16 Struggles Only Third Wheels Will Understand

Do you often go out with your bestfriend and her bae and end up being the third wheel? Or, are you always told that you’re not going to be a third wheel but end up being one? You might have mastered the art of being a third wheel, but it can really be tough sometimes. These are some of the struggles that only certified  third wheels will understand:

1. You get disappointed with your best friend because time is always shared with his/her partner.
Going out is never going to be the same. It feels like your best friend just got stolen away from you. However, you love your bestfriend that much, and you’re happy for him or her. Hence, you need to support his or her already colorful lovelife, so you just have to embrace your life as a  third wheel.

2. You always have to be the one who will adjust for the couple.
Do they have plans to go on a weekend getaway or just have a movie date night? Well, you’re used to inviting yourself to things, so you’re the one who will make the adjustments for them.  Are there no more available three seats in the cinema? Not a problem! You just have to sit by yourself, eat the popcorn all by yourself, and giggle with yourself like a crazy, happy, and independent person.

3. You will always receive unsolicited relationship advice.
Obviously, they’re the experts when it comes to relationships, and you’ve been single for like forever. So, they always give you some relationship advice. You just have to keep nodding your head and wish for them to just stop because it’s making you look like a desperate person waiting for your imaginary boyfriend or girlfriend become a real person.

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4. Your friends will set you up on a date.
Because they feel that you’re alone and lonely and they’re too concerned about your lovelife, they will take extra mile to find you someone. They will set you up on a date. Things will just start to get more awkward especially if you’re not prepared. You have not even brushed your teeth or worn the best perfume. You are caught off guard, and you just have to deal with another nerdy person they set you up with.

5. You need to convince them that being single is cool.
You’re already too sick of hearing their words of comfort that you need to convince them that you’re  doing just fine. You try to make them realize how cool being single is, even though obviously, they can’t relate to you at the moment.

6. You also need to convince yourself that you are enjoying being single.
And you end up convincing yourself that you’re happy on your own. Even if sometimes, you feel really lonely, you always try to look at the positive side of things. Then, you start feeling grateful because you don’t have to deal with those tedious fights that couples are always having.

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7. You get to feel a little bit jealous.
Yes, you may be enjoying your single life right now, but sometimes, you can’t help but feel a little bit jealous. Admit it. When they become too clingy with each other, you wish you have someone to cuddle with as well. Sometimes, you get to question when your Mr. Right will come. Or, will he or she ever come?

8. You have no one to share the bill with.
Yes, everytime you go out, you need to explain to the waiter or waitress  that you’re paying your bill separately. However, this isn’t always a problem. Sometimes, you get a free movie ticket or a free dinner with them. Or, you get to eat their leftover food. Whether you see that as a perk or as a downside is all up to you now.

9. You can’t get their inside jokes.
Why are they laughing at each other whenever you mention your cat or just random things? Sometimes, they have inside jokes that you can’t understand. Only the two of them find things funny, and you are left out trying to pretend you really don’t mind because you’re too busy browsing your social media accounts. Mastering the art of pretending becomes your thing now.

10. You might get stuck in the middle, and they refuse to switch seats with you.
Have you ever been in a situation where you end up sitting in the middle? It feels suffocating, and you want to switch sweats with them, but they’re being too kind and considerate that they refuse to switch seats with you. But seriously, it doesn’t help.

11. You don’t know what to do when they start fighting.
Things start to get more awkward when they start having fights. The may feel too comfortable being with you that they don’t mind you witnessing their fights. When is this going to stop? Can I just walk out now? You are like a child witnessing the fights of your parents.

12. You always have to walk in front or behind them.
Why are sidewalks seem too crooked? Sidewalks seem to be made for only two people. So, you need to be like their small puppy or stalker whenever you walk around town.

13. You get to witness a lot of PDA.  
Yes, the PDA. A third wheel knows this too well. The PDAs seem unending. You see them start kissing each other? Alright. Pretend that it doesn’t feel awkward. Deep inside, you’re already cringing and praying for them to just stop.  When they get too obsessed showing their affection to each other, you’ll realize how single you really are.

14. You take their photos, but you don’t know when to join in.
You get to be their official photographer, and you even feel giddy seeing their cute photos together.  Your only problem is when to join in. Well, at least, you get to have single shots most of the time, but chances are, you will only get blurry pictures. Perfect. Just perfect.

15. You become the fifth, seventh, or even the ninth wheel when you go out.
Sometimes, being a third wheel is not enough. When you go out and hang out with more friends, you get to be the fifth, seventh, or even the ninth wheel, but don’t worry, you won’t be like this forever.

16. You blame yourself for not saying “No”.
99 percent of the time, you regret going out with them. Then, you promise yourself that you will not go out with them anymore, but when will you ever learn to say no? It might feel a little awkward sometimes, but you’re actually having fun going out with them.

If you’re a certified third wheel, you must have been laughing while reading this article. However, you know that being a third wheel is not always a disadvantage. In fact, it has a lot of perks. Aside from the fact that you get to eat their leftover foods, you also get to see the dos and don’ts of a relationship.  You will bring these lessons once you have your own partner. For now, enjoy your life being single.  Happy third wheeling!

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