8 Romantic Lines for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

No one can blame you if you turn into a nervous wreck when you write your wedding vows. For one thing, you’ll have to come up with the right words to say with the added touch of romance and maybe a hint of cheesiness.

It has to be long enough to convey what you feel, while short enough to not bore your guests. And on top of that, you need to be able to recite your vows on your big day. Most of all, you’d better not screw it up, since this will all be caught on camera. Even trained actors might find that task daunting!

You can always opt for the generic vows that you see in movies, but come on, why blend in with the crowd when you can let your originality as a couple shine through? Scrap the tried and tested “to have and to hold,” and go for something that really comes from your heart. After all, you only get married once *hopefully*, so you might as well go all out with the romantic words in your vows!

How to create the sweetest wedding vows

Looking for the perfect lines to add to your wedding vows? Here are 8 of the simplest yet most profound ones you can use.

#1 “I cannot imagine my life without you.” This is such an endearing statement to say. It says to the person you are marrying that since they have been in your life, they have made it better. This line says that your spouse-to-be brings something so special and unique to your life that you do not want them to leave your side. You are letting your partner know that no matter what, you will do your best to keep them there and keep them happy.

#2 “I will protect your heart.” Everyone has a little bit of apprehension when they are about to get married. So before you even consider tying the knot, you want to know that your heart is in the right hands. Let the love of your life know that you will protect their heart and cherish the love you share until the end of time. With this line, you’ll definitely let your partner know that you are set on ensuring that you won’t be breaking their heart in your time together.

#3 “I love you more than anything in the world.” I think everyone in the world wants to hear these words. To know someone loves you more than anything in the world means that above everything else, their love is so strong for you that nothing can trump it. Your partner will melt when you look them in the eyes and say this line. By adding this to your vows, your partner will feel secure in knowing that you prioritize them.

We tend to get caught up in our everyday lives and struggles that we sometimes neglect the people we love. Although, there will be times when your spouse feels that you are paying them no mind. They can feel loved in knowing that you’ve promised to love them above all else. Setting clear intentions at the beginning of the marriage leads to a happy one.

#4 “I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.” It is truly refreshing to know that someone wants to see you every morning and every night. This line says that through the years, you want to be a constant presence in your partner’s life. You want to be there for your partner, through good days, bad days, and everything in between.

Life isn’t always going to be as sweet and romantic as your wedding day, but by adding this line to your vows, you’re telling your partner that you’re willing to stay by their side for the long haul.

#5 “I promise to be patient and understanding no matter the circumstance.” This is a big promise to make, but one that your partner will definitely be delighted to hear. On your wedding day, you may think that you’ll both walk off into the sunset hand in hand to start a romantic life together.

But of course, marriage requires work, and working together through the trials of life requires patience and understanding. Let your partner know that you’re ready for what life throws at you both in the future by adding this incredibly realistic but still romantic line.

#6 “You bring me joy and make me unbelievably happy.” Adding this to your vows means that you want to remind your partner that through the arguments, nagging, and not-so-fun times, they can still make you incredibly happy.

No one likes to feel like a burden to their partner. The more aware your fiancé or fiancée is as to how much happiness and joy they bring to your life, the more they will continue to do so. It makes them happy that they make you happy.

#7 “I will help you and support your dreams.” Let the love of your life know that you will be a helping hand during their pursuits to achieve their dreams. Unwavering support plays a huge role in the connection between you and your spouse.

Having someone to help and cheer us on always provides motivation for us to keep going. Let them know that you are truly their biggest fan, and you will do whatever is in your power to help them reach their full potential.

#8 “I will always embrace your imperfections and encourage you when you need to hear it the most.” It is important that your spouse-to-be knows that you accept them, flaws and all. Vowing to love and embrace their imperfections helps them to remain true to who they are.

Marriage is about transparency, and the way you enter a marriage is the key to its longevity. It is also vital to let them know that you will encourage them when they feel as if the world is not on their side.

To love every part of someone is to not be blindsided nor turned off by the unique things that make them who they are. Your partner should feel assured hearing these words because they know that you act out of love and not judgment during difficult times.

Again, the more you embrace and encourage your spouse, the more your spouse will do the same for you. On the big day, let them know that the love you have for them surpasses all of their imperfections, and nothing can change the way you feel.


Remember that honesty and authenticity is what you should be aiming for when you compose your vows, but you can always look to these 8 romantic lines to let your heartfelt emotions shine through on your big day!


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