15 Things All Guys Hate About Being In Relationships

What do men hate about being in a relationship with someone? It depends on who he is in a relationship with. If his girlfriend is someone who is self confident and self reliant, chances are pretty high that he is one happy fellow. On the other hand, if he is in a relationship with someone who is always checking up on him and nags him into a corner, he is probably pretty miserable.

Relationships are a two-way street. You and your partner both need to give and receive. That requires the ability to have an open, honest relationship and it requires plenty of communication.

Of course, if you are in a relationship with a jerk, all bets are off. He is not going to be happy in a relationship no matter how hard you try to please him.

The following are fifteen things all guys hate about being in a relationship. They are all common complaints that can be easily remedied with a slight attitude change on your part.

Is changing yourself worth the effort? I believe it is. If not for your current boyfriend, then do it for yourself. Give yourself confidence and the ability to control your emotions. It will help you out in more than just relationships.

15Having To Beg To Be With Friends

No one in a relationship should have to beg to do something that is both normal and healthy. That includes being able to hang out with friends every now and again without being made to feel guilty about it.

No doubt you like to go and have a girls night out every so often, maybe even once a week. Well, guys like to hang out with their friends, too.

I am not talking about a guy that insists on hanging out with his friends every single night, but the guy that just needs to unwind at the end of the week with a few good pals.

If you try and stop him from seeing his friends, he is going to resent you and, inevitably, he will end the relationship with you or, worse, he will start doing things behind your back. That’s obviously something you really don’t want to happen.

14A Ton Of Drama

Are you always screaming and hollering over a bunch of nothing? Are you constantly looking for something to get upset over? In other words, are you a drama queen?

A man absolutely hates it when the woman he thought he knew turns out to be a whacko drama queen. Guys just don’t want that kind of “excitement” in their lives and will often end a relationship as quickly as possible after seeing the queen’s tiara.

In fact, from my own observations, drama queens draw all the bad luck to themselves and can’t make a relationship last longer than a few weeks. Then they whine that men just don’t get them.

If you are into drama, you have got to make a choice. You can either be the center of negative attention or you can take control of your emotions, rebuild your life, and get into a solid, fulfilling relationship.

13Talking About The Exes

You might think that talking about your ex-boyfriend is being open and honest, but really most guys just don’t want to hear about your previous or past relationships. It is a total mood killer.

For example, let’s say that your current boyfriend has decided to surprise you buy taking you out to dinner at a nice restaurant. After you arrive, you begin telling him how your ex took you to this very same restaurant. Your boyfriend grows silent and by the end of the night he is starting to get pissy with you.

It is all because you took away his special moment with you by bringing up your ex. He probably feels as though you are comparing him with your ex and now he believes that you aren’t over the ex.

Leave the ex in the past. There is no real reason to bring him up.

12The Spying

Oh my goodness, no you didn’t! Please don’t tell me that you spy on your boyfriend. It is the quickest way to lose one of the good guys and it is something that all men hate when in a relationship.

If you don’t trust your man and you feel the need to spy on him, then maybe you should get out of the relationship. Maybe he has given you reason not to trust him. If you think he is cheating, then leave. There is no reason to gather evidence. Just walk away and end all contact.

However, if he has never given you a reason to distrust him, then by all means show him that you do trust him. Don’t check up on him at work or at his friend’s house. Give him a break with the constant text messages. Relax and let the relationship develop. Otherwise, you are both going to be miserable together.

11Having To Give Up His Favorite Activities

Do you have something that you love to do, but you know it annoys your boyfriend? How does that make you feel and do you just do it anyway?

Now let’s flip that around. Does your boyfriend like certain things that annoy the snot out of you? Like playing video games and walking around with his headphones on, listening to music? Do you let him do it or do you take his little pleasures away from him?

We are all human and we all have our own little bits of happiness. There is absolutely no reason why you or your man should give up life’s little pleasures just because it annoys someone else.

A guy hates it when a girlfriend tells him he can’t do something he loves to do and you would hate it, too, if he did the same to you. Get over it and give him the free time to do his thing while you go do your thing.

10Having To Wait Around

I hate it when someone is chronically late. I can’t stand waiting around and I feel as though it is disrespectful to always make someone wait for you. It shows that you don’t care about the other person’s time or schedule.

Many guys are the same way. They don’t want to wait around for you if you are constantly late for everything. They also don’t want to hang about while you pile on the makeup or frump up your hair. Get it done beforehand and always prepare ahead.

If you are one of those people who is always running late, make it a goal to start being on time or even a little bit early. Stop selfishly wasting other people’s time, including your boyfriend’s time. It is rude, it is wrong, and he will probably get fed up with you over it.

9Body Insecurity

Most men love their girlfriends for who and what they are. They are not inspecting you to see if you have gained an extra jiggle in the rump or if your boobs are lopsided. Most guys are just happy to have a woman that loves him.

With that in mind, know that when you point out your assumed flaws, you are actually showing them just how insecure you are about your looks. Men can’t stand it, and constantly asking a guy if your butt is too big will only make him uncomfortable.

