7 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Marriage Organic

Marriage works best when it’s organic.

We may have a good idea of what organic means when it comes to our food—it’s fresh, natural, and we may even associate it with terms like “non-GMO”—but how does being organic fit into a marriage?

If you look up “organic” in the dictionary, you’ll see that at its core, it basically means simple. It’s close to nature, it’s natural, it’s easy—and that’s exactly how your marriage should feel.

Courting may be complicated, but marriage shouldn’t be. Sure, you may face certain ups and downs in a long-term relationship, but as a whole, your marriage should feel natural and easy. Keep reading to find out how you can keep your marriage feeling organic and natural, even in stressful times.


1. Keep doing the little things

The longer we’re with someone, the less we seem to do the simplest things, like saying thank you or bringing our spouse coffee or breakfast in bed.

One of the simplest love tips for a healthy marriage is to keep doing the little things.

Research shows that couples who make an effort to show gratitude have higher levels of relationship satisfaction.

Showing gratitude is consistently associated with greater levels of happiness and positivity overall.

You can show gratitude by:

Verbally expressing appreciation for your spouse

Writing your spouse a thoughtful letter or text

Doing something special for your partner like making them their favorite dinner or giving them a gift out of the blue


Using simple manners

Doing thoughtful gestures like cleaning up around the house, taking care of the kids, or filling the car with gas so that your spouse doesn’t have to

Being gracious isn’t complicated, and it can mean so much to your spouse, so start today!

2. Connect simply

If you want a strong and healthy marriage, make an effort to make your spouse your best friend.

Connecting isn’t always about sex and physical intimacy, it’s about emotional intimacy too, and one of the best ways you can be intimate with your spouse is by sharing your life with them.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and connect on a simple, emotional level with your spouse.

3. Don’t try and change things

Change can be good—healthy, even—for a marriage. Couples who learn to change and adapt to new life circumstances contribute to a strong relationship.

Learning to break bad habits and learning to share your emotions are great changes that can benefit your marriage.

But have you ever heard the phrase “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”?

The longer you are married, the more applicable this sentence will be to you.

Change isn’t always good in a relationship. In fact, constantly demanding your partner change their routine, habits, and thoughts can make your relationship miserable for your partner.

One of the biggest love tips for healthy marriage is to continue loving your partner for who they are, not for who you WISH they would be.


4. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Does your spouse leave their K-Cups on the counter after making a coffee?

Do they leave their dirty socks in the corner of the bathroom each day?

Do they load the dishwasher in a way that completely goes against your feng shui?

One of the best relationship tips for healthy marriage is to learn to let go!

The longer you’re married, the more things your spouse is going to do that will irk you or make you want to roll your eyes. But when it really comes down to it, things like the way they do or do not roll the toothpaste container has no real bearing on the rest of your relationship.

Do yourself and your spouse a favor and forget about the little things that bother you. Life’s too short to spend it nitpicking the one you love!


5. Argue smart

Being organic with your partner means being open and honest, even if it means you’re about to start arguing.

Even the happiest couples argue from time to time. What’s important isn’t what you’re arguing about but how you treat your partner when you aren’t getting along.

Listening is just as important as communicating when it comes to smart arguing.

Watch your words. Don’t use an argument as an excuse to degrade or disrespect your partner. Instead, speak to solve the problem at hand.

Don’t go to bed angry. In the uncertain world we live in, there is never any reason to go to bed angry. Show your spouse you love them enough to work it out before you hit the hay.


6. Take a genuine interest in one another

One of the best love tips for healthy marriage is to take an interest in your partner.

Listen to your spouse. The most satisfying thing you can do for your partner is give them a listening ear.

Take an interest in the things they like. Marriage is all about giving, and one way you can show you are giving is by giving your spouse’s hobbies and interests a chance. When you ask questions about the music, shows, and hobbies, you show them that you truly care.

Get to know their dreams. Ask your spouse what they want from the future and what their hopes and dreams are.


7. Don’t sleep on date nights

One of the most organic ways you can keep your marriage strong and healthy is by spending time together. One way you can do this is by scheduling a weekly date night.

It sounds formal, but the truth is many of us are overwhelmed with work, raising kids, and other social engagements, and sometimes making time for romance can slip through the cracks.

Plan a fun evening out together doing something that you both enjoy.

Not only is a date night a fun way to bond and connect after a long work week, but research also shows that having a date night at least once a month can reduce the probability of divorce for both men and women.

Not to mention the National Marriage Project compiled various research articles to find that couples who have a regular date night experience higher levels of sexual satisfaction and communication.

Remember that when it comes to building an organic relationship, simple is best. Keep doing the little things and you’ll ensure your relationship is full of gratitude and happiness. Communicate and connect, don’t force things, and keep intimacy as a priority in your marriage.


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