20 Things Only Confident Girls Will Do In A Relationship

Women have long been put into categories that label them such things as temperate, hot-headed, bossy, or coy. This view of women has existed since the beginning of time. The categorizing of women based on perceived traits has carried over into every period of time and shaped societal norms.

The “soft” nature of a woman is also common- even today- as women are more likely than men to be employed in careers that center around children and hospitality. The way that each culture views women has changed over time, though, as there have been women in the most powerful positions from top executives to national rulers.

When it comes to dating, men have tried to shape their views of what a woman should be when it comes to choosing a mate, and one of the most important things that men overlook is a woman’s confidence.

Men are usually viewed as being the gender that exudes confidence, but women are also confident. Women will not be placed in the role of the damsel in distress in any case, and there are plenty of qualities that women have that display their confidence. What exactly are the qualities of the confident woman? Here are 20 things that confident women do, plus 5 things confident women avoid doing.

25They Are Accepting Of Love

Some relationship endings may be hard to overcome. A breakup is always a difficult thing, no matter how much someone wants to deny the fact.

But a confident woman sees a relationship gone bad as an opportunity rather than a loss.

She will not look back on a relationship that has failed as it will do no good in the moving forward phase. She will see why it did not last on not only the part of her mate, but she will take accountability for her own actions.

24They Let Go Of Guilt

Ideally, guilt should not last long and should only stick around temporarily. The confident woman finds a lesson in her guilt, though. She knows that guilt is only a temporary thing and that she can learn from it.

Dealing with the guilt makes the confident woman understand herself and see the error of her ways. It gives her the chance to correct the mistake. She refuses to hold on to this temporary feeling of guilt, though, and works hard at moving past it.

23They Enjoy Some “Me” Time

We all have to have time to clear our minds. This may require isolation from the world around us. Some people just need some breathing space and that means taking a little break.

Alone time is not a bad thing.

Being alone does not bother a confident woman. She embraces being alone and has no problem with it. She will not beg for the attention of someone who is not interested in her and being alone lets her reflect on anything she needs to concentrate on such as her career.

22She Isn’t Bitter Towards Love

The confident woman understands that all men in the world are not the same. She does not view all men as being controlling or cheating. A confident woman does not share the groupthink mentality of some women in which all men are dogs.

She does not view the opposite sex as something terrible. She knows that there are good men in the world and she will not go along with the societal expectation of gossiping women who carry on about some men.

21They Know How To Say “No”

People find that it is hard to say the word “no” to some things. The confident woman knows the value of the word no and embraces it.

Many people may view this as being negative, but in actuality, it is a respectable ability.

A confident woman does not make promises that she does not keep or put herself into a situation that may be hard to get out of. The confident woman cannot fulfill everyone’s wishes, so the word no comes in handy. Saying no comes naturally for her.

20A Confident Woman Stands By Her Man

A confident woman stands by her man. This does not mean that she tends to every beck and call from her man. She is truthful in the support of her man. A confident woman will not always agree with her man and takes her own stance on issues.

She is not to be treated as the damsel in distress which would disqualify her from being a confident woman. She will tell her man when he is right or wrong. She will not agree to disagree with her partner, but she also won’t give up on him when he needs support.

19A Confident Woman Is Loyal

A confident woman is loyal to her partner. She will be loyal and honest to her mate and will expect her mate to be the same thing to her.

Loyalty is one of the biggest indicators of a woman who exudes confidence.

The loyalty that she gives is genuine and from the heart. Because she’s confident in herself and her relationship, she won’t let insecurities get in the way of her and her partner. That means she’s fiercely loyal in all the right ways.

18She Has A Can-Do Attitude

A confident woman is a woman who has a strong constitution. She will seek what she wants when she feels the need. There are a lot of women who are strong, but a strong woman may seem like an intimidating woman.

A partner may find it hard to date a woman who is strong within herself. She will also listen to others and value their opinions as long as her opinions are valued too. She loves it when someone else has a can-do attitude just like her.

17She Moves On From Past Relationship

A woman with confidence will not hold on to the relationships that she has had in herpast. She sees these past relationships as experiences that had to happen in order to learn something from them.

A confident lady won’t lament the past but will look back on her prior relationships like chapters in a book.

This confident woman will look forward to a new chapter in her book as she finds life with a new mate. Of course, each new relationship builds on the positive things she’s discovered from prior ones.

16She Motivates Her Partner

The confident woman is not only a lover but a friend and a partner for life. She will want a partner who can confide in her through thick and thin. She is a woman who sets goals and faces challenges with her partner.

She also has plans for the future with her partner and she will see herself as being equal to both her mate and everyone else. She will not tear her mate down with harsh words and will be understanding of her man’s needs.

15A Confident Woman Is Her Own Woman

The confident woman will be her own unique individual. She will not follow the crowd. She will not try to mimic some singer or some actress or try to pattern her life after such people.

A confident lady will see women who are more successful than her and even younger than her but will not compare herself to those women.

If she tries to be another woman, she will definitely lose her confidence. She is happy with herself and nothing will break that inner happiness.