For example, when I was young, I would point out all my flaws to guys. Or, at least, I thought they were flaws. The guys probably would not have even noticed anything was wrong with me, but I had to show off my insecurity for some awkward reason. Being older, I don’t point out things that could be considered flaws. In fact, I am happy with my body and the guys seem to notice that about me.

8Not Being Emotionally Supported

Sometimes you feel loneliest when you are in a relationship. It happens to women and it happens to men. It feels as though your partner just doesn’t give a hoot about you and it totally sucks monkey butt.

Just like us, guys need emotional support. They want you to be on their team and it hurts them when they see you could care less about their life goals and their dreams.

Instead of being the self-centered girlfriend that men hate being with, make a change and start showing your support. Plan a once a month goal talk with your boyfriend and have an adult sit down with him so that you can both discuss personal goals. Show each other the support you both deserve and actively work together to be the strong, power couple other people can only dream about.

7Constant Complaints

First you complain to him about what he is wearing and then when the two of you step outside you start to complain about the weather. You get into the car and complain about his driving. You get to the restaurant and you complain about the food. Do you ever stop complaining?

All of your complaining is no doubt making your man miserable. He is probably wondering by now if anything makes you happy. Then he will begin to think you will be happier without him and that is when the relationship comes to an end.

Instead of complaining about everything and being a total misery to be around, start making a conscious choice to be thankful about things. For example, if it is raining, be thankful that you are not in a drought with water restrictions. If you don’t like what he is wearing, just be thankful that the two of you can afford clothing. And so on.

Stop being a Debbie Downer and make people happy to be around you.

6Too Much Clinging

It is date night and your man takes you out to your favorite steak house. When you get there, you see a bunch of young, pretty girls working there. Your arm immediately goes around your man and you cling to him throughout the entire night.

The next day, he tells you that he is going to run out to the auto store to pick up some wipers for his car. You grab your coat and tell him you are going with him. The whole time you are in the store with him, you hold onto his arm and look around to make sure there aren’t any women around.

You may not know it, but you are probably driving the poor guy nuts. You are clinging to him constantly and he doesn’t have a moment’s peace.

Instead of clinging to him, let him go off on his own. He is a big boy and if he is true to you, then he is your man forever.

5Telling Other People About The Relationship

How would you feel if your man called up his mother every time he felt you were being mean to him, and he told her all about what a horrible person you are? What if he told his hangout buddies about that time you passed out in bed during the act or about anything of a private nature?

No doubt you would feel angry and embarrassed.

With that in mind, you need to realize that guys don’t like it when you give out personal details about your relationship to other people. It makes them feel uncomfortable and, yes, they can get angry, too.

Your relationship is between you and him. It is not for other people to get involved in, so keep the personal details to yourself and expect the same from him.

4Constant Nagging

There is a difference between being concerned and being a nag. If you are concerned, you talk to your man about it and the two of you come to an agreement over a course of action. If you are being a nag, you just bug him about the problem over and over again, but you never help him address the issue.

Let’s say that your boyfriend is having chronic back pain. You want him to go see a doctor, but he keeps putting it off. Your best bet is to sit down with him and ask him what is going on. Maybe he doesn’t have insurance to cover the costs. Perhaps he is scared to go to the doctor’s alone. Find out why he hasn’t taken care of himself and then make a plan of action together to get his back checked out.

Talking with him about it is far better than barking at him to go and see a doctor.

3Too Many Money Worries

Money has ended many relationships. For example, you are totally stressing out over making the rent and paying all the bills. Your man, however, seems to be blowing it off. You confront him about it, accuse him of not taking the matter seriously, and soon enough you are both on the verge of breaking up.

Then there is the other issue of how much your man is earning. It is only natural that you want your man to be his best and earn a good amount of money. He more than likely wants the same thing, but when you bring it up all the time, he gets upset. He is trying his best, but you just don’t see it.

The best way to handle the money aspect in a relationship is to sit down like two adults and plan out a monthly budget. After that is done, set some goals together about jobs and income. Be on the same page when it comes to finances.

2No Alone Time

One of the biggest complaints men have about being in a relationship is that they have no alone time. Everybody needs a bit of alone time, even your man. You know this, but maybe you are uncomfortable with the idea.

Listen, we all have insecurities, but we also have to move past those insecurities to be better people. If you think that by giving your man alone time he will do something that you don’t approve of, then you are the one with the serious problem.

Learn to let go and give your partner the time he needs to do his own thing, whether that is playing on his phone or working on his car. He is not actively looking to do something just to tick you off, he just genuinely needs a break.

You should take one, too. Spending some alone time talking to friends or working on a personal project will give you the much needed time you need to focus on just yourself and your needs.


Above all else, guys hate it when women get jealous, especially if it is over stupid stuff. For example, let’s say that a new person was hired in where your boyfriend works. You stop in one day and see that it is another woman. She is drop dead gorgeous and, lo and behold, your man is talking to her. What is your first reaction?

You are probably feeling a tinge of jealousy, right? That’s okay. It’s normal, but acting like a jealous jerk is not the cool way to handle the situation.

First, you have to realize that this is your man’s job. He has to communicate with his co-workers and just because he is talking to her, it doesn’t mean that he is interested in her.

Toss the jealousy out the window and act like an adult. Your man will appreciate the fact that you trust him and don’t cause ugly jealousy scenes.

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