15 Tips on How to Impress Your Girlfriend’s Parents

Dating a nice girl is a wonderful thing, and as the relationship progresses, you’ll reach new exciting milestones. For instance, you know that one day she’ll pop this dreaded question: “Would you like to meet my parents?”

It may be a proof that you’re in a healthy relationship but it can be a nerve-racking thought. You can almost see them working through a checklist in their minds, secretly grading you based on their idea of a perfect boyfriend.

However, you have no reason to be afraid because, as a good boyfriend, it is your job to convince and show them that you are worthy of their precious daughter’s love.

However, one question that you have to worry about is, what are the things that you can do to impress your girlfriend’s family? If you can’t think of anything at all,  here are some tips to help you prepare for this important moment.

1. Give compliments.
Naturally, you shouldn’t overdo this if you don’t want to sound insincere,  but a little bit of charm goes a long way – just do it right. Offer compliments, say something nice either about her mother’s cooking, or her father’s choice of wine. Most importantly, show them and be vocal about how you adore their daughter and that you admire how well they raised her.

2. Dress to Impress.
Every parent wants to know that the guy their daughter is dating is someone who’s respectful not only towards his girlfriend but also towards his elders.

One thing that shows respect is how you present yourself to others. Put in the extra time to get a haircut, shave, wear something clean and stylish. Just be yourself but remember to dress and look your best.

3. Spend time with them.
As much as possible, don’t just sit there listening to their stories. Engage in conversations and show interest in the things they love. Parents always like to be included in their children’s lives. If you come across as the type of boyfriend who values elders and likes to spend time with them too, you’ll earn a lot of points – and this will make it easier for them to see you as a future son-in-law.

4. Mind your manners.
Being in your best manners can surely get you plus points from her parents. Be polite at all times, be mindful of proper table manners, and most importantly, do not, under any circumstance, fondle their daughter in front of them. Doing so will surely offend them and you won’t like what will happen next.

5. Bring a gift.
You don’t have to get an overly priced gift but don’t settle for a cheap one either. Get something comfortable with your budget, something practical but also memorable. If you’re new to this, do your homework first.

Think about what impression you want to make and you can start from there. For example, if you know that her father has this particular taste in liquor, bring a bottle that is worth his standards.

6. Have a positive body language.
Make eye contact, sit properly, and don’t forget to smile. Furthermore, keep an open and neutral body language: don’t cross your arms or act restless – these will make you look bored and nervous. Also, when talking to her parents, keep open stance, turn your body towards them instead of away from them.

7. Offer help.
If you’re having dinner at their house, try to be useful: ask if you can help in any way, like setting the table or doing some heavy lifting. After dinner, you can also offer to help clean up. They might decline, but they’ll appreciate the effort.

8. Be calm and stay humble.
Being humble and calm are two characteristics that you have to practice. They help you improve your relationship with other people, especially with her parents. Be confident but not overconfident because it can make you seem like a total jerk.

Her parents will not like you if you keep on bragging about how smart or how great you are at everything. Just try and be humble and never make them feel that you think you’re better than them.

9. Turn off your phone.
Resist the urge of checking your cell phone every time the conversation starts to sound boring. Looking at your phone during a social event is considered rude especially to people from older generations. Therefore, stay present and attentive.

10. Show your humorous side.
People with a good sense of humor are more likable and this is a useful skill especially if you’re meeting her parents. Sharing these funny and hilarious moments can facilitate trust and ease the awkwardness of any situation. It also makes your relationship with her parents easier; however, make sure you’re not overdoing it.

11. Show your love to your girlfriend.
It’s good to show that you care about your girlfriend in front of her parents but you should know your limits. Observe simple gestures like pulling out the chair for her, hold her hand, listening attentively when she talks, etc. Give her extra attention and consideration and just treat her well.

12. Talk about your personal goals
If you have plans in the future or if you are particularly good at something, share it with her parents but of course, not in a bragging way. Talk about the aspects of yourself and your life especially about your personal goals. Most parents like an ambitious guy, someone whom they can trust their daughter to be with.

13. Be positive.
Show them that you’re a positive person and you’re fun to be with. It’s good if you also share stories on the recent adventures you had with their daughter and how it made you stronger as a couple.

14. Make them feel important.
Ask their opinion on some matters or you can even seek their advice on how to deal with something. This way, you’ll make them feel important and show them how you value their experience and insight.

15. Be yourself.
Don’t fake a personality just to win the heart of her parents. You don’t have to try hard; you just have to be yourself.

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