15 Signs You’ve Reached Your Relationship Peak Comfort Level

If you feel super comfortable around your boyfriend, congrats. You are living the relationship dream and you should be super thrilled about the place that you’ve ended up. But sometimes, you might think that things seem a little bit too comfy. And you might be wondering how to get back to the place that you were in before when you always looked perfect around him and tried to make a good impression. But maybe you don’t have to do anything or make any changes at all. Maybe it’s really great that you have gotten to this point in your relationship and you should just be super appreciative and make sure that things continue in this vein. Here are 15 signs that you’ve reached your relationship peak comfort level. If you’ve been with your guy for a while now, you can definitely relate to some (if not all) of these points.

15You Do Your Business In Front Of Him

You never thought you would see the day when you could use the bathroom in front of your boyfriend. Hey, you never even wanted him to know that you even used the bathroom when you were just beginning to date. Yes, you knew that was super silly and crazy, but that was just how you felt. When you started staying over at his place or he stayed over at yours, you didn’t even want to use the washroom because you wanted those things to be left super private. But now, you end up doing your business in front of your boyfriend… not just once. Not just twice. This pretty much happens on a regular basis.  At first, you think absolutely nothing of it because you realize that it feels super natural to you to do this. Then one day it totally dawns on you: you’re going to the washroom in front of your boyfriend. Yes, really. And once that thought crosses your mind, you’re not sure how you feel about that… but you know it’s your peak comfort level.

14You Wear Zero Make-Up

When you first started dating your boyfriend, it’s not like you showed up in a full face of make-up every single time that you went out. But you did wear enough to look your absolute best. You wanted to look as good as you possibly could, and you didn’t want to show up with a totally bare face. That just never seemed like something that you could or should do. But now, you’re so comfortable together that you rarely wear much make-up around him. Sure, when you head to dinner or to a party or something like that, you might swipe a tiny bit of concealer across your face and you’re definitely going to wear some lipstick. But when you’re just hanging out the two of you at home, you’re going to keep it super casual and wear no make-up at all. You’re not even upset about it and you don’t get nervous. You just figure hey, he doesn’t care if you wear make-up and you don’t actually care, either.

13You Wear The Same Outfit 24/7

When you’re going somewhere special and fancy like a work meeting or you’re meeting someone for the very first time, you, of course, put a lot of time and thought into what you’re going to wear. Then the next few times that you see this person, you’re going to wear totally different outfits because hey, you don’t want them to think that you own literally one outfit and don’t exactly get the concept of wearing different things all the time. The same thing happened when you first started dating your boyfriend. You never wanted him to see you in the same outfit or item of clothing twice (unless, of course, he commented on a certain dress or something, and then you wanted to wear it more often). But now? You don’t care if you wear the same outfit 24/7 since, let’s be honest here, that’s what you want to be doing anyway. So you show up to dates and hang-outs wearing the same stuff all the time, and you don’t even care. You’re so comfortable with him that this just seems like a totally natural thing to do.

12You Rock A Top Knot

Top knots are the lazy girl’s BFF. You love them so much because you don’t want to put much effort into doing your hair on a regular basis. You have so many other things to think and worry about, why would you care that much about your hair?! It just seems so silly. But you always flat-ironed or curled your hair perfectly (depending on your natural hair type, of course) when you were hanging out with your boyfriend in the early days. You weren’t going to throw your hair up in a bun because that would seem like you were putting zero effort in. And, okay, you totally believed the popular myth that guys only like girls who wear their hair down (not sure how that idea became so ingrained in society). But now you’re so comfy with your wonderful boyfriend that you rock a top knot on a regular basis. And honestly, you are super happy about it.

11You Let Him See Your Epic Cold

Yup, red eyes and red nose and puffy face and all. When you just started seeing each other, a cold was pretty much the worst thing in the world. You couldn’t possibly imagine letting this new guy in your life see you in a less than perfectly healthy state. You would never let him come over, even to bring you chicken soup. Nope, not even to do that. It was just way too important to you. Now you’ve reached your peak comfort level in your relationship and you have no issues about this topic anymore. When you have the worst cold of your life so far (until the next cold, of course), you invite him over. Or you stay over at his apartment for several days, hanging out and trying to get better. You don’t feel bad about what you look like or even think about it much. You know that he cares about you and he wants to help out and that he would never judge you for looking less than perfect. And he thinks you look beautiful even with the worst cold ever. Awwww.

10You Discuss Everything

Like, literally everything. Even the stuff that you usually save for your closest girlfriends. And maybe your mom. You used to think that you had to never mention certain subjects because your boyfriend would be bored or think less of you. But now you don’t care about that at all and you talk about every single thing that you possibly could. Random facts that popped into your head? Yup, you’re chatting about them. Your best friend’s relationship problem? You’re going to discuss it. Your thoughts on your fave TV show’s latest cliffhanger? Yup, ditto. Your boyfriend does the exact same thing and that’s what you both believe makes you such a strong and happy couple. You both love that you can talk about anything under the sun and that you don’t hide your thoughts or feelings. Sure, some people might think this is really weird, but you honestly don’t care because it works for you.

9You Shrug At Bodily Functions

Everyone gets gas sometimes. Everyone burps. Yup, even you. And even your lovely boyfriend. When you first start dating, neither one of you wants to show the other person that you are a normal human being with normal bodily functions. You both want to live in a happy love bubble and totally ignore any sense of reality. You do not want to ruin the romance, after all, or gross each other out. But now that you are both so crazy comfortable with each other, you both let this stuff fly without even a second thought. Until, of course, you stop to think about it… and realize that, yeah, this one is a little bit gross. It’s impossible to be in a serious relationship and possibly even living with someone and not let these things happen sometimes. No one’s perfect. All you can do when this happens is shrug it off.

