7 Reasons Why Relationship Writers Make The Best Romantic Partners

For many ordinary people, dating a relationships writer might seem like a pretty bad idea—if not bad, then probably a costly mistake. Everyone usually thinks that love/relationship writers have a scandalous occupation and spend their day reading erotica or typing away at their computer, writing articles about sex positions or vibrators.

The truth is, dating a relationship writer is actually one of the best things you can do to involve yourself in a healthy, fulfilling, and trustworthy relationship. When dating a writer who specializes in the love and health sector, you get automatic 24/7 access to an encyclopedia of advice and knowledge, followed by an enhanced understanding of human psychology, interpersonal relationships, and effective communication.

With that in mind, here are seven reasons why you should date a relationship writer.


1. Relationship writers are incredibly romantic

We not only spend our day writing about love and health, but we’re also constantly immersed into a vast culture of romance, lust, desire and passion. We breathe and exhale love as a language and implement what we learn into our real life relationships.

2. Relationship writers are very smart when it comes to finding love

We’re constantly reading advice columns, Cosmopolitan articles, and researching new slang terms and dating phenomenons. Not to mention we have firsthand experience of being played by fuckboys and have a good amount of dating app horror stories.

3. Relationship writers are reliable people

Most of the articles we write are geared towards providing advice to readers and creating dynamic content that improves other people’s experiences and relationships. We’re technically the Mom friend who you always turn to when you need some solid, uncensored, and unbiased advice. We’re brutally honest, but in a good way.


4. Relationship writers are natural talkers and full of energy

We’re some of the most confident and outspoken people known to mankind, and a first date with us is guaranteed to be eventful, full of great conversation and fueled by laughter. We have a great sense of humor because most of the articles we write are pretty witty and catchy!

5. Relationship writers are always full of creative ideas

We’re bursting with ideas, since it’s part of our job to strategically think of topics and content on the spot and to tackle assignments on a tight deadline. Whether you need a supportive partner to help you found your dream multi-million company or would like ideas on how to improve your college thesis, we’re here to help you out!

6. Relationship writers always see the positivity in everything

It’s part of our job to try to take an prevalent dating issue/problem (ie. catfishing) and try to twist it around to shed a brighter, more positive light into it. We’re trained to use this tactic into our own relationship lives and try to see the beauty in every little thing.


7. Relationship writers craft the best handwritten letters

Our writing is known to be some of the most heartwarming, eloquent, and beautiful, so it’s only natural that we’ll be able write a killer happy birthday card or a thank you letter. And wedding vows? Oh, don’t even get us started. We’ll have you bawling like crazy.


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