16 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Trust You More

Trust is one of the secret ingredients to smooth out the bumps in a relationship. Building trust requires commitment to certain behaviors. Although there is no immediate sure fire way to make your girlfriend trust you, there are behaviors and character traits you can cultivate to put you on the right path.

Here are 16 ways to make your girlfriend trust you more.

1. Start with yourself.
Earning your girlfriend’s trust starts with you. Learn to trust yourself first before gaining the trust of someone else. If you trust yourself to stick to a habit, you’ll feel confident in your ability to get through tough times. Also, if you know you are trustworthy, she will eventually see it too. So have faith, be kind to yourself, and don’t pay too much attention to what others are saying.

2. Trust her.
In a relationship, trust goes to both ways. If you display faith in a girl, she probably will also show faith to you, which can go along way in building trust in a relationship. So as much as possible, don’t be suspicious to her when you have no reason to be, trust her instincts, and let go of your bias.

3. Communicate openly.
Effective communication is the key to making any relationship thrive. The more open and honest you are to your girlfriend, the better you will be able to gain her trust. Talk to her about your needs and views, and create an atmosphere that is entirely free of secrets and suspicions.

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4. Share your life.
Invite your girl out to spend with your family, friends, or co-workers. Bring them together to kill the mystery and to reassure her that you’re not keeping any part of your life a secret.

5. Don’t judge her.
Never judge your girlfriend’s actions, it will only weakens your relationship and will make your girlfriend less likely to trust you with personal information next time. Instead, be empathetic, listen and offer solutions.

6. Be consistent and reliable.
Proving you’re true to your word is an important part in making your girlfriend trusts you. If you tell her you’ll text her at 5 p.m, text her. If you say you’re going straight home from school or work, go straight home. Continue to show her that you can be trusted by being a man of your word. Your consistency will also cast her doubts and insecurities away.

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7. Be patient.
Gaining trust takes time. Although your actions and words will help determine if the process succeeds, you can’t force things along. Sometimes, all you can do is wait and hope; anyway it’s all worth the wait.

8. Be honest.
This is one crucial point that many guys often forget to factor in. If you’re heading out for a boy’s night out, be honest to her. Don’t tell her it’s just another late day at the office. Never expect your girlfriend to trust you if you cannot give honesty to other people, especially to your girl.

9. Give her compliments.
When it comes to boosting a girl’s self-esteem, compliments go a long way. Do this to your girl to show her your appreciation, and she would be more likely to trust someone who appreciates her presence.

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10. Be yourself.
Do not pretend to be someone you’re not, just to keep your girl happy. Even if you manage to fool her temporarily, she will see right through it and immediately peg you as someone who can’t be trusted. Just be confident in who you are, because it is much easier to trust someone who looks, talks, and acts like someone who is comfortable in his own skin.

11. Tell her things that no one else knows about you.
Actions like this paired with your consistency in following through with your words will help her slowly but surely develop trust in you.

12. Make smart decisions.
Invite her out on a date and choose a place that she loves, not the restaurant you like to go with your friends. When you make decisions with her in mind, she’s likely to feel more comfortable with you. This also shows you’re trustworthy, dependable, thoughtful, and supportive.

13. Show her love and care.
Do some thoughtful gestures whenever you can. Offer to run some of her errands and always tell her how much you love her. Part of the reason why she’s taking so long to trust you is because she is probably trying to figure out if it’s safe to her heart to invest in you. So, as much as possible, show love and care, it will surely be easier for you to make your girl trust you.

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14. Spend time with her.
Trust naturally grows after you spend more time with your girl, because as you go along with her, she’ll realize that you are someone she can feel comfortable around. Just open up to her and let her see the different side of you.

15. Back it up with actions.
Do what you say you will and show what you say you will to make your girl trust you. Your actions – in combination with the things you tell to your girl will strengthen the trust in your relationship.

16. Make a big self-sacrifice.Last but not the least, if you really want your girlfriend’s trust to grow more, give up something big to convince her that you truly love her and that she is your top priority. Make her feel your selflessness. Make her realize that you can sacrifice your own interest to make her happy and never hurt her.

This big sacrifice can be in the form of your old self, that is, you can sacrifice your old self along with your unbreakable bad habits and negative attitudes to offer her a better you, a better person and a better partner.

Building a strong connection and bond of trust with your girlfriend is a process. You have to be patient in winning your girl’s trust. Although the process can sometimes be difficult and frustrating, the rewards are usually well worth it.

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