6 Things You Need To Know Before Becoming Her Boyfriend

You just met a girl. And you assume that she is like all the other girls you have met in your life.

But believe me – you are more than wrong.

This girl is unique and it’s something you need to realize before you even think about becoming a boyfriend.

1. She went through a lot

The first thing you need to know before you even think about * this girl is that she’s been through a lot.

I’m not telling you to scare you, but because it’s something you need to know before you engage in a relationship with her.

In the past, men have betrayed her, injured her, and done everything in their power to make her suffer.

We used it and took advantage of it, more times than it could count.

This girl has been taken for granted and has never been appreciated.

Her heart has been broken more than once and this is something you will have to deal with if you want to become her boyfriend.

I’m not saying in any way that you will have to pay for the guys who did this to you, but just advise you to be different from everyone else.

2. She is anxious

All the things she experienced changed her profoundly and made her a different person.

All these guys made her wonder why it wasn’t enough for them.

They tried to persuade her that she was responsible for everything that went wrong in their relationship.

They led her to doubt all of her values ​​and beliefs; they shattered his confidence in her.

Rather than helping her boost her self-esteem, all of these guys manipulated her, until she believed she was worthy of nothing.

They fed her anxieties so that she would become the ideal victim of their violence.

Not only did this cause her to doubt her worth, but also the good intentions of anyone who could try to get close to her.

Because of all this, she has confidence issues and low self-esteem.

3. But that does not mean that it is weak

But all of that doesn’t make her weak. These men broke her heart, but they failed to destroy it, and that was her greatest achievement.

Even if she doesn’t know it, everything she has gone through has made her stronger than ever.

She survived things when she never would have felt able to overcome them.

And although all the men who have been part of her life have changed her, they have not killed the essence that she carries within her.

On the contrary, she was aware of its strength and power and she realized that no one in the world could completely destroy it.

Now she is ready to face any imaginable difficulty.

So do not even imagine being able to shoot her down because, believe me, it is something she will not accommodate.

4. She doesn’t ask for much

Another thing you should know about this woman before becoming a boyfriend is that she is not asking for much.

It does not need material comfort. She will not wait for expensive gifts or chic dinners.

She will not be possessive; she will not try to control you; it will not try to invade your space or undermine your integrity.

All she will ask of you is love and care. She will not settle for anything less.

And if you don’t think you can give it to him, you better leave now.

5. She needs patience

The fact that she doesn’t ask for much does not mean that you have to play easily with her.

As you already know, she has experienced many things and she no longer has confidence in those around her.

So, you will have to be very patient before tearing down these high walls that it took so many years to build.

I’m not going to lie to you – it will take a lot of energy, time, and effort.

And I’m here to tell you that managing it will be difficult and living with it a real challenge.

But that’s what sets her apart from all the other girls, what makes her so special and even unique.

6. She will give herself entirely to you

After everything you’ve just learned, you may be saying to yourself that this girl takes too much effort, that loving her will be difficult.

And I’m not here to prove you wrong.

Yes, if you want to be with this girl, you will have to give a lot of your time, energy, and patience.

But believe me – it’s worth it.

If you treat it properly, it will give itself entirely to you. If you love and respect it enough, you will receive much more in return.

This woman will love you unconditionally and you will quickly see that she is well worth all your efforts.

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