way things are sagging and shaping up in your nether regions, why not get back to good old fashioned exercise? Everyday cardio, like running on the treadmill, can really improve the look of your body *throw some Kegels in there too, just for good measure!* and help you feel better about how you look.

There are also certain exercises that require no weights or equipment that target specific problem areas and help tone and tighten your body. For example, instead of getting butt injections or a butt lift, try a great regimen of lifting and tightening butt exercises like squats, lifts, and bridges. You’ll experience great results that won’t require any healing downtime!

#3 View galleries of “normal” vaginas, breasts, and penises. There are several medical websites out there with anonymous galleries, with photos people have submitted of what the average, everyday set of breasts and genitals look like. You may start to feel better about yourself once you see that nobody is built alike, and nobody has the “perfect” body.

Plastic surgery has its place, but think long and hard about your decision before having cosmetic surgery done on your private parts. This is something you can’t take back. As long as you’re happy and healthy, that is all that should matter. Remember that nobody has the perfect body, so why sweat the small stuff when it comes to your nether regions?


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