25 Ways to be a Better Boyfriend

The following are 25 ways to be a better boyfriend to your girlfriend:

1. Love her through actions.
Walk your talk. Avoid lies and broken promises because they will certainly break your girlfriend’s heart. If you want to be the best boyfriend for your girl, be a man of action and give her pure confidence.

2. Work your love harder.
Do you miss her? Why not do your best effort to be with her? Being together with your girlfriend is better than telling her you miss her thru texts, Facebook messages, and other virtual channels.

3. Love yourself.
Girls are naturally caring people. They will love you and always want to see you well. If you know how to take care of yourself, it will be easier for her to love you more. Hence, keep yourself healthy inside and out. Stop smoking, heavy drinking, gluttony, indolence and other habits that will slowly destroy yourself. Don’t make her worry about you.

4. Love her family and friends.
It will make your girlfriend’s life much easier and happier.

5. Introduce her to your family and friends.
Let her know and feel that you’re happy and honored to have her as your girlfriend. It will also give her the confidence that you’re serious and she’s your only one.


6. Know her better.
Knowing is loving. If you know your partner better, it will make her feel that you’re very interested with her. It also shows that you are paying attention, listening, and watching over her. So do you assignment to know her dos and don’ts – follow the first and avoid the latter.

7. Let her know you better.
Be open and transparent. Let her know your details. Let her see who you truly are. If you really love her, you don’t need to hide something. Let her also accept you for who you truly are.

8. Value your relationship.
Most women are sentimental with their relationship. Thus, treasure your relationship. Don’t forget your monthsaries, anniversaries, or even the day you two first met. And of course, value your relationship by always remembering that you’re in a relationship. So don’t act or pretend like you’re a single one just to attract or get some extra girls.

9. Honor your partnership.
You are in a relationship so you’re in a partnership. Don’t make decisions or actions without your partner’s consent or knowledge. If she says don’t hang out with your drinking buddies, follow your queen’s command. Don’t escape and make alibis.


10. Do not cheat.
Don’t cheat. Just don’t cheat.

11. Respect her.
Respect her as your girlfriend, as a woman, and as a human being. Be a true gentleman. Don’t take advantage of her weakness, silence, kindness, patience, and others.

12. Give her opportunities to grow.
Consider her dreams and ambitions as a woman. Give her the chance and support she needs to develop herself as a successful student, professional, artist, entrepreneur or any best version of a woman she wants to be.

13. Be a better influencer, not a controller.
Don’t force her to change into something she doesn’t want to be just because it’s what you want for her. If you want to change her attitudes and habits into better ones, try it by becoming a good role model.

14. Make her feel so special.
Give her your most precious time by cancelling your important meeting or gigs for her. When you offer gifts, don’t settle with the ordinary but settle for the best. It doesn’t need to be the most expensive but one which you have sacrificed the most.


15. Be content.Most girls will always keep their eyes on you, not just because they always want to look at your handsome face but because they always want to know where, what and whom you are looking at. Thus, treasure your GF, be content with her, and make her the apple of your eyes.

16. Be humble.
Stop blaming; admit your own mistakes. Start forgiving and get rid of the grudges inside your heart. To be a better boyfriend, show her that you can go lower just to lift your girlfriend higher.

17. Have a longer patience.
Be gentle and calm. Don’t be a short-tempered person. Learn how to manage and control your anger if you want to have a more mature, healthier, and happier relationship with your girlfriend. If she tells you to wait, then patiently wait.

18. Protect her.
Be a real man. Protect her from any danger. However, do not overprotect her. If you will overprotect her, you will become her own danger since you will likely endanger her freedom.

19. Trust her.
Don’t rely on your own negative imaginations and speculations. Trust is based on evidence. So if you don’t have a clear proof that she is not to be trusted, continue trusting her with all your mind and heart.

20. Hope for her.
In case you have found out that she clearly made a mistake and ruined your trust, don’t lose hope. Hoping is seeing a brighter future. Hope that your girlfriend can learn from her mistake and be a better woman she has ever been.


21. Have more faith in her.
Faithfulness will help you produce the patience and persistence you need to keep on hoping, believing and being positive with your girlfriend amidst all the hardships and challenges you will face in your relationship and in life.

22. Be fearless.
The best boyfriends in the world are not cowards. They don’t love less just to play it safe. If you want to be a better man for your loved one, be brave! Give her all your true love without the fear of rejection or having no return.

23. Still love her even if she hates you.
Quarrels are normal in any relationship. She may slap you or even punch you in the face when she’s angry. She may not talk to you for days or even weeks when she’s at war with you. You will treat each other as lovers and sometimes as enemies. But no matter how she’ll treat you, don’t stop loving her. Don’t stop wishing, praying and doing good for her. Besides, we are supposed to love our enemy, aren’t we?


24. Do something to achieve her relationship goals.
Whether it’s a date on the top of the mountain overlooking a sea of clouds or an overnight camping on a pristine island gazing through the stars and the Milky Way above, make it happen.

25. Be ready to marry her.
If you’re really serious to be the best boyfriend she’s ever had, strive to be her best ex-boyfriend. Who’s gonna be her best former boyfriend? He’s her future husband. Thus, start planning and preparing for your wedding and marriage life. If your beloved girl will know that you’re already working and saving money for your wedding and future children, it will surely make her more in love with you.


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