A Love Letter To The Ones Who Feel They’re Never Enough

I hope you know that you have something that the world has always waited for. Something that is special, and real, and brave, and full of love and life. Something that is worth taking risks for. Everything that you are is something that the world has always needed. The way that you see people, the way that your soul creates and moves through life, is the journey that others depend on. Your soul is a home for others, and they rely on your strength and your ability to be authentic in a world that often begs you to be anyone but yourself. You have something that makes people feel at home, something that calms fears and reminds us that we are safe. I hope you know that this bravery, this something, this home that you give to others, is so rare and so needed, and it will always be occupied by the souls you lend your heart too. How lucky are those who get to reside within the home of your soul? How lucky they are to stay a while.

The truth is, you don’t see yourself in your moments of glory. You don’t see your bright smile or the ways your eyes water when something touches your soul. You don’t see the passion that radiates from everything that you do or the way that your love reaches into the hearts of others. You don’t see the way your face lights up when your favorite song plays or the joy in your expression when someone’s listening to your stories.

You don’t see you, and that, my dear, is the problem.

If you could see how beautiful you are, you would be unstoppable. If you could see what we could all see, you wouldn’t have to question your worth because you would know that we see your soul, and your soul is everything.


So believe me, you are enough. You’re more than enough. 

You are beautiful in every sense of the word, even in the ways you don’t feel like it. Who you are right at this moment makes you enough. You don’t need to be smarter. You don’t need to be prettier. You don’t need to be more in shape to have value. You are worth so much just by merely existing. You are brave and kind, and willing to continually step into the unknown. You deserve good love, a love that stays, a love that heals, and a love that sets you free. You deserve a love that is love regardless of what it looks like to the world. Your breath, your hobbies, your passions, the things you pursue, you are worthy of them all. 

You’re carrying the heaviness you feel so delicately, and so gracefully. Your flaws aren’t flaws at all, quite frankly. They’re celebratory imperfections. Wild adventures in your being. I hope that you will discover the roads that are calling you, and that you will pursue the routes that set your soul on fire. I hope that you will always know that the most important parts of you, are the parts that no one else can physically see. The parts of you that make up your soul and these parts will always be enough.


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