20 Ways To Extend The 3-Month-Probation Period In A Relationship

The first moment you met your current boo was chemical magic. The first week together, he was honestly all that you could think about. And then, and then, he started showing signs that made you start to worry about your relationship and where it was heading. You started feeling like you were no longer sure if he was still interested in you. He started sending those signals, or you thought that maybe, he might have, that time, been hinting towards the fact that he’s been having second thoughts.

Usually, after the first three months, the puppy love cloud begins to dissipate and the first feelings of annoyance, frustration, or disagreement begin to creep in. These feeling could occur on both sides, just on his side, or maybe only on your side. Fortunately enough, there are clean and clear methods that exist in order to keep the relationship as exciting as that first week, without losing your confidence, or his interest. Keep reading below to get some ideas as to how you can hold on to those first feelings and keep your relationship alive long past the usual three month probabtion period.

20Get Busy So You’re Actually Hard To Get

There’s nothing more unattractive than a girl, or a guy, hanging around waiting for the object of their eye to call and text them. While it may be true that they can’t actually see how many times you’ve pressed your home button to see if you’ve received any new messages from him, he can somehow feel it. That ‘needy’ vibe travels faster than wifi.

If you don’t have the self-control to resist answering his messages right away, try turning off your notifications for an hour or, seven.

Let him feel like you’re busy doing other things besides fantasizing over him, or waiting around for his call.

19Do Things For Yourself That Make You Feel Good And Shine

There is nothing more attractive than feeling attractive. If you’re feeling insecure, fill up your schedule with activities that make you feel good. Whether it’s playing that song on repeat in your room and dancing as wildly as possible, or if it’s drawing in a park, embroidering a unicorn on your newest t-shirt, or cooking a new exotic dish, take the time to fill yourself up with good feelings that only come from you. And then, if you’re feeling up for it, go out and wear that vibrancy out for the night or week, and flaunt it with satisfying pride.

18Casually Bump Into Him And Be Moderately Charming

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a girl or a guy, we all like attention from the opposite sex, especially when we know they are trying to charm us.

It takes a certain level of confidence to be charming, but not go for it all the way.

You will not only make him feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but the power of the charmer will undoubtedly fuel you with even more confidence and enchantment than you already began the flirtation with. Even if you don’t end up leaving the party with him, there’s no doubt he will be thinking of you afterward.

17Give Him Space To Feel Your Absence

As challenging as it may be, its essential to give him some space to feel your absence. The love thing as all about chemistry, and you want to be a successful chemist and not add too much of one ingredient to create a combustion. Hanging around too often can scare him into believing you are a clingy girl and will give him the power to pull back before you can. And we all know, the pullback always leaves the other wanting me. Why not be the one in control this time, even if it does take a fistful of effort?

16Don’t Reveal All Your Cards, Keep It Mysterious

There is nothing more alluring than a woman with a little mystery. Make him eager, make him tremble, make him hungry to know more about you. Think of it as harmless play, and you’re the one who gets to drop the curtain when you feel like it.

Why not keep him guessing, and release the chord with slow patient care?

Who knows why men need to feel like they’ve earned it, but hey, let him feel like you’re his view at the mountaintop, the trophy at the finish line, rather than letting it fall the other way around.

15Have Fun Without Him, Bonus If He’s Around To See You In Action

You can’t forget that you are fully capable of having fun without your crush and should never trick yourself into playing the victim of love, as it will only deplete the love in addition to depleting your own sense of self. Instead, make sure to go out and have fun with your friends, your sister, or even by yourself, hey why not? It’s a fresh reminder that you can feel good besides for when he’s around to make you laugh. It shouldn’t be your objective to have him around as a bystander to your fun, but it definitely won’t hurt.

14Teasingly Call Him Your Boyfriend

If the relationship is taking painfully long to get to where you want it, why not casually let him know where you would like for things to go?

Now, this technique takes fine flirtatious skill, but if you think you’ve got what it takes, which is mostly confidence and not much more, than why not try it and see how he takes it?

Usually, men have a hard time masking their reactions, you’ll know right away where he plans to take things, and why he hasn’t accelerated the relationship. Just takes a bit of courage in the mixing pot.

13When You’re Together Keep The Contact

The power of contact. Keep up the body contact in small and subtle ways. You can sit close to him so your legs touch, sit comfortably across from him so your legs rest cozily between his legs, touch his arm, you know the drill. These easy points of contact go a long way. Researchers say that even brief contact can communicate more emotions, quicker and more accurately than our words and expressions. Imagine that. Moreover, when we touch someone we can change the way they feel and behave. Even something as simple as a high five can change the behavior of the individuals.

12Send Him A Music Clip Every Once In A While

Sending him a music clip from YouTube is a fresh way of letting him know you’re thinking about him without being too aggressive or overwhelming. Sending him a cool song is a subtle and creative way to say, “Hey, what’s up?” without stressing too much over what to say and how to say it.

Generally, when we’re thinking about the guy so often we forget how to casually open up a conversation to break the week-long silence.

Sending a song with style is a simple trick to open up the floodgates and keep the vibe nonchalant and carefree.

