15 Tips to be Nice and Loved By All Instantly!

Being nice does have its advantages.

Everyone talks to you.

You get more favors.

You have more friends.

And everyone loves you!

But learning to be nice and likeable is a trait that few people have mastered.

How to be nice and loved by everyone

Have you ever met a warm person who made you feel comfortable and relaxed within a few minutes of meeting them?

You may have felt nervous or uncomfortable to start with, but all it took was a few lines to enjoy a great conversation with this nice person.

They’re charming and great to be friends with, aren’t they?

So what makes someone nice and one a bore?

Use these 15 tips on how to be nice and you’ll definitely be liked and adored by all too!

#1 Smile and be warm. This is a perfect start on your journey to becoming a nicer and more likeable person.

Don’t be grumpy and plaster a frown on your face all the time. View the glass of life as half full. When you’re happy in your own shoes, the world will start to love you for your infectious happiness. [Read: Easy tips to be really happy in life]

#2 Communicate well. Have interesting conversations with others without getting personal or intrusive. Don’t talk only about what you want to talk or what you know of. Be willing to listen and indulge in conversations that others around you can relate to. [Read: How to make conversation at a party]

#3 Think from the other person’s point of view. Most of us are so full of ourselves that we forget to think from someone else’s perspective.

If you’re with a friend who’s having lobsters for the first time, empathize with that person instead of laughing while watching them fight with a hard shell. Talk about the first time you had to crack a lobster and how it ended up falling off your table. When you make someone feel better, they’ll be grateful to you and like you more.

#4 Don’t be sharp. Avoid being rude or snappy in your retorts and responses. Don’t hurt people just because you can. Many people take pleasure in making someone else feel weak or humiliated. Don’t be that person.

#5 Be confident, but not egoistic. You may be confident and egoistic about yourself. You may take pride in your achievements or how much you make in a year. But when you’re interacting with others, don’t bring your ego out in the open for all to see. People who are less fortunate than you in some way or the other will always think you’re bragging. Be egoistic and proud on the inside, but don’t reveal it unless there’s a need to.

#6 Have a positive outlook. Be happy. Don’t obsess about the bad things in life. Enjoy every moment of life and share your happiness with people around you. Positive people always have a sparkle in their eyes, and draw friends and admirers closer all the time. [Read: How to change your life and be happy in 12 steps]

#7 Respect everyone. As long as they respect you. If you want to know how to be nice and loved by all, you need to treat everyone around you with respect. You have to remember that there’s always someone watching you at all times. Don’t favor a few people and be nice to them, and snap at everyone else. Unless you’re a genuinely nice person, it’s easy for people to see through your act.

#8 Be fair in your opinions and behavior. Don’t favor one person unnecessarily even when you know they’re wrong. If you’re mediating a conversation or helping two people sort a difference, learn to be a person of principles. Be just and you’ll brand yourself as a nice person.

#9 Be accommodating and help others. If you have the opportunity to help someone, go ahead and do it. Help someone fit in when they feel out of place, or help a friend when they ask for a favor that’s easy for you to help with.

#10 Be altruistic when you can. A nice person isn’t nice so they can be appreciated by everyone. A nice person is nice because they’re truly a nice person. While it’s alright to have selfish motives while doing anything, sometimes helping someone without looking for returns or favors can give you more happiness.

#11 Don’t be impatient with people. You may be smart or more aware of the world, but that should give you no excuse to treat people like they’re stupid or a waste of time, especially when they’re not able to cope with you or understand your ideas easily.

#12 Pranks are funny only if everyone enjoys it. Don’t hurt someone to make a few others laugh. It may make you appear more fun to a few people, but to everyone else, you’d just be a bad person who takes pleasure in hurting someone who’s weak. [Read: 10 types of toxic friends you need to avoid]

#13 Don’t be a pushover. If you want to nice, you don’t have to put up with anything people throw at you. Get rude if you have to. But your rudeness and anger has to be justified. People will take you more seriously, respect you and still think you’re a great person if you’re someone who takes a stand and has principles in life. Pushovers are always the ones who are taken for granted and disliked because they can’t take a stand. [Read: How to love and respect yourself]

#14 Laugh easily. Everyone likes a cheerful laugh. Enjoy life, spend time with others and widen that smile. Be fun and laugh out loud. You’ll feel a lot better about your everyday life and everyone around you will love your pleasant and cheerful aura.

#15 Good company. Be hygienic, smell good, look clean and be fun. Don’t be the person people squirm to sit next to. Being nice is a great thing, but a pleasant and cheerful appearance is equally important.

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Knowing how to be nice and loved by all takes a bit of time to truly understand. But use these 15 tips and you’ll definitely notice a difference in the way people behave around you in no time!


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