8 signs that your ex was a narcissist

Relationships with narcissists are exhausting experiences because their personality disorder gives them the need to control and manipulate people and everyday situations. You’ve probably known for some time that the relationship was unhealthy and it wasn’t going to get anywhere, but you knew deep down that you had to make a decision to move forward.

The most important thing to remember is that it’s not your fault that the relationship has broken down. Their personality disorder prevents them from being a good partner. It is also important to remember that you cannot solve their problems. They need professional help to overcome their emotional unavailability and manipulative behavior.

Unfortunately, narcissists very rarely admit their mistakes, so most of the time they never really seek to change. The best thing for the victim in this scenario is to move on and improve their own life without the narcissist. Here is a list of eight signs that confirm that your ex was narcissistic, it will take time to get over it, but it will be well worth it.

1. Your physical and mental condition has improved

When your stress levels are out of control, your body reacts in strange ways. Many people in bad relationships gain weight, suffer from insomnia, and develop anxiety levels that are so bad that it can cause physical reactions like hives and panic attacks.

Once you start the healing process, big changes take place. Many people try stress-reducing activities like massage therapy, daily exercise, meditation, or yoga.

With a healthier diet and mindset, your immune system will be stronger and you will be less likely to get sick. You will lose weight, your skin problems may disappear, and you will find a taste for life.

2. What you do with your life is up to you

When you wake up in the morning, you now decide what you want to do today. You are not afraid of making a bad decision and having problems with your ex. If you are in the mood for shopping and buying new clothes then go ahead, no one will be around to blame you.

3. You are making great strides in life without their control

For a very long time, you just wanted your partner to be happy, and maybe you stopped pursuing your own passions and goals.

Now that you’ve finally completed the cycle of mental abuse, you’ll be taking giant leaps in everything from friendships to your career. You’ve accomplished so much without your ex making you question every decision you make.

4. You don’t care if he’s dating someone else.

When you are past the point of feeling jealousy when you hear about their new partner, then you know you are truly free. You may even feel a little sorry for their new victim because you know what your ex is capable of.

5. You spot empty flattery

We feel good when we hear these sweet flattering words, but in truth, there is no substance behind these words. It’s just an empty little chat for the narcissist, a step he takes to get what he wants right now.

He will make big promises which are all you want in life, but eventually you will find that he never tried to keep one. Compliments and grandiose promises don’t concern you at all, it’s just to get what they want.

6. You don’t want any more messages or calls

When the relationship ended, you found it hard not to think about your ex. After all, you’ve given them all of your free time, which means you’ve lost most of your friends, just because you never spent time with them again.

It takes time to detoxify yourself from your ex, but after months of no contact, you will start to see the abuse for what it was. You will stop making excuses for the bad things that have happened to you. Once you reach that point, you will easily walk away, and realize that you are finally free from their narcissistic abuse.

7. You ignore their attempts to contact

Even if you have lost the urge to call or text them, the situation is completely different when they try to contact you.

When your phone rings and you see its name on the screen, but you don’t want to answer it, it means you’ve moved on. Sometimes that pushes your narcissistic ex up to the wall because they want to stay in touch with you. This gives him the impression that he still has some control over your thoughts and emotions.

Dr. Tony Ferretti said, “Narcissists hate to fail or lose, so they’re going to do what they can to keep contact if they haven’t made the choice to end it. They can suffer narcissistic wounds when rejected by a partner and have difficulty letting go or healing. “

8. You have started to help others in similar situations

It’s a sure sign that you’ve left your toxic relationship. When you share your knowledge or story with other people, to help them get through their difficult times, it shows that you have grown through pain.

Someone who loves you will never talk to other people behind your back or make you feel like they can replace you if you don’t live up to their impossible standards.

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