11Keep Off Social Media So He Doesn’t Know What You’re Up To

We know it’s tempting, we know it’s inviting, but resist, resist, resist. Every time you add your location, your photo or your thoughts on social media and he sees it, your giving him the small satisfaction of knowing where you are and what you’re up to. This gives him little to no opportunity to use his own imagination and wonder and worry where you are and what you’ve been up to. Thoughts like, “Has she met someone else?” can easily slip into his shy mind. Additionally, it’s more attractive overall to be obscure rather than all revealing.

10Stay Calm

There is nothing more unattractive to a non-committal guy than a hysterical, overly demanding partner. He wants to know that you can stay calm and be relaxed about most things, as he is interested in avoiding drama, and when his girl starts to get worked up over his distance, it only encourages him to run further in the opposite direction. More importantly, you want to keep your cool for your own mental health.

No one likes that feeling of heart racing anxiety and resentment.

Save your energy for other important events and goals in your life, as if it’s meant to be you won’t be left worrying for long.

9Meet Up With Your Girlfriends

There’s no one who understands your frustrations, especially when it comes to guys, more than your girlfriends. Meet up with some friends, or that one core friend, to blow off some impatient steam and vent to your heart’s desire. The considerable advantage here is, your friend will let you talk about him, but after a certain point, she’ll beg you to stop, and we all need that stop sign signal every once in a while. Then, you can finally have some fun and do the things you forgot you enjoyed, even before he entered your sphere of desire.

8Bring Him Small Thoughtful Gifts

Not many people wouldn’t like or appreciate it when someone brings them a small thoughtful gift that casually says, “I was thinking of you”. In any case, it’s sweet when small surprises come from anyone in your life, but in this case, it’s even sweeter when it comes from the person you’ve been into for the past few months.

Presenting him with a present is an adorable way of, well, being thoughtful and cute.

On either end, you’re setting yourself up for a win-win situation. Try to keep it casual, and remember to keep it small so as not to come off too strong.

7Pick Up New Hobbies And Interests

Picking up new hobbies and interests will keep you away from social media and your phone, and onto something more engaging and satisfying. Not only will taking up something new distract your mind from thinking about him, but you will then have more interesting things to talk about when the two of you do get together. Say, you decide to learn something like hydroponics, now you can teach him about indoor plants and the science behind something new and innovative. Plus, this will help you out with playing hard to get without having to fake it as these new hobbies can keep you busy.

6Get Athletic

Excluding the amazing benefits to your physique that exercise has to offer, there is the chemical endorphin factor that also makes exercise well worth your while. When you exercise your body releases a hormone called, Endorphins. Endorphins are said to stimulate feelings of happiness and increase one’s general feelings of well-being.

Running also stimulates serotonin or norepinephrine through your nervous system which tells your brain what you’re doing and how great you feel for doing it!

The neurotransmitters mentioned above are responsible for decreasing feelings of depression and anxiety, two feelings we want less of. So if you need a quick pick me up, why not drop and do some pushups or squeeze in some jumping-jacks.

5Eat Well

What you eat matters. With that said, when you eat healthily you feel healthy, when you feel healthy, you look healthy. This is a loop you want to be a part of. Let’s not pretend we don’t care about what we look like, because most of us do, and it’s not like it’s a bad thing. Eating healthy, and we’re referring to eating more fresh produce like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, will improve your hair, skin, and weight. Getting the proper nutrients will also improve your moods, keep your hormones balanced, and your attitude much more optimistic. Go for it.

4Make Confident Eye Contact

There’s nothing more seductive than eye contact. The ability to keep eye contact shows confidence, interest, and trust. All three highly attractive characteristics if the man on the other end isn’t afraid.

Did you know making eye contact with a potential partner has an effect on the object of your eye?

Eye contact is extremely powerful and is known to deepen the relationship between two people, whether it be your lover, friend, mother, or boss. Furthermore, eye contact facilitates self-awareness. Remembering where you are, who you are, and how your body language and facial expressions look like will help you keep your cool and appear more enchanting.

3Have The Strength To Pick Up And Leave When The Timing’s Right

Being able to hang around until the late hours of the night can be cool, but sometimes it can be too much. If you start hearing that small voice in you that tells you it’s time to go home, and you decide to silence it, to keep hanging around just in case something else happens, then you probably already know you should have listened to that voice. We call that voice your intuition, and usually, your intuition is brave enough to know what’s going on, even if your conscious mind doesn’t want to admit it. As hard as it can be, there are definitely times we should take our own intuitions advice.

2Don’t Write Him Too Often

Try your best to resist the urge to contact him and let him know how you’re thinking of him. While this is okay and completely justifiable, all the time is most definitely too much.

We don’t want you to think that all of this is a big game, but we don’t want you to leave here thinking that it isn’t entirely one either, because it is, whether we like it or not.

Since the rules of attraction have already been so clearly spread out for us, why not use it to our advantage and fun? You can choose to be the cat who chases the mouse, or you can give yourself some credit, and be the mouse leading the cat. Your role is up to you.

1Add Subtle Glam To Your Style When You See Him

There is no shame in getting dressed up every once in a while, and there is certainly no shame in getting dressed up if you are going to be seeing him. By adding these small and subtle hints of either mascara, glitter, a new hairstyle, sunglasses, or a flirtatious dress, all these tiny details can help boost your own confidence to be as alluring as your heart desires. You don’t need to trick yourself into believing you need your makeup to keep his attention, but you can allow yourselves to use the tools that were made to make you feel a little more glam.

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