20 Slip-Ups Most Women Make Early On In The Relationship (That Might Have Him Running For The Hills)

The early stages of a relationship are always tricky because you don’t know how to act. There is advice on the internet that you can follow and really should as there are slip-ups which may make him flee the relationship as soon as possible.

You can make things very awkward quickly with these missteps; for instance, clinginess. Women tend to adopt this trait early on because they may be hoping that their man doesn’t leave. But if you’re too needy, it’ll scare him off. If you also demand to be with him 24/7, he’ll get uncomfortable because men do like to have personal space.

Another big no-no is committing too fast. You don’t want to scare the guy off, but if you’re talking about the future too soon, it will. Yes, we like to plan our wedding day and may already have it planned, but don’t mention wedding ideas with him on the first few dates, though. He’ll be shocked and likely won’t call you again. Meeting the family is also a massive step in a relationship, and if you’re planning on letting him meet your mom after a few dates, he’ll panic.

So if you want to keep him, avoid these slip-ups and he just may stay for the long term.

20Having A Hold On Him Is Off-Putting

Neediness in a relationship is never good, especially in the beginning stages. If you’re clingy by calling too much or checking up on him, he’ll be uncomfortable. Some women take it too far by wanting to be with their guy every second of the day.

If you demand a lot of his attention, he’ll get irritated and may end the relationship quickly.

Usually, the neediness derives from feeling scared he’ll leave you. If you become too obsessed and clingy, it’ll make him end it. Don’t ask a lot of questions and demand too much. With a calmer attitude, he may stay long enough to get to know you better and make the choice to be with you on his own.

19Chase The Green Monster Away

During the early stages of dating, a new guy may sometimes want to hang out in a group. So if you see him talking to another girl, don’t get jealous. Guys sometimes have friends who are girls as well. It’s worse if you become too insecure every time he speaks to another woman. He won’t like seeing you this way as it shows you don’t trust him. Fighting will ensue, and if there’s too much drama, it’ll make him want to escape as soon as possible. Don’t be jealous the next time he’s talking to another woman as it means nothing. He’s just having a friendly conversation.

18Don’t Refer To Him As “The One”

In relationships women may think instantly “he’s the one” and that it’ll be a long-term relationship. The truth is in the early stages, commitment isn’t a top priority as he may still fear it.

Some men may take their time before even considering the DTR (defining the relationship) talk.

According to Body and Soul, if you refer to him as “the one” or start having the conversation, it’ll put him off, and he may flee. The worst is if you profess your love after a few dates. He’ll be so scared and won’t call again. Don’t rush, take each step of the relationship slowly.

17Give Him Lots Of Space And Don’t Crowd Him

The worst thing in a relationship is if you make him your whole life. Men like their space and when he wants it, he’ll expect you to spend some time alone or with friends. He’ll feel suffocated if you rely on him for everything and demand that he spend all his time with you. If you ditch your friends and family, it’ll be a warning sign, and he may break up the relationship before any long-term plans unfold. You’ll look needy and like you don’t have your own interests. Spend some time apart and show him your hobbies, he’ll appreciate it.

16Not Telling Him How You Feel Makes Him Annoyed

Everyone has moods and sometimes women don’t like to share theirs with a guy in case it scares him away. It’ll turn him off if you say there are no issues when clearly there are. Don’t expect him to force you to tell him what’s wrong as he’s likely more straightforward and wants the truth.

If he sees there’s something amiss but you’re not saying anything, it’ll annoy him.

Men tend not to like drama, and he’ll most likely end it because of the uncertainty. It’s best to be honest about your feelings. If you’re upset, tell him and have a conversation about it with him.

15Don’t Overshare About Your Whole Life Story

The start of a relationship is exciting because it’s new. During the first few dates, he wants to get to know you and will most likely ask some questions. But oversharing is a big turn off for him as you’ll end up talking more about yourself and leave no room to find out more about him. Take your time and get to know each other during each date. Sometimes certain things and feelings are best shared later on in the relationship. If you tell him something way too personal on the first date, it’ll scare him away, and you can say goodbye to the courtship.

14Leave His Relationship Status On Social Media Alone

In today’s modern world, social media is everything. It defines us, and we like to share everything with people. On Facebook when you’re in a relationship, you can change your status and let the world know you’re taken.

But in a new relationship, changing the status to “in a relationship” is a big no for him.

If you bring it up or force him to change his status after a few dates, he’ll run for the hills. Don’t update yours either, as that’ll really creep him out. Wait for the “are we exclusive” talk to bring up social media statuses.

13Don’t Mention Anything About Weddings

Some women love romance and have already planned their dream wedding day before even meeting the right man. Guys like to take things slow before having the future talk and sometimes it may also take a few months. If you’re talking about marriage and the type of wedding you envision on the first date, chances are there won’t be a second. Don’t mention anything about future plans. Instead, talk about casual things and get to know one another. He won’t be so scared, and after many dates, he may even want to commit. When he’s ready, you can have the long-term relationship goals talk.

12Over Flirting Will Scare Him Away

One of the ways to impress a guy is flirting; women like to do it generally at the beginning of a new relationship. It’s okay if there’s a limit, but if you’re overdoing it, he’ll get scared and want to take off as soon as possible.

If you’re laughing for no reason or continuously flicking your hair, it’ll be off-putting.

He might start withdrawing and showcase the uncomfortable vibe. Casual flirting is okay, so the best bet is not to do it every date. The first date is fine but afterward, stick to the conversation. Chances are he likes you already, and you don’t need the excess flirting anymore.

