20 Annoying Things It’s Okay to Hate About Your Partner

We are all individuals, every one of us, with our own particular idiosyncrasies and peccadilloes. What this means, with specific regards to any interpersonal relationship, is that we’re never going to be seeing eye-to-eye all the time with everyone around us. That’s fine. That’s how civilization works.

However, there are some things that other people do that are more than just in opposition to our own ways of doing things, but really are downright undesirable across the board. When you’re in a relationship with someone who displays such traits, no matter how stupidly in love with them you are, there is no reason to suck it up and try to learn to accept their poor behavior. Some things are, quite plainly, wrong – and you should never have to put up with them no matter how in love you are.

20 habits you shouldn’t have to put up with in your partner

Do you ever feel like there are a few traits about your lover that you hate, and just can’t accept, no matter how hard you try? You’re not alone, and you really don’t have to suck it up and assume you’re the only weird one who’s annoyed by these habits.

Following are a list of the top twenty of these easily avoidable behaviors that it are perfectly fine to dislike *or hate!*.

#1 Dirty flirty. You may be fairly confident that they’d never cheat on you, but that doesn’t stop them from flirting in every way possible with every member of the opposite sex that they ever come into contact with. Heavy flirting when you’re in a serious relationship is not acceptable, and you are quite correct to dislike it. [Read: 9 subtle signs your partner is too flirty with other women]

#2 Attention seeking. Some people just don’t seem to be able to resist an almost Jekyll and Hyde switch in character when flung from relative seclusion into the presence of company. The urge to show off at a ridiculous volume, pretending to be someone they clearly aren’t, is such an incredible annoyance. Definitely not cool. [Read: 16 attention whore signs to watch out for]

#3 Intoxication. A lot of people get tipsy one way or another from time to time, and it certainly isn’t a crime to do that. Being drunk all the time however, isn’t acceptable and can be downright irritating. Even if one of the more destructive aspects of drinking isn’t present, it still makes for a pretty boring and annoying person. This is something you never have to like.

#4 Rudeness. It doesn’t particularly have to be directed at you, but even if directed at others, and you are in earshot, it is such an embarrassing thing to be around. Also, rude partners can offend a larger number of friends in a shorter period of time than any other of the types mentioned. Not only do you not like it, but it can condemn you to immediate and long-lasting social exile. [Read: 10 simple tips to avoid being rude in any situation]

#5 Anti-Santa. Some people aren’t very good at buying gifts. It’s not that they don’t try, it’s just that they struggle to empathize. Others however, don’t make the slightest effort. If you’re waiting for a dream holiday or a day out driving a super car at a race track, and actually receive a hand blender or a pair of socks, you could be forgiven for not liking this side of them.

#6 The incredible sulk. Every couple has disagreements and arguments from time to time. It’s fairly natural. However, whereas a sit down together and a mature conversation could have you back to normal in hours, they insist on sulking it out for the next week or so. Silly, immature, and immensely unlikeable. [Read: 18 most annoying relationship turn offs that can ruin romance]

#7 Roll on, roll off. If their idea of good sex is to roll on and off again in 30 seconds flat, irrespective of whether you’ve even woken up, never mind taken any pleasure from it, then you can be forgiven for not liking this about them. Time to start a conversation! [Read: 22 common reasons why women fake an orgasm]

#8 Selective deafness. A partner who doesn’t listen to you is revealing a huge amount of disrespect. It’s okay to dislike a habit that indicates you rank somewhere in their immediate range of interests between considering what to have for dinner and that insistent itch on their left butt cheek. [Read: 7 ways to handle a partner who refuses to listen to you]

#9 Slumming it. There comes a time in every relationship where either or both of the couple relax a little on presentation. However, turning into a trailer trash poster boy or girl overnight shows that they not only don’t care about themselves, but don’t care much for you either. And why should you like that?

#10 Lack of ambition. Are you attending evening classes five days a week and doing more unpaid hours at work than paid, all in a bid to get a step ahead, whilst your other half spends more time watching cable TV and picking their teeth than anything else? Not attractive, is it? And definitely not worthy of anything else but a healthy dose of dislike. [Read: 7 things to do if you have a very lazy partner]

#11 Vanity. On a supposed evening out, do you spend more time waiting for them to preen themselves than actually away from the house? If so, you are perfectly justified in not liking this.

#12 Jealousy. Is every phone call questioned? Your movements not-so-secretly tracked? Not only is this a distinctly unlikable trait, but is also potentially destructive. Definitely one to address with immediate effect.

#13 Hotel service. Do they treat your shared home like a hotel? Throwing dirty clothes on the floor, turning up when they feel like it, expecting dinner whenever they put in an appearance between doing other things without you? Not only do you not have to like this, you shouldn’t have to put up with it either. [Read: 22 big early warning signs of a bad boyfriend]

#14 Make a decision. If they have next to no respect for any decisions you make, or constantly override them as irrelevant, your dislike is entirely justified. It shows disrespect and quite a lot of arrogance. Not the best of combinations.

#15 Phone abuse. Do they never answer when you call, yet when you’re together, they’re never off the phone? Definitely a major thumbs down, and one eminently deserving of being disliked.

#16 Looking down. When they speak to you, it’s almost as if they’re addressing a six-year-old child. You don’t have to like this, and you’re more than justified in giving them a hard time in consequence.

#17 Messiness. Sick of wiping up a pool of milk and a not-so-thin trail of cornflakes every breakfast time? Everyone hates being expected to clean up someone else’s mess, and no one will blame you for getting annoyed about it.

#18 Smothering. When your other half insists that you spend every second of every day at their side, even following you at work to make sure you spend your lunches together, who could blame you for not liking the situation. Sanctioned stalking is not good. [Read: 5 reasons why loving someone too much kills the love]

#19 Hands free. You don’t have to commit acts of gross indecency to show physical affection for each other. When, however, all physical contact is strictly reduced to hand holding in dark rooms behind locked doors, you can be forgiven for being unimpressed.

#20 Crudeness. Do they talk openly in public about toilet habits, sexual relations, and everything else in between that is supposed to be confined to a very small number of trained professionals? If so, you really don’t have to like this. It’s embarrassing, annoying, and very immature.

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If any of these behaviors or tendencies exhibit themselves in your partner’s day-to-day dealings, don’t feel the need to put up with them. Either the habits or your partner have to be kicked into touch – and it’s for your partner to decide which!


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