8You Eat Junk Food

In your single girl days, you weren’t sure that you could ever eat a super messy (and completely delicious) meal in front of a guy. Sure, you wanted to be super cool and calm and collected, and you never wanted to buy into the totally sexist idea that girls can only eat salad on dates. You never thought that was a good idea and you love to eat. You don’t have any issues surrounding that. But even so, when you first got into your current relationship, you weren’t sure that you wanted to eat a plate of baby back ribs and fries or a bacon cheeseburger or an entire pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream in front of your new boyfriend. Now? Now you are totally fine with that, and since you’ve reached your relationship peak comfort level, you eat this kind of junk food in front of your boyfriend all the time. You both want to have as much fun as possible and sometimes that means sharing in the joy that is junk food.

7You Work Out Together

When you exercise, you get super sweaty. No doubt about it. There’s not much you can do about it, since if you want to actually feel good and get the positive benefits of exercise, you have to put in the effort. You would literally go nuts if your boyfriend saw you working out in the early days of your relationship because you didn’t want him to see you in such a state. Yeah, you know that he always understands that people sweat, particularly when they’re working out, but you just wanted to ignore that. Now you’ve both become so comfortable with each other that you’ve reached your peak comfort level, the two of you work out together pretty often. You don’t mind if he sees you sweat because you know it’s just a natural thing. You can’t hide from reality forever, after all, and besides, working out together can be a really fun way to bond and connect.

6You Tease Each Other

You definitely have that one funny friend (of either gender) who teases people all the time. They only tease people that they truly and really care about, though, so when you’re on the other side of it, you don’t even mind because you know it’s a total sign of endearment. If you and your boyfriend tease each other in the same way, it’s because you really do love each other and this is part of your love language… and this also means that you’ve reached your peak comfort level. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. It just means that this is how you communicate with each other. Sure, sometimes you might seem like you’re kind of giving him a hard time or even insulting him, and vice versa. Your friends and family might not get that this is totally harmless and just the way that you two deal with each other. So maybe save it for when you’re alone.

5You Take Up Each Other’s Hobbies

When you’re really close with someone, you tend to develop the same interests and take up each other’s hobbies. Sometimes you’re forcing yourself to — like when you start watching football or another sport because your boyfriend adores it and you want to know something about what he loves. Other times, this just happens totally naturally and you don’t even mean to at all. Suddenly, you’re obsessed with sports just like him, and you’ve started going for fun a few times a week because he loves it so much. And at the same time, your boyfriend is coming with you to your fave yoga class every Saturday morning. When you take up each other’s fave hobbies in this way, you can be sure at this is your peak comfort level because these are definitely things that you would never, ever do if you weren’t in this specific relationship. Again, not necessarily a really negative thing, since trying new things and having new experiences is always good.

4You Never Celebrate Anything

Okay, okay, if one of you gets a raise or a promotion or an awesome new job, you definitely go out to your fave restaurant or pop the champagne. But you definitely don’t celebrate typical, traditional events like your anniversary or Valentine’s Day. You figure hey, it’s no big deal because you’ve been together for so long and you obviously know that you really do love each other. You don’t need to prove it to anyone or even to yourselves. But this is one thing that might be a bit of a problem. You’ve reached your peak relationship comfort level because you’ve stopped thinking that you have to put in this kind of effort. You should still celebrate these holidays and events, at least in your own way. So don’t shell out a million bucks for a fancy V-Day dinner… but still celebrate just the two of you. Maybe you can try a new pizza recipe (because pizza is never a bad idea) or something like that.

3You’ve Forgotten The Romance

Besides the fact that you’re so comfy with each other that you don’t deal with things like Valentine’s Day anymore, you’ve also got a bigger fish to fry: you’ve both totally forgotten the romance. You don’t make much effort to try new things together or even do much other than just hang out on the couch together all the time. You have reached peak comfort level because you don’t think that you need the romance in your relationship anymore. The problem with that is you don’t want to get so comfortable that you don’t realize you have to put in the same time, energy and effort into things that you did when you first started dating. Yes, romance is overrated sometimes and yes, it can be weirdly cheesy. But as long as you are romantic in your own unique way, you’ll prove to each other that you still care, and that will honestly go a long way.

2You Never Leave Each Other’s Sides

This is probably the one thing on this list that might be a really bad thing to keep doing. Yes, it means you’re both comfortable with each other and yes, it means you’ve got a really awesome bond. You should never think that hanging out together on a regular basis is a bad thing because that’s kind of the entire point of being in a relationship. But if you two are so attached to each other’s hips that you never actually do things on your own — if you accompany each other to everything you’re invited to, and see each other pretty much every day — then you might be a bit too cozy and comfy. It sucks to realize this because you’re so happy that you finally found true love and that you’re finally in a happy relationship. But you have to get with the program or risk losing your sense of self… and your boyfriend will have the exact same problem. So sure, keep hanging out often, but make sure you’re not giving up things or people that you also love.

1You Finish Each Other’s Sentences

If this is happening, it’s probably pretty hilarious, since you’re definitely not trying to do this and it’s definitely not on purpose. Your friends and family probably think you two are the cutest couple ever and that this is a really charming and romantic thing that you do. And that’s definitely true. Now you two are so comfortable with each other and so well matched that you can literally finish each other’s sentences because you know exactly what the other person is going to say. Sure, you might think that’s a bit much and you might wonder if you’re both way too predictable, but honestly, there’s nothing bad about this. It just means that this is your peak comfort level and that maybe if you stop talking altogether because you figure you know what the other person is going to say, that might be a problem. But as long as you’re still communicating and working on your relationship, just bask in your amazing bond and enjoy it.


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