60 Powerful Love Tips for a Lasting Relationship

No relationship is perfect. However, if couples would only learn to put up with each other’s flaws and willingly work together, then romantic relationships can last.

Check out these 60 powerful love tips on how you can create a long-lasting relationship.

1. Make your relationship a triangle among God, your partner, and yourself—with God at the top.
A God-centered relationship is selfless. It is regarded as sacred so it would be treated with utmost care and respect.

2. If you want to end up with the best, be the best yourself.
Be the kind of person that you want to end up with.

3. Love with no conditions.
Love a person not because s/he meets your standards, but because s/he is the person you choose to love.

4. Do not expect for someone to love you completely if you cannot love yourself fully.
Before finding love in someone, learn to settle self-image issues and embrace yourself whatever you are.

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5. Move on from your past first.
Do not commit to love someone new if you are still hurting from your past relationship. It is hard to commit if half of you wishes you were still with your ex.

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6. Love in deeds not just in words.
Rather than making many promises and sweet declarations, express your love through actions more.

7. Do not do unto your partner what you do not want your partner to do unto you.
Apply the golden rule in your relationship.

8. Do not fall in love, but rather grow in love.
Falling in love is usually just a spur of emotion and wears off after some time. On the other hand, growing in love is more levelheaded and requires conscious effort to spend time with the person and get to know him/her first.

9. Remember: the brain is above the heart—do not let emotions cloud your judgments.
Do not let what you feel towards the person dictates your decisions and actions. With wisdom, think clearly before jumping to a decision involving your relationship.

10. Do not keep records of wrongs.
Stop bringing up past issues every time you have a misunderstanding.

11. Listen before you nag.
Before you say anything, allow your partner to explain his/her side.

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12. Do not be self-seeking.
Do not just focus on what you can get from the relationship, think about how you can help your partner too.

13. Never tell a lie.
One lie will lead to another, and once busted, trust is broken.

14. Keep no secrets from each other.
Openness is the first step to trust.

15. Take it slow.
It takes time to develop true love.

16. Look for someone who makes an effort to get close to your family.
Find someone who gets along well with your family.

17. Court your partner’s family.
Make an effort to win your partner’s family too.

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18. Be the first to apologize.
Regardless whose fault it is, let humility abound in your relationship.

19. Be generous with appreciations.
Appreciate every little thing your partner does for you.

20. Always show gratitude.
Let “thank you” be the favorite phrase next to “I love you” in your relationship.

21. Learn each other’s love language.
Find out your partner’s love expression.

22. Make friendship the firm foundation of your relationship.
Be best friends.

23. Schedule a regular date.
To make sure you always have time for each other, set a regular date schedule.

24. Do not base love on romantic feelings.
The magic you feel—which is actually attraction—when you are in love will fade away after months or years.

25. Do not set fairytales and romantic fictions as relationship standards.
God’s directing and storyline for your love story is way more beautiful.

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26. Accept the flaws of your partner.
You are not perfect either.

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27. Visualize your future together.
If you can envision yourself with your partner, it means you want to spend the rest of your life with him/her.

28. Find someone who shares your values and life goals.
In the long run, especially in creating your own family, having the same principles will help create harmony.

30. Inspire each other to strive to be better.
Be each other’s number one fan and motivator.

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30. Support each other’s endeavor.
Respect and support each other’s passion and dreams.

31. Hate the mistake but not the person.
Whenever you have fights, remember that you are not enemies.

32. Forgive and forget.
If you want this relationship to go on, then be willing to forgive and move on from mistakes.

33. Give second chances.
There should be an allowance for mistakes in your relationship. Treat each other with grace.

34. Value second chances.
If given a second chance, show that you deserve it.

35. Be a good steward of your partner’s trust.
Do not do anything that you know can break your partner’s trust.

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36. Enjoy your relationship with privacy.
Do not let your followers on social media be updated with your whereabouts and the food you eat every time you date.

37. Treat each other with respect.
Respect begets respect.

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38. Be accountable to each other.
Involve each other in major decision-making.

39. Surprise your partner often.
The effort keeps your relationship exciting.

40. Take every moment to express your love.
Maximize your time together to avoid regrets in the future.

41. Shut up when you have nothing good to say.
To avoid misunderstandings, choose your words carefully.

42. Develop interest in what s/he loves doing.
Even if you do not like arts or sports, you would make an effort to like or at least know about them.

43. Be with someone you are proud to be with.
Not because s/he is the campus crush or the MVP, but simply because s/he is the person you choose to love.

44. Be with someone who is proud to be with you.
Find someone who will not hide you from his/her family and friends for whatever excuse.

45. Enter a relationship if you are ready with commitment.
Do not enter a relationship because you are lonely but because you are ready for it.

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46. Do not tolerate wrongdoings.
True love does not delight in wrongdoings.

47. Never suggest breakup.
If you do not mean it, never mention breakup when you have misunderstandings.

48. Make time.
No matter how busy you are, you will make time for him/her whenever s/he needs you.

49. Do not flirt with anyone else.
It is still cheating.

50. Let him/her spread wings and soar high.
Do not prevent your partner from following his/her dreams just because you fear to lose him/her in the process.

60. Work out your insecurities.
Insecurities are the main culprit of unreasonable jealousy.

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52. Be friends with his/her friends.
Do not treat them as rivals for your partner’s attention and time.

53. Make it a habit to pray together.
Make prayer the number one solution to your relationship problems, not alcohol.

54. Be willing to change to be a better partner.
Changing for someone is not bad all the time. Sometimes it is necessary.

55. No one gets left behind.
Do not just focus on your own success. When your partner is down because of failures, help him/her up.

56. When the situation gets rocky, go back to the reason why you love him/her.
When you feel like quitting the relationship, go back to the time when you decided to love your partner and see if your reason back then still applies.

57. Marry the right person for the right reason.
Do not marry because of practicality or pressure. Remember, marriage is a lifetime commitment.

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58. Preserve him/her until the right time.
It may sound naïve, but pre-marital sex causes a lot of emotional scars and detrimental blows to a person’s self-esteem when the relationship fails.

59. Find a person who brings you closer to God.
Look for a partner who will help you to be secure in your walk with God. Strong spirituality will help you to be strong physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

60. Do not be afraid to risk and lose.
Love is a gamble. It does not matter if you lose. What matters is you fight for it.


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