15 Signs Your Relationship Is Coming To An End…Soon

It’s never easy coming to terms with the fact that you might be on the verge of breaking up with your partner. If you’ve put in time, effort, and love into a relationship, it’s only natural to hope that good thing will come from your time spent together. As we all know, however, this isn’t always the case. If you’re even starting to think about the prospect of a breakup, it’s a sign that something’s not quite right between you two. Whether you’re constantly getting into petty fights about stupid stuff or you’ve retreated from each other and are finding it difficult to connect lately, all couples go through their fair share of hardships in the love department. Sometimes, it’s a case of getting through a rough patch. Other times though, it’s a sign that maybe the two of you should part ways for good. Every relationship is different and has its own unique pros and cons. However, there are a few universal indicators that are signs that a relationship might be coming to an end soon. Check your own experiences against these 15 points and see if you and your partner might be in trouble. If any of these match up with your current situation, it might be time to take some action.

15You Bicker Over Insignificant Things

We all know those couples who seem to be in a continuous argument with each other, and it’s almost certain that we’ve all thought to ourselves, “I’d hate to be them.” But if you’ve found yourself in ridiculous screaming matches or passive aggressive tantrums with your partner of late and they seem to be getting increasingly frequent, there’s a good chance your relationship is hurdling towards a swift end. While some arguments can actually be productive and healthy, fighting over who ate the last Pop-Tart or who was the last one to unload the dishwasher is not okay. Constant bickering is a sign of deeper issues and probably means there’s a lot of unresolved feelings that keep bubbling up to the surface without finding an effective outlet. In order to make arguments an effective tool for communication, it’s important to keep them to a bare minimum, and when called upon, an opportunity to express feelings, not just annoyances. If your fights as a couple keep concentrating on minor grievances rather than solutions for your problems, it might be a sign that the relationship is coming to a dead end.

14The Arguments Have Stopped

On the flip side, it might seem a bit strange to think that arguments ceasing is a sign of trouble, but honestly small tiffs and quarrels are important in relationships. Arguments take energy and a certain amount of caring to actually fight over things you feel are important in the relationship. When the arguments stop, it shows that your partner just doesn’t care anymore. Not fighting back is basically saying “whatever, I don’t care enough to engage in