15 Simple Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Special

Do you want to keep the love alive in your marriage? Are you looking for ways to be a better husband to your wife? If you are on your way to enhancing your hubby skills, then check out these simple tips below on how you can make your wife feel special.

1. Prepare her breakfast.
Most of the time, the wives are the ones who get up early to prepare the meals every morning. Now, what if you surprisze her by waking up earlier than usual? Then, cook a hearty breakfast for her—and the kids, if you already have. If you want it to make it sweeter, you can bring her breakfast in bed.

2. Help her with the house chores.
Nothing would your wife appreciate more than your initiative to help her tidy up the mess in your house and keep everything in order. In case your wife does everything at home, why not start sharing her burden? You can volunteer to do the laundry, mop the floor, and even put the kids in bed.

3. Surprise her with chocolates and other treats.
Naturally, women have a sweet tooth. So, unless your wife is watching her figure, surprise her with chocolates and other desserts from time to time. Expect showers of kisses from her whenever you do this.

4. Leave sticky notes of sweet messages everywhere.
Gone are the days of love letters. However, you can still give her that cheesy experience by leaving short but sweet messages for her around the house. You can post a sticky note on the mirror, telling her you cannot wait to see her again at the end of the day. Leaving one on the fridge that reminds her not to tire herself out would also make your wifey smile.

5. Caress her hair until she falls asleep.
Aside from cuddling in bed, this is another romantic gesture that you can indulge your wife with. This will not only help her relax and be lulled to sleep, but it will also give her a feeling of security.

6. Shower her with hugs.
According to research, a hug is an effective stress reliever. Thus, if you know your wife is constantly bombarded with stress at work, or she is trying to juggle being a homemaker and a career woman daily, help her out with hugs. Give her as many hugs as possible in a day. Or at least, embrace her when you wake up and before going to sleep, and when you are about to leave for work and upon coming home.

7. Remind her always that she is beautiful.
Nothing would make a woman feel more special than being told to be the most beautiful in someone’s eyes. Therefore, even if her hair is messy or she is not wearing makeup, assure her that she is still the loveliest woman for you. This would also help her overcome insecurities with her body, especially if she has gained weight from giving birth to your kids.

8. Tell her you love her every day.
Never let a day pass by without telling your wife how much you love her. You can whisper it in her ear as you tell her goodnight, or you can say it with a kiss when you wake up in the morning. Hopefully, though, you always say this with passion—not just as a routine expression.


9. Hold her hand in the public.
Holding your wife’s hand in the public is like telling the world that you are proud of her. Just imagine if you were your wife—surely, this would make you feel the proudest woman in the world.

10. Massage her feet.
If your wife constantly complains about aching feet and toes from wearing high-heeled shoes at work, she would be surely grateful for a massage. This is a simple treat that you do not have to spend much on.

11. Give her a day off.
It is not easy being a wife, especially if she has a regular job too. Every day, she has to balance her roles of being a wife to you, a mom to your kids, and a career woman. Therefore, to let your partner know that you see her hard work and care about her welfare, give her time to pamper herself. On a weekend, allow her to see her friends, visit the spa, or simply sleep the entire day.

12. Appreciate her efforts.
In connection with no. 11, do not forget to let your wife know how much you appreciate her. Tell her you love her cooking. Thank her for being the best mom to your kids. Compliment her new hair, dress, or any effort she does to take care of herself.


13. Do not forget your special days.
A thoughtful man is a woman’s weakness. If you want to keep your wife in love with you, then initiate celebrating special dates, such as your wedding anniversary and her birthday. You can plan a holiday trip for two or just bring her to a special restaurant. Or if the budget is tight, at least you can surprise her with a bouquet of roses.

14. Serenade her with love songs.
You do not need to have Ed Sheeran’s voice to melt your wife’s heart with a song. Help her reminisce about how your love story started. Do this by serenading her with the songs you have been singing together or those you dedicated to her. With guitar props, sing these songs to her like you mean every word.

15. Tell her how blessed you are for having her as your wife.
No need for flowery words. Just sincerely tell your wife how blessed you are for ending up with her. Assure her that even if you would be given the chance to turn back time and rearrange your life, you would still find and choose her.

Treat Her Like A Queen

Women are not very hard to please. If you want to make her feel special, just take good care of her. Be considerate and gentle with her, even though sometimes she is hard to understand. Serve her in simple ways like how you would treat a queen. If you do this, be ready to be pampered like a king in return.


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