4 Reasons Why Strong Chemistry Doesn’t Necessarily Lead To A Strong Relationship

Deep down, most of us want a fairytale kind of love. You want someone who will shake the ground under your feet, make you lose your mind – someone who will rock your world.

Well, all of these things are actually signs of incredibly strong chemistry between two people. However, does this chemistry always lead to a strong relationship as well?

1. Compatibility in bed doesn’t make you compatible in life

I’ll be dead honest with you: Lovemaking is an extremely important part of every relationship. Whoever tries to tell you otherwise is lying.

It is not just about physical pleasure, it is also a form of bonding between partners. It increases intimacy and serves as an effective stress reliever.

Besides, it is a myth that people are good or bad in bed in general. The only thing that counts and guarantees both of the partner’s complete pleasure is actually physical compatibility.

However, getting along in the bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll also get along outside of it. In fact, the two usually have very little in common.

Being compatible in real life means being able to reach a compromise. It means having similar world views, future plans, and wanting almost the same things in life.

Basically, you can be an awesome match with someone under the sheets, which is without a doubt a sign of amazingly strong chemistry.

However, if you have trouble meeting halfway during the day, your relationship is everything but strong and healthy. Yes, physical intimacy will probably keep you two together for a while.

Nevertheless, as soon as the passion fades away (and it will), your disagreements in real life will come to the surface and you’ll start seeing your relationship for what it really is.

2. It’s not a healthy basis for a relationship

A healthy romantic relationship between two people is based on many things. Yes, chemistry is one of them, but it certainly cannot be the only one.

In fact, there are many more important foundations of a real relationship, including unconditional love, mutual respect, appreciation, willingness to put in the effort and make sacrifices, understanding, compromise…

If you have chemistry and passion, that’s great.

But if you want to know more about the future of your relationship, it’s time to ask yourself whether you two as a couple share all of these other things mentioned above.

The bottom line is that it’s not enough for you and your romantic partner to be lovers only. Instead, you two should also be best friends and partners in crime, and chemistry is not enough for that.

This should be the person you connect with on intellectual, emotional, and mental levels. Someone whose soul you love and who completes you in all life aspects.

3. Opposites attract but they rarely last

According to most dating experts, people usually experience the strongest chemistry with their polar opposites.

After all, it’s perfectly normal that you show a special interest in someone who is different than you. It’s difficult for you to be intrigued by a person who is similar to you.

You know how they’ll react in most situations, you can guess what they’re thinking, and you know what to expect from them because their behavior often mirrors yours.

On the other hand, when you meet your opposite, they challenge you. You have the urge to dig deep under the layers of their personality.

You feel the need to unveil their mysterious side. The need to get to know them and to get to the bottom of someone who is nowhere nearly like you.

Consequently, you feel drawn to these people. You feel these incredible fireworks and go through a rollercoaster of emotions.

So, yes, you can say that opposites attract like magnets. However, they rarely last.

In fact, in most cases, your differences become a problem in your relationship. Everything you liked about the other person starts to bother you.

Besides, when it comes to these couples, everything is always dramatic. You can’t help but fight and disagree all the time since you have different attitudes and opinions.

Even though the relationship can appear interesting in the beginning, with time it becomes exhausting and draining.

4. It’s all about your own needs

True love is always selfless, while chemistry is not. When you think that you’re in love with someone, the truth is that you’re looking for a way to satisfy your own needs.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying that you’re using this person. However, you want them all to yourself and the only thing you’re concerned about is how this relationship makes you feel.

On the other hand, a strong relationship that has a firm basis is all about meeting both of your needs and desires. In this case, you want the other person to be happy, even if that doesn’t include you.


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