5 Signs He Will Make An Amazing Husband (+5 He Isn’t Marriage Material)

As you get older, you realise that dating is no longer solely about having fun. Sure, it’s great for a while, but when you’re in a committed relationship (or one that means more to you than any other before), you start wondering about the future. We all strive to find our one true love, to spend the rest of our lives with that special someone.

However, it seems like finding that person gets harder and harder by the day. Even if you’re convinced the relationship is solid, how can you be sure things will play out the way you expect? How can you know, really know, that your current significant other will be able to give you what you need in the long run?

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It’s not an exact science, because love never is, but there are some signs you can use to determine whether your partner is as dedicated to your future together as you are. Will he be the husband of your dreams, or is he simply not right for you?

10Will Make An Amazing Husband: His Father’s Example

You’re looking for a good indicator of whether or not your partner will make a good husband? Take a close look at his relationship with his father. This can go one of two ways. Is his father is an honorable man, who raised his children to be good people? Has he treated his own wife or partner with love and respect? Most important, does your partner respect his father for this, looking up to him as an example? If so, that’s fantastic.

On the other side of the coin, perhaps your partner’s father took the wrong path in life or shirked his responsibilities. If your partner perceives these actions as the absolute opposite of what he wants to be, that is also a great sign. The examples we follow growing up play a huge part in who we become as adults, so this is a key point to consider.

9Not Marriage Material: He Always Insists On Getting His Way

Marriage is a huge deal. More than two people swearing their undying love for each other, marriage is about a lifelong partnership. When two people tie the knot, they are making a vow to make decisions together and make compromises. The key to this is acknowledging that you can’t always win: both parties will have to accept the need to make concessions.

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If your partner is the kind of person to freak out and get angry when things don’t work out the way he planned, it’s time you start reconsidering if this is what you really want. People like this simply can’t compromise; spending the rest of your days constantly giving in to his every whim just because you don’t want to put up with his temper is a terrible idea!

8Will Make An Amazing Husband: He Is Confident In Who He is

When you choose a partner, make sure you’re choosing someone who is confident in himself. Of course, we can’t all love ourselves at all times, but it’s very important that the person who will walk the path of life alongside you has strong morals and values (and worked hard to develop them).

Many marriages can fall apart because people give in to pressure from outside sources, ultimately doing things that harm their relationship. A man who stays faithful to who he is –because he is confident in himself and in the principles that guide him– will not fall victim to the sort of pressure that can ruin a marriage. Plus, if such a man chose you as his partner, then he chose wisely and knowingly. There’s no chance he would walk away.

7Not Marriage Material: He’s Disrespectful To Other Women

A very good way to assess the kind of person you are dating is looking at his behaviors and attitudes towards other people. It’s very easy to become besotted with a man who treats you like a goddess and doesn’t say a bad word to you. You’ve also got to take a look at how he treats others, though.

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If a man is disrespectful or rude when he speaks of other women, it’s a huge red flag. Who’s to say he won’t start treating you the same in a few years? Be mindful of who your partner is as an individual, not just as a boyfriend. Things that aren’t any issue for you now may end up being reasons to seek a divorce in the future.

6Will Make An Amazing Husband: He Keeps His Promises

An honorable man can’t be easily corrupted. If your current partner is such a person, then you are in for a fantastic future together. As you already know, marriage is all about putting your trust in someone else, choosing them to be your companion in life until the rest of your days.  As such, being able to trust him with all your heart is an absolute must.

Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship. This is how you know you have the right person by your side. You need somebody you can confide in, who will never betray you or lie to you and will always honor the promises he makes. People like this are hard to come by, in all walks of life, so grab on tight.

5Not Marriage Material: He’s A Hopeless Flirt

We’re all human beings. Just because we are in a loving, committed relationship, it doesn’t mean we suddenly don’t have a pulse and cease to find other people attractive. However, there is a clear line that separates finding another woman appealing and shamelessly flirting with every female that comes his way.

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You don’t want to spend the rest of your life with a person who makes you feel unwanted, inferior and betrayed. Flirting isn’t such an innocent act, especially when it happens on a constant basis. It will eventually mess with your self-esteem, and could even be an early indicator that your partner will have no problem cheating later on.

4Will Make An Amazing Husband: His Friends Are Amazing People

Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are: we’ve been hearing this for years, and as cliché as it might seem, there’s some real truth to the sentiment. Look around to see what kind of people your partner likes to surround himself with. It’s a fantastic indicator of the kind of husband he might be.

This doesn’t have to mean that all of his friends are married fathers with stable jobs at the age of 28. Just knowing that his close circle is full of honest, caring, honorable people is enough. Enough to let you know what kind of person he is and what his ambitions in life are. Not just as a husband, but as a human being. If his friends are amazing people, chances are he is too.

3Not Marriage Material: His Personal Finances Are A Wreck

It doesn’t matter how much you love them, you just have to accept that there are some things you simply cannot change about people. If we’re talking about a grown man who doesn’t understand how to be responsible with money, that’s a worry. After all, you don’t want to get yourself into a lifelong partnership with a person who doesn’t know how to handle his finances.

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Money problems can put some serious strain on a marriage. They’re one of the top reasons why people end up getting divorced. If your current partner can’t seem to grasp the importance of saving up, sacrificing some momentary whims for a better tomorrow, then he is definitely not marriage material. Plus, once you’re married, you also share financial responsibilities. Are you sure that’s the sort of future you want?

2Will Make An Amazing Husband: You Are Each Other’s Best Friend

There’s nothing more beautiful than a love story that is also based on friendship. Love is very hard work, and it’s a choice you need to consciously make every day. This is exactly why being friends is so very important.

We often hear that it’s just as important to like your partner as it is to love him. Sometimes love is difficult, but if the friendship is there, you aren’t just going to be great lovers – you will be fantastic partners. If you two are friends, your life together will be absolutely wonderful.

1Not Marriage Material: He’s All Kinds Of Selfish

It’s all rainbows and roses at the beginning of a relationship, isn’t it? Once the hormones start settling down, though, it’s normal to start picking up on certain things that are less than ideal. Most of these things shouldn’t be enough to make you run for the hills, but one that should is definitely selfishness. When we’re talking about potential marriage, that’s an absolute no-no.

If your partner can’t seem to look beyond himself, his problems and his needs, then you can’t expect him to ever truly care about yours. Remember that you’re looking for a partner, an equal, someone who will help you through your hard times just as much as you will help him with his. A person who is selfish to the core can’t be expected to do this.



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