15 Ways To Keep The Spark In A Long-Term Relationship

That special spark is what both women and men crave in a relationship. Most noticeably, that spark tends to happen early on in the relationship as everything feels rather new. There are so many things to be excited about, the first hug, first kiss, first “I love you.”

For some couples however, keeping that spark alive long-term is really difficult to do. Understandably so, life tends to get in the way at times, putting a damper on things that we value very much like relationships with a partner. In this article, we’ll shed a light on ways to keep that spark a permanent thing. Whether you want to keep that spark brightly lit or to reignite it, we’ve got you covered. Keeping the romantic intensity should be something that all couples continuously work on. We’re just here to remind you how.

This article will look at a healthy of range of things you can be doing to spice things up, from having a date night to spicing things up in the bedroom, these points will certainly give you an added boost to keep that spark. So without further ado, here is a list of 15 ways to keep the spark in a long-term relationship, enjoy!

15Laugh More Stress Less

As human beings, our DNA is basically programmed to stress while allowing fear to get the better of us. The same goes in a relationship, at times, things can appear to be stressful to the point that it puts a damper on your relationship. Before you know it, the spark is gone.

In order to avoid such problems the solution is simple; learn how to deal with them. The way you deal with problems is the most crucial factor in one’s life and relationships. Problems will occur but it’s all about how you handle them once they come along. In doing so, be sure to laugh more with your partner and keep a smile on. Good vibes can take a relationship to another level, causing that spark to stay lit for years and years. When problems do occur, take a deep breath, address the scenario with a healthy head and proceed to shower your partner with laughter and smiles.

14Act Like Kids Again

At times, adulting for too long can cause a damper on a relationship. Yes, we do all grow up over time, but that doesn’t mean you need to lose yourself. In some instances, not only does a person lose their identity but their relationship with a partner suffers big time. Before you know it, that spark is gone and you’re just plugged into robot mode for an extended amount of time.

To remedy this, you must find some time to be a kid again, especially when you’re in a long-term relationship. Anything from play fighting to tickling one another can seem dumb but can actually help reignite some fire. Some also suggest using this tactic when it comes to intimacy, like making out with your partner, without going all the way. The result of that will spark the relationship while keeping your sexual desires at a high. No matter where you are in life, always find time to be a kid again at some points.

13Avoid Contact with Your Phone

The advancement of technology is quite remarkable but has put a damper on many things, like relationships for example. Even a long-term relationship can potentially get affected by technology with a partner when you are spending more time on your cell phone than actually speaking to them. The harsh truth is that many of us are guilty of this, we stay glued to our phone even though we know they are trying to talk to us. Over the course of a sustained period, such behavior will only pull a couple apart.

To avoid  problem like this, make it a priority to put your phone away when with a loved one. Whether it be a date night at the restaurant or a random Wednesday night, put the phone down for a couple of hours and just stay invested and focused on your partner. It seems so simple, but you’ll be amazed at how much closer you’ll feel to a loved one after committing a couple of hours to this.

12Share Gratitude for One Another

We all feel like our lives can be hectic at times, and it does happen that we forget about the little things in life. Sadly, some relationships fail to capitalize on this and before we know it, the damage is already done.

Be grateful for your partner every day and not just when the relationship comes to an end. Remind your partner of how grateful you are to have them in your life. In addition, throw a complement their way; you’ll be amazed at how many great things will begin to manifest after performing these two simple acts. Complementing and giving gratitude are some of the primary factors in creating high energy situations. Doing so will not only result in a positive energy but will keep that spark shinning bright for years and years to come. When you’ve got the power of the universe by your side, nothing can stop you or your relationship with a partner!

11Invest in the Relationship

Refusing to move forward in a relationship is another dimension that can cause a substantial damper on things especially in the long-term sense. After a long period of time, a relationship must have a sense of continuity, keeping things moving along as the time goes by. If this doesn’t happen, bitterness will occur and the relationship will most certainly suffer. Remember, doing the same things are going to lead to the same results, if you want to see different outcomes you must change your ways.

One way in doing so and reigniting a spark is by investing in a relationship. Whether that would be buying an engagement ring or purchasing a home together, investing in someone else can create a new spark that can last for quite some time. Doing so, not only opens up an entire different chapter of the relationship but it also shows exactly how committed you are to your partner.

10Bedroom Antics

The intimacy of a relationship is a crucial dynamic that can be overlooked at times. Sadly, some relationships fall apart because of this lacking factor,  as partners turn elsewhere for a further degree of intimacy with another partner. At times, in some long-term relationships, this aspect becomes robotic and really with no meaning.

If you plan on keeping that long-term spark, this has to change. You can do so in many different ways, the simplest, is by being fully committed to your partner in that very moment. Another way to spice things up can be by playing sexy games. This will not only help with intimacy, but it also aids in other areas like by simply having fun and laughing about it. These factors can intensify a bond. Others also recommend thinking about it being the last time you’ll ever have with your partner. This mind-set can be harsh, but boy can it ever light a fire and reignite a spark back into a relationship

9Take Care Of Yourself

This factor involves the individual as opposed to the relationship. Some relationships suffer because of this and lose the spark completely. Whether it be laziness or comfort, a partner in a relationship can seemingly stop trying without even knowing. They wear the same sweat pants every time you come over, barely fix their hair and seem to look older and older every day.

That can be extremely problematic and should be avoided at all costs. Not putting an effort in yourself can usually transfer over to your relationship as well. You should instead make it a focus to always look well groomed no matter how long you’ve been with a partner. This will not only be appealing to a partner, but it will also make you feel good at the same time. And remember like we said earlier, when you feel good, the flame stays ignited for a really long time.

