While infidelity in its form of physical deception is one of the most common causes of breakdown and one of the most obvious ways to lose the trust of the other, there are others.

There are things, not including going to bed with someone else, that can just as quickly break someone’s trust and thus destroy a relationship.

Discover them:

1. Affective infidelity

Affective infidelity is as damaging as physical infidelity, if not more.

When someone engages in an emotional bond, he offers parts of himself that are even more intimate than his body is.

Bonding with someone while you are in a relationship, sharing intimate details about your partner, flirting, secretly messaging or going out with someone without your partner being informed are forms of betrayal and they are inevitably capable of destroying a relationship.

2. Talking about your couple’s relationship behind your partner’s back

If one of the partners decides to talk about intimate and private things (which should only concern said couple) to a third party, this can be perceived as a betrayal.

One can have the impression of having been stabbed in the back, thus worsening the situation.

It is always best to first talk to your partner, this is the only way to solve a problem.

If ever there was a need to seek the advice of a third party, it is better to take the time to choose the right person.

We don’t talk about personal problems to just anyone.

3. Be navel-gazing

Self-love is a good thing, but like everything in life, it becomes negative as soon as taken to the extreme.

Self-love should never become selfish. The love you have for yourself must never hinder or lessen the love you feel for your other half.

In this particular case, we speak of betrayal when one of the two partners is focused only on their own wants and needs.

When he takes, without ever giving anything in return, the other feels alone and abandoned, even if he is in a relationship.

4. The ‘little’ and stupid lies

The line between a ‘godly lie’ and a true lie is extremely thin.

And people tend to venture to this border, without really knowing the limits. It is, therefore, better never to lie!

Try to reverse the situation; if you find out that your partner has lied to you, you would start wondering about all the things he is not telling you and wondering if there is something bigger below.

This can create a climate of mistrust and ultimately destroy the relationship.

5. Fail to support the other

Two people in a couple should always insure the rear of the other.

They are the greatest support of each and are ready to defend the interests of the other as soon as necessary.

If you are involved in a serious and fulfilling relationship, your partner should always support you and never allow anyone to speak ill of you, whether you are there or not (and vice versa).

6. Using someone’s anxieties against them

Unfortunately, it is very common today to come across people with control problems, being violent, or showing some other type of toxic behavior.

And this is mainly expressed through the implementation of manipulation tactics.

Manipulators feed on the vulnerabilities and anxieties of others.

They systematically point out your mistakes or invent anything that could make you feel bad, then tell you what you should have done or remind you that you would be unable to live without them.

This is obviously a truncated version since manipulation tactics are expressed in a thousand ways and are very complex.

But what we want to highlight through this article is that this is one of the worst forms of betrayal.

A manipulator betrays his partner’s trust and love, by turning his own feelings against him.

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