14She Does Not Become Jealous

It is natural to become jealous of someone. Some people see what others have and naturally want those things, too. But a woman who practices confidence does not become jealous. It is very hard for her to even imagine herself as being jealous and she will brush off any jealous thoughts.

A confident woman knows what type of value she is to herself and her mate and it will show her true intentions. She will also not engage in unnecessary battles or childish arguments with other women.

13She Prefers The Direct Approach

A confident woman will choose someone who is blunt and to the point instead of a partner who beats around the bush. She will be a truthful woman and will, in turn, expect her partner to be truthful.

A lady with plenty of confidence will not have time for foolish games and guessing when it comes to her relationship.

This confident woman will become angry when she encounters any circular reasoning. The old saying of “actions speak louder than words” also apply to the confident woman.

12A Confident Woman Has Brains

A woman who is confident will never pretend to be dumb so that someone will feel superior to her. Her knowledge is a key to opening many doors and discovering the world around her, and she won’t hide it to make other people feel better about themselves or to snag a man.

The truly confident lady will use her smarts but not show them off. Her partner will be open enough to discuss anything with her and not just anything that her partner thinks only applies to her.

11She Loves The Attention You Give To Her

One of the traits of a confident woman is to tune into her partner’s feelings and be supportive of her partner.

A confident woman loves attention and even demands attention from her partner because of her attentive nature.

Women who are not confident in themselves will put the blame on their partner if they don’t get enough attention. Confident ladies, on the other hand, will make sure their partner understands their need for sufficient attention instead of acting out to earn it.

10She Will Ignore Late Messages

If a confident woman has an interest in someone and that person does not respond in a certain amount of time, she will ignore that person’s messages. A confident woman is well aware of time. She will not waste another person’s time and she, in turn, does not want any of her time wasted.

If a potential partner beats around the bush for too long, she will not wait around for him. A confident woman will not sit and stare at a phone all day waiting for someone to call her back.

9She Will Not Let You Control Her

A woman who exudes confidence will value the importance of her partner’s life as well as her own life. She is her own individual and she will not be pushed around easily.

A bossy partner will never work out in a relationship with a confident woman.

She will not stand for her partner to tell her where and when she can go somewhere or what she can and cannot wear. A confident woman will not put up with control issues in any way.

8She Will Avoid Flaky People

A confident woman will not tolerate someone who is flaky. She will not put up with someone who promises one thing and does something totally opposite. If you ask a confident woman out on a date, she will be prepared for a date.

If someone does not show up for a date, the confident lady will not tolerate their flaky behavior. She does not expect someone to interfere with her schedule as she would not interfere with anyone else’s schedule.

7A Confident Woman Supports Other People

There are people who just do not want to see others succeed. They pattern their lives around seeing bad things happen to others.

A confident woman is the opposite of this type of person as she loves to see people excel and loves to help people.

She does not associate with people who bring her down or other people down. She cheers people on such as her friends and family in addition to her partner and wants to see the best in people.

6A Confident Woman Knows Her Worth

Some women who have been in unfaithful relationships take the situation in various ways. Some women will give their partners another chance or give their relationship time to heal.

But a woman who is confident will not tolerate coming second. If she finds out her partner is seeing someone else, she will not make it okay for him. A confident woman will see an unfaithful partner as one who probably struggled with loyalty when it came to every other partner that they have been with and she sees the behavior as a sign of insecurity and will not blame herself for it.

5She Does Not Take Things Personally

A confident woman will value the opinions of other people. She will not hold a grudge or take something personally because of someone’s opinion, including her partner’s.

A confident woman sees a person’s opinion as a reflection of that person and their views and not about her in particular.

They also have their own views and are respectful of other people’s views. Holding something against someone is not her forte and she brushes off negative vibes as they present themselves.

4She Does Not See Failure As A Defeat

The “L” column does not exist for a confident woman. Losses are seen as failures by some people, but a confident woman sees opportunity in failures. They are strong believers in the old cliché “if at first, you don’t succeed, then try again.”

They live by this saying and recognize that there are always obstacles in relationships, careers, and life. If she stumbles, she gets up and is motivated by her will to move forward and not to look back at those failures.

3She Does Not Engage In Gossip

Some folks just can’t keep their mouths closed when they get the skinny on something. They just have to run and tell someone and spread the gossip.

A woman who is confident does not have time to focus on rumors or the downfalls of other people.

She simply does not engage in destructive behavior, but rather constructive activities. Confident women do not talk about other women and they are only focused on what is important. They love to build up and not break down people.

2She Does Not Give In To Peer Pressure

Pressure is just another fancy word for stress. People face peer pressure every day and such pressure could spell disaster for someone who isn’t confident. A confident woman does not follow the crowd and is immune to peer pressure.

She sees herself as a leader and not a follower. She sees stress as a form of worry that is unnecessary and she will not have that in her life. She does not care what others think if she does not give in to peer pressure.

1She Does Not Ignore Her Gut Feeling

It has been said that women have a sixth sense. This is definitely true for a confident woman. If she has an inclination about a situation, she would rather be safe than sorry.

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