8 Take Trips

For a relationship to fully blossom over the course of a sustained period of time you must try you’re very best to create moments that will ignite lasting memories forever. These types of moments not only strengthen a bond but they can help to keep the spark alive for a really long time. Constantly overlooking these activities can lead to a bland relationship without anything noteworthy to really get excited about. This should be avoided at all costs.

One activity in particular that always seems to spark a relationship is taking a trip. Now where not talking about a massive trip with other friends that’s pre-dominantly spent at the bar, but one with just you and a partner. In such a peaceful environment, a trip always provides moments to strengthen a connection between two people. When you come back from the trip, you tend to feel closer than ever and it seems like an entirely different fire has been set under you and a partner. Take trips, live, love and laugh, you won’t regret it!


It’s only normal, after dating for such a long time, you and your partner get used to one another’s tendencies. Not doing anything about this can make you feel robotic and pretty much predictable. This can definitely hurt the spark, pulling you further apart from your special someone.

To remedy this, change up the game from time to time. Being unpredictable really helps in intensifying a bond. One way you can do so is by randomly surprising your partner. Whether that be by buying the two of you a trip or even something small like bringing home supper, these moments show that you not only care but you’re willing to go out of your way to see that special someone smile after all those years. At the end of a long hard day that should be your goal, to make a loved one smile and if that means by surprising them every now and again, go for it!

6Get Nostalgic

Think of the most romantic and memorable moments you’ve shared with your partner or ex. Sometimes, these moments happen, these sweep you off your feet moments that are unforgettable. Well this is something you need to create with your partner. Plane a super romantic date. Too much? Try taking a step back and focusing on them for that moment. Get them to pause whatever they are doing, to spent that moment with you.

Taking a look back on fond moments is always great. If you have a photo album, spend a night drinking wine, eating takeout while scrolling through old pics. If you don’t have an album made, this is your chance to do it. These moments help to reignite the fire no matter how lost it seems. Even just talking about those moments with your partner can prove to be effective. When the spark seems to be subsiding, get nostalgic!

5Date Night

Couples that struggle with keeping the spark sometimes tend to overlook the problem. The solution can be something as simple as going on a date. Dates offer the opportunity for two people to finally connect intimately without distractions. In long-term relationships, this simple factor tends to be a lost form of entertainment at times with both partners getting wrapped up in the easy activities like just watching tv while being glued to their phones the entire time.

Instead, go on a date and as we mentioned before, and put the phone away throughout the entire experience. Just focusing all of your attention on your partner while dinning together can draw them in more than you think. By drawing them in, they will become more engaged in the whole experience. This sounds like such a mundane piece of advice but can prove to be one of the most affective.

4Keep an Interest in Your Partners Life

Especially in long-term relationships, after a long period of time, our thoughts tend to drift. Whether it be stress from work or planning out your day, a partner can become second fiddle to everything you have going on during in your busy life. This will eventually put an irreversible strain on the relationship.

The ultimate goal to keep the spark high is to show genuine interest in your partner’s life. Something as simple as asking “how was your day” can go such a long way. At times, a partner just needs to vent and having you there listening can make all the difference. You don’t have to say a word, but you just being there and willing to listen is enough to help a partner more than you think. Being there for someone is truly what it’s all about. As some of the great thinkers have said in the past, it’s all about giving. Give time and put in the effort to communicate with a partner regularly. This is a subtle factor that can help keep that spark.

3Set a Proper Schedule

Setting a proper schedule is another crucial component that makes a long-term relationship thrive. In terms of scheduling, you must always show that you have time or can make time for a loved one. This just shows how much you appreciate someone. When you don’t set time aside for your partner, they will lack security in the relationship. Neglecting them can also cause a sense of vulnerability.

At the same time, a proper relationship schedule needs to be done with a proper degree of proportion. Seeing a person every day certainly isn’t the best idea, especially in the early stages. This can cause two people to lose their spark and begin to resent one another for spending so much time together. There is such a thing as too much and too little. Th ekey is balance. Set up a proper system of seeing one another and if you feel like it’s too much, roll the days back a little bit. Break the routine, it will pay off immediately.

2Don’t Overdo It

Like we just discussed with the scheduling aspect, seeing someone far too many times can lead to problems. When you fail to properly build a relationship and you instead try to “overdo it”, you’ll just get the same type of result back to you. When you overdo things, the spark takes a serious hit. All of a sudden, you know everything the other person’s going to say and nothing seems new and exciting. Eventually, this leads to being fed up and quite frankly bored of someone especially in a long-term relationship.

To remedy this, you must keep the relationship in doses by spending time with your partner, friends, family and even yourself. Doing so is not only going to make you a better, more well rounded person but it’s also going to help your relationship and overall health of it. Along with that, sprinkle in the element of surprise every now and then, that’ll certainly help to remedy things.

1Put in the Effort

We saved the most important point for the very end, yes, something as simple as putting in the effort can help keep the spark alive in a long-term relationship more than anything else.

We touched base on this several times in the article, but most long-term couples can admit to being guilty of neglecting their partner. This tends to happen to those who get used to having their partner around. A simple way to change this and avoid the struggle is by just putting in the effort. Whether it be as simple as asking about their day or just offering to make them dinner, these little actions just show your partner how much you really care for them. For a relationship to thrive long-term, both partners must be fully invested in giving in order to make one another happy.

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