20 things we all say to our guys

May the one who has never said that to her boyfriend throw the first stone at us! An anthology of questions, ultimatums, and other affirmations that we have all given to our partner.

1 – Do you love me?

Here is the sentence that is released to him at least once a week, just to reassure himself.

2 – Damn, I forgot to turn off the light…

In other words, “I’m too lazy to go and turn it off. Will you go for me? Please ”

3 – Have you ever cheated on a girl?

Because a guy who has been unfaithful to another will be unfaithful to me too. So, I might as well know what I’m getting into.

4 – Who is this B**?

This is what we tell him as soon as we see that he has a new friend on Facebook or that he talks to a girl you don’t know in the evening.

5 – What are you doing?

That’s when you’re not with him and want to make sure he’s not messing around with someone else.

6 – What are you thinking?

Implied: to me or to another?

7 – Do you think I’m fat?

Be careful what you say my guy! You better tell me what I want to hear.

8 – And if not, your ex?

It’s a typically feminine thing. Our need to compare ourselves to our ex to see if we are better or not. The worst part is when you say to yourself “But she’s awful, what’s that got to do with me?” »

9 – Are you sleeping?

In the middle of the night, he is asked if he is sleeping. Of course, he is sleeping! Now is not the time to ask him philosophical questions.

10 – Are you sure you’re okay?

When he looks angry or upset. The more we ask if it’s okay, the more he gets angry.

11 – How many children do you want?

a history that I know if we agree because I don’t want to waste my time.

12 – Do you want to get married?

It’s super important to me, so as far as I know quickly.

13 – I’ll be there in 5 minutes!

The truth is, we’re still in our panties when we say that.

14 – Where are you?

What do you mean he doesn’t give me his detailed schedule?

15 – What do we eat?

Translation: I am hungry and I am lazy to cook. Do it!

16 – You annoy me!

This sentence, we release it regularly.

17 – My best friend thinks that…

The sentence we use to support our argument. “You see, I’m not the only one thinking that…”

18 – We’re having dinner with my parents tonight

Of course, you’re delighted. Him, a little less.

19 – Did you go shopping?

In other words, if you haven’t done them, you better swarm.

20 – I’m cold

We are only waiting for one thing: for him to put his jacket on our shoulders …

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