5 Reasons Empaths Always Fall For Potential

Falling in love with someone’s potential means idealizing the person next to you.

It means not being realistic about who they are now and focusing on who they might become if they reach their full capacity.

It means holding on to what could and should be, instead of seeing and accepting reality.

However, sometimes it also means being blind to the present and putting all your hopes in the future – a future that may never pan out the way you imagined it.

Tricky, right? Well, the truth is that many people out there do this: They love someone’s potential instead of the actual person.

However, empaths are the champions here. They make this mistake in almost all of their relationships and here are 5 reasons why they do so.


1. They see the best in everyone

The first reason why empaths have a habit to fall for someone’s potential lies in the fact that they see the best in everyone surrounding them.

Therefore, even if an empath meets a toxic person, somehow they’ll manage to see their good sides.

Even if they grow to love a narcissist, they will see past their flaws.

Not only that, they’ll also put a lot of effort into convincing themselves, the object of their affection, and everyone else that there is something good in this person.

They’ll try hard to put the focus on their qualities.

These are the people who have a tendency to justify others.

They have the ability to understand you more than anyone else, as if they walked a mile in your shoes.

Therefore, they always manage to find excuses for everyone around them, especially the ones they love.


2. They attract the people who need fixing

Let’s get one thing straightened out. It’s not just an empath’s fault when they happen to fall for someone’s potential.

Actually, these romances, like all others, always go both ways.

You see, when a person is damaged, he or she will subconsciously ask for a hand.

Even when they act like they don’t need it, they will accept all the help they can get.


This is exactly what happens in this scenario: People who need fixing are drawn by empaths.

Broken people sense that the empath is one who won’t judge them and the only one who will put an effort into getting to their core.

So, when a damaged guy gets a hold of an empathic girl, he won’t let her go easily. Instead, he’ll stick to her with his life.

He’ll know that this woman is the only one who can eventually help him see the light. He is aware that she is a once in a lifetime chance.

3. They are born saviors

Another reason why empathic women fall for potential lies in the fact that they’re born saviors.

If you’re an empath, you think of yourself as this superwoman who can make everything right.

You feel like you have the power to help everyone who crosses your path.

Not only that. For some reason, you think it’s your duty on this earth to help lost souls reach their full capacity.

You are convinced it’s your job to show them the way and help them become the people they’re destined to be.


4. They crave true love

You can be guarded and pretend to be heartless, but the truth is that deep down, we’re all looking for love.

It doesn’t matter if you’re fine with your single status at this point, but eventually, you hope to find your forever person, don’t you?

Well, empaths want this more than anyone. They crave true, unconditional love.


So, once they meet someone they care for, they won’t give up that special person.

Instead, they will fight for their loved one, even if that means settling for less than they deserve.

You see, when an empath reaches a point where every other person would give up, they keep on going.

They push their partners forward and believe that they can change, even when everyone else would abandon them.

5. They never lose hope

Finally, empaths never lose hope. They have an optimistic nature and always hope for the best, even when everything seems hopeless and lost.

An empath will see the ray of light at the end of the tunnel, even when they are surrounded by the deepest darkness.

They will try pulling out the good in you and keep on inspiring you to become the best version of yourself, even when you lose all faith that it’s even possible.


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