9 Reasons Why Family is the Best Thing in Your Life

Think of a person whom you can always run to when you have problems in school or with a friend. People who could accept and love you just the way you are. Of course, on your list it would always be your best friends, or even your lover. If your best friends and lover do, how much more your family?

Your family is also one of the most priceless gifts that God gave you in your life. The relationship that you have built at home countersigns what kind of person you are today. Your family has a big contribution in molding you as a person. Mostly, your family is the very best thing you have in your life today.

There are thousands of reasons why family is the best thing in life, and here are some of them:

1. They are your true love.
The moment your mother knew you are on her womb, she started loving you same with your father. There is no greater love compared to a parent’s love for their child. If there is someone who could make you feel the real meaning of “love”, it is your family in the first place. They could give you the love that you deserve, the unconditional love.

2. Family is matchless.
You could only have one family in your entire existence. Family is something you can’t replace with anyone or with something in this world. They are unparalleled with the others. You could only have one family, hence cherish them. Your parents and siblings are your loyal armors in your battle through lifetime. They are your priceless treasures.

3. They will never leave your side.
A family will always be a family. When everything is a mess, and when no one is on your side, you knew that your family is there for you. Family always gives you the things that you need and the things you wanted. Ever since you’re born and the day you will get old, your family will always be there. Everyone may abandon you, but your family will be there through the end of time.

You can always count on with your parents and siblings especially when things get rough. The relationship you have with your friends or even your lover would be over, but what you have at home will always be there eternally by heart and by blood. They will never turn their back on you.

4. You can find real happiness with them.
The happiness you feel when you are with your friends is different from what you feel when you parents are proud of you. There is no greater happiness anyone could fell when he or she feels the true essence of having family. You could feel a different enthusiasm when your parents support you with your endeavors. You aspire for great accomplishments to make your parents proud.

The joy you could see in the eyes of a proud mother and father overwhelms your soul. Efforts are paid off with a smile of your parents, the same with parents who see their child who have reached their dreams. Truly, there is a different feeling when a member of a family appreciates you. There a string in your heart that has been moved and that keeps you going.

5. They are your “Home”.
At the end of day, you will always want to go into a place where you could consider it as your home. A home is where you can comfortable do whatever you want. Wherever you may be, your home feels different from that of the others. Same with your family, they serve as your sanctuary where you could nest into. In your home, you first establish your aspiration and dreams. It will always be the place you always long for.

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6. They accept you.
No matter what you are, your family will still accept you. What you become in the future whether you fail or not, they are always there to give you a hand so you could stand up again. In your ups and downs, your family will always be there no matter what mistake you have done.

Yes, there will be lectures from your Mom or Dad, yet at the end you would still end up understanding each other. In your worst or best version of yourself, a family will always love you unconditionally.

7. They are your number one fan.
A family will always be your fan and your loyal supporter in life. Whether you lose in your battle or you win, they will be always right in front of you to give you encouragement. They always look after you. Your family is your army. Your triumph is their joy. Your accomplishment is their pride. There is no such thing anyone could give other than a family could offer to you.

8. They are your first critics.
They can be your fan at the same time your critics. They will always be the first person to tell you the truth. They would tell you constructive criticism to hone you.  Your family is the most honest person you could have. They noticed when things do not suit you.

9. They are your lifetime mentor.
When you were a child, your parents taught you to talk, walk and eat. They are there when you started speaking your first word. They witnessed all your first time experiences when you are just a kid. When you become an adult, they have been teaching you significant lessons in life in different ways.

A family will always guide you through years. What you are today is a big thanks to your family. The values they taught you since you were a kid until you become a full man or woman. A parent and an elder brother or sister is one of your life mentors. They give you wisdom from what is good and right.

Though there are times when they give you the same boring advice over and over again, they do it because deep in their hearts they are just after what is the best for you. From your early years they teach you about life.

Indeed, your family is one of the best things in your life. Start showing them your gratitude. It is the foundation of friendship, respect, and love among its members. You must be thankful if you have your family with you today. Always make them feel how blessed you are to have them. In your simple ways, make your family be proud of you. They are treasures worth to keep.

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