A Reminder To Myself About The Love We Deserve

Dear Me,

I want you to know that you’ve come a long way and that every version that you’ve been or will become is good enough. Everything you feel “good or bad” is temporary. THANK THEM. Let them serve your highest good, for they are always necessary, always guiding you.

I forgive you for all the times I have been too hard on you for thinking you had “negative” feelings. When you’ve been angry, anxious, lazy, guilty, judgmental, sad, impatient, envious, overwhelmed. These emotions are all part of the human process for they are there to provide you a lesson.

That’s another thing, you deserve all the love and happiness from me and all others that enter your life. You are worthy to fully receive what the universe has to offer without feeling guilty of needing to repay back. Just remember that giving feels just as good as receiving, so receiving is ENOUGH.

Thank you for all the times you’ve listened to your intuition, without that you wouldn’t be closer to your higher self. You’ve become closer to knowing exactly the path that was meant for you. I’m so proud that you’ve made it this far. You are brave for going towards your own light even when it felt uncomfortable or lonely at times.

I even love your pain. It has shown you just how much of a tolerance you can endure; not only in pain but in patience for yourself and others.

Anytime you are in the face of fear, stand in your power and follow your truth. Fear is a lie and happiness is on the other side. From here on forward there is no tip-toeing around life. It is OKAY to feel whatever you are feeling, just trust your process. Let come what may, love will guide you through any hardship.

Stay true, be curious, calm, and present. Keep growing with compassion and patience. You are loved UNCONDITIONALLY.




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