33 Biggest Turnoffs That Can’t Be Overlooked

1. When a partner always expects you to be there for them whenever they need you, but they never really think about doing the same for you. Having to ask for everything is such a turnoff.

2. If they are unable to say they’re sorry. If someone is unable to apologize when they do something wrong, it’s childish and unattractive.

3. When a partner seems to have delusions about their own personality. They think of themselves as one sort of person when in reality they are completely different.

4. When they talk way too much about themselves and never really listen to your stories or anything you have to say about your life. When they don’t let other people speak in general or show no interest in anything unless it has come out of their own mouth.


5. When a partner is too needy. I love being there for my loved one, but if they expect me to be there for them all the time and whine if I’m not, it’s a huge turnoff. Have a life even when they aren’t around, and I intend to keep it that way.

6. When they say things just to say them. When they make promises because they sound good, but never really do anything about the stuff they promise to do.

7. When they share the most intimate details of your relationship or stuff you’ve told them in confidence with their friends or family.

8. When they stereotype. If someone judges others based on their skin color, sexual orientation, religion, or gender – that’s unacceptable to me.


9. Also, when they judge other people way too harshly without looking at themselves first.

10. When you’re excited about something or in a super amazing mood – whether you have a reason for it or not – and they put you down. Why would they do that? Are they bothered by your happiness?

11. When they have low self-esteem it’s a huge turn-off. If you feel like you always have to carefully watch every word you say so you don’t hurt their feelings, that’s way too much drama.

12. When they don’t know how to have an adult conversation or argue in order to resolve an issue. When they always yell or immaturely leave when things go wrong.

13. When they’re so full of themselves and think that you’re lucky to have scored them at all.

14. When they don’t act like you’re a team. Also, when they don’t support you in front of others or don’t defend you if others talk about you behind your back.

15. When they cheat or think cheating is okay. Lying, as well.

16. When you think about your relationship and realize that you’re the only one making plans and initiating things, and they just let go and don’t really do any work.


17. When they always have to talk or do something. If a person can’t be with you sitting silently and doing nothing from time to time, it just gets annoying.

18. When they are overly negative. We all complain to our partners and share our negative emotions, but constantly having a negative attitude towards everything is way too much.

19. When they have no clear opinions about anything. It’s okay not to have an opinion on everything, but having no thoughts at all about the world is such a turnoff.

20. When they talk too much about their exes. If a partner insists on discussing their past relationships and just goes on and on about them, there’s your red flag right there.


21. When your partner is that kind of person who’s willing to cause a fight intentionally because they are bored at that particular moment and that is their way of bringing a spark and passion into the relationship.

22. When they think it’s okay to call you names. I just find this to be a huge turn-off: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

23. When they don’t give their partner time alone. It’s okay to want to be with that special someone all the time, but if your partner gets mad because you went out with friends, or decided to watch a movie with family, that’s just a huge turnoff.

24. If they don’t have any ambitions in life. Being casual and free I get, but having no ideas and dreams about how your life should look is not attractive. I sure can’t imagine myself in your future if you can’t imagine me there.


25. If they don’t have a sense of humor and don’t know how to take a joke. Taking stuff way too seriously is not fun.

26. When they chew too loudly and have no manners when they are eating or in their behavior in general.

27. If they are unable to express their emotions at all. Some people can be more of a closed book and that’s fine, but never really sharing anything about the way they feel with you makes you feel left out of their world completely.

28. When they don’t take care of personal hygiene. Seriously, what’s with that?

29. When a person is so obsessed with money, they either spend too much to show off or are too tight with their money and never pay for anything.


30. When they are boring. If there’s nothing about a person that’s special or out of the ordinary, I just can’t see myself being attracted to them.

31. When they are rude to service staff. This is so embarrassing and makes you never want to go on a date with them again.

32. When your partner thinks it’s okay to make fun of others. Being a bully is not attractive.

33. When they try to make you jealous, and it’s so obvious they are doing it on purpose.


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