7 Wise Things Only Alpha Women Understand About Love

1. Not everyone you encounter will know how to love you

This is what makes alpha women so strong and separates them from the rest.

They don’t give their heart away easily and if they do, they know that being loved back is not guaranteed.

They know how to put themselves out there, they just remain cautious of people who won’t know what to do with their love.

Sure, they may end up hurt just like any other girl but it’s nothing they aren’t ready for.

They can take whatever comes their way because they know that heartbreak is an inevitable part of life which will eventually turn into a happily-ever-after when Mr. Right comes along.

And they don’t mind waiting for as long as it takes, because they know that the best things always take time.

2. Knowing your worth is essential if you expect it from your partner too


Some may call it being full of yourself but smart people would say you’re confident and won’t accept less than what you deserve.

Being aware of your potential, intelligence and beauty is what makes you choose the best partner for yourself.

When a woman knows how worthy she is of the best there is, she’ll never settle for anything or anyone less.

And alpha women know that if they want to find a real man – one who will know how to treat them with respect, kindness and integrity – they need to treat themselves like that first. And that is exactly what they do.

3. Being selfish is sometimes necessary to attract what you deserve

If you don’t like how you’re being treated—speak up. If you’re not happy even though you don’t understand why—express yourself!

If you have a problem with somebody—confront them! That is what alpha women do and that’s what makes it easy for them to have a clear head and a happy mind!

They don’t mince words. They don’t pretend to be happy if they’re miserable. They say it how it is.

They’re not rude and they don’t want to hurt anyone in the process.

But they will never put up with anyone or anything that doesn’t spark joy inside them. And that simple mantra is what makes living so easy and carefree.

4. You have to know how to love if you want to be loved

It’s really simple. If you want to be loved, you need to learn how to give love! And that’s what alpha women work on every single day.

You can’t be distant and aloof while expecting the royal treatment. Love doesn’t work that way! If you want to receive love, you need to give love.

While their tough exterior makes it hard to see how warm and kind they are on the inside, their capability to love speaks for itself.

Those who are lucky enough to have experienced a love story with an alpha woman know that if there’s one thing they’re good at, it’s loving the hell out of a person.

5. Not everyone you meet will have good intentions

There are people out there whose sole purpose is to deceive and take advantage of women who choose to believe there is good in others.

There are people who can’t love you back because they simply refuse to. Those people see you as an opportunity to gain something while taking away a bit of your soul.

And while it’s a tough truth to live with, it’s what alpha women keep in mind every time they decide to put themselves out there.

There is a sense of caution on every date, every adventure and with every serious conversation.

They want to love but they need to be absolutely certain it’s the right person before they pull down their walls.

6. True love doesn’t happen overnight (it is nurtured over time)


True love isn’t something that will just knock on your door one day and sweep you off your feet.

It is not something that is immediately going to feel like the best thing ever. True love takes time, patience and nurturing.

It has to be taken care of in order to grow into something with great prospect and possibility.

You won’t meet a man who will immediately feel like the missing puzzle piece.

There will be sparks and there will be positive vibes all around whenever you’re with him.

But in order for it to become a grand love, both of you need to work on it and put as much effort in as you expect from the other person.

And only then do you have a chance of a true love story that will make the world feel too small for the amount of happiness you feel.

7. Before committing to someone, you need to commit to self-love first

Self-love is the most important love. Without loving yurself, you can’t really have someone love you the way you deserve.

A woman needs to pamper herself, put her needs first and take care of her every selfish wish and only then will she be able to find someone who can do all that as well.

How you feel about yourself is how your partner will feel about you. Love is contagious! If your partner sees how dedicated you are to yourself, he is going to respect you that much more!

He will know that no half-assed efforts are welcome in your life. And an alpha woman is the master of self-love. Nobody can bring her down.

Only men who respect women of her caliber are worthy of having her around and she makes sure they know that.


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