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9 Brutal Truths About Dating A Gemini As Written By A Gemini

Of course, I am a Gemini and I should be talking Geminis up and giving you tons of reasons why you should be in a relationship with us and how wonderful Geminis are. But that’s selfish. I want to tell you a thing or two about why you should date us but the truth is that there are also some things about us that could break your heart and make you feel wronged.

1. We are indecisive

Decisions are tough and pretty spontaneous for us. If it is a big one, you may have to help us out. We would love to be caught up in activities rather than become so thoughtful.

2. We are terrible with our finances

You may not like this idea if you date us because you may wonder why we are impulsive in our spending. We seem to buy items based on our urgent feeling. According to Melissa Thompson, founder of Harcourt health, “it is a big boost to a Gemini’s ego when he can spoil him/herself with their money.” We wonder why we just can’t. We know we just have to live and enjoy the moment.

3. We seem to be everywhere

Someone told me this while I was growing, she just couldn’t understand why I got along with everyone and was all over the place. Geminis are great with social situations and would do well in almost any gathering. They just won’t be stuck to a particular place.


4. We won’t pay attention to everything you say

Perhaps this is because we have a short attention span or because we are picky about those things that grab our attention. But sorry, we won’t be listening to everything you have to say.

5. We love being around intellectuals

We love being around people who are witty and intelligent. It would do us no good to spend our time with people who are not fascinated by knowledge.

6. We would space sometimes

We want our space, we cherish it, so respect this. While some other zodiac signs are terrified of solitude, we need it to grow.


7. We have preferred Zodiac matches

We don’t work well with some other zodiac signs. It may not be an ideal relationship if you are not a Leo, Libra, Aries, Aquarius. We are more comfortable with certain signs and would do better with them. Certainly, it won’t be a plus for the relationship if you are not any of these signs.  

8. We work with our inner child

It is cool to be with someone who is mature and can be committed to a relationship. But a Gemini may act childish sometimes and not be the adult you want to be with. Geminis always prefer to be young at heart and may not be overly concerned with starting a family or tapping into long term opportunities.

9. We are great talkers

We love to hear ourselves talk. It may just be our passion for the spotlight but we love to hear our own voice. If you can’t have the patience to hear them speak, it may be a difficult one for you to always listen to their rambling.


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