11Starting An Argument Is Negative

Sometimes schedules don’t go to plan. For example, he may be late for some reason. He may make it up to you with flowers or a box of chocolate. It’s best not to pick a fight. According to Relationship rules, if fighting occurs, the date will be ruined, and it’ll dampen the positive mood. He tried to apologize, and if you don’t accept it and argue about it, he may not want to continue dating. If you want to keep the peace, accept his apology and thank him for the gift. The mood won’t be negative, and it won’t scare him away.

10Let Him Brood And Don’t Bug Him

When someone’s in a bad mood, some people don’t like to share how they are feeling or be around people. They prefer to be alone to brood about their feelings.

If he wants his personal space, let him have it.

If you continuously ask him what’s wrong and won’t leave him alone, he’ll see it as a red flag and may break up with you. Men tend to like working things out by themselves, and if you’re always in his space, it’ll annoy him. To keep the peace, let him be and do your own thing and once he’s finished, he’ll return to the relationship.

9Don’t Plan A Family Meeting So Soon

Meeting the family is a significant step in a long-term relationship, and it only happens once it’s serious. When the partnership is new and you’re slowly starting to get to know each other, spending time with each other’s family is a no-go. If you start mentioning it on the first few dates, he’ll start to worry, and it’ll be a sign that you’re ready for a long commitment so quickly. A definite no is if you already planned a meetup. He’ll high tail it, and you’ll be left heartbroken. He wants to get to know you before meeting your family. Wait for about six months and then bring it up.

8Sending Continuous Messages Is Taking It Too Far

Communication is essential, but there’s a limit in the beginning. No one likes to be harassed throughout the day with messages.

One text is enough, but if you’re sending five a day without giving him a chance to respond, it will seem more like an obsession.

It’ll make him panic and want to retreat. It’s especially bad if you send many messages after a date. You already saw each other, so there’s no reason to talk more. Obsessing over their Facebook posts or pictures is also a no. Sending them continuous cute posts is a bit much, and it might even embarrass him because his friends will be able to see.

7Picture Overload Is Off-Putting, And It’ll Turn Him Off

Selfies are a modern thing, and everyone does it. It’ll get out of hand though if you’re continually taking selfies while on a date. First of all, he’ll be irritated that you’re always on your phone instead of having a conversation with him. He also won’t like it as it shows that you’re not so interested in him and more concerned with letting everyone know what you’re doing. One selfie of the two of you during your date is enough. It’ll be even more awkward if you take endless selfies with him. The safe bet is to leave your phone alone and communicate with your date instead.

6Don’t Whine About The Things He’s Not Doing Right

We all get upset with certain things when we’re dating. But one thing men definitely don’t like is nagging; they find it irritating especially because it can start arguments.

The two words he sees as negative are “always” and “never,” especially when you say them when telling him off for something.

He’ll want to prove you wrong and an argument will arise. If you’re whining, he’ll panic and will likely end it. If you don’t want to lose him, change your wording and ask him instead of telling. Don’t whine, and he may listen and do what you ask.

5He Won’t Like It If You Constantly Check His Phone

One thing a guy can’t stand is feeling kept. If you’re interrogating him with twenty or more questions about where he’s been or why hasn’t he texted or called, he’ll get annoyed. A break up might occur, and you’ll be left heartbroken. If you look through his phone, read his texts and check his social media, it’s a sign you don’t trust him. Getting involved in his private life so quickly is off-putting, and he won’t like it at all. There’s no need to be worried as you’ve only just started dating. All you need to do is have some trust.

4Mention Nothing About Your Ex Since He’s In The Past

No one likes to be compared to an ex during the early days of dating. Men like to feel special, and if you’re always comparing him to your past boyfriend, he may want to leave.

It’ll annoy him if you keep bringing up your ex, especially if you’re making comparisons.

The worst thing to do is compare physical appearances between the two. Everyone’s different, and he’ll want you to focus on him. All the talk about your ex could also be a sign you’re not over him, and he’ll realize it. Leave the past relationship out of conversations, and there’ll be no problem.

3He Doesn’t Need To Hear About Your Flaws

Woman sometimes tend to be insecure about certain things, especially when it comes to personal hygiene. We see them as issues, and we like to talk about them. It’s okay to talk about beauty topics with friends, but don’t tell your new date if there’s a problem with your skin or you’re feeling emotional. He doesn’t want to hear any of that, especially if it points out your flaws. It won’t interest him if it’s all you talk about. It’ll push him away, and he may not want to date you anymore. He’ll see it as a problem in the relationship so don’t let any of your quirks slip too soon!

2Trying To Change Him Is A No

Sometimes women like to change their boyfriends, especially during the beginning stages of the relationship. We may not admire his flaws or we might dislike his hobbies.

If you speak up and tell him you don’t like the way he’s doing things, or he shouldn’t do that particular hobby because you don’t like it, he’ll get upset.

It’ll be a warning sign that the relationship isn’t commitment material. Don’t think he’ll change because he’ll carry on with his routine like always before. Accept him for who he is and what he likes, and there won’t be a problem. You won’t get annoyed, and he won’t want to break up.

1Chase The Stress Away And Be Confident

New relationships are always scary because women tend to stress about things like “where the relationship is heading.” Continuously stress about what you could’ve said or done better, though, and he’ll pick up on it. It’s only the first few dates when this usually comes up, so you don’t need to worry too much. The one thing you shouldn’t do is always doubt if he’ll commit to you in the future. You’ll end up becoming needy, and the vibe will get toxic. If there’s too much negativity, he may end the relationship. Don’t let those thoughts ruin your dates and send them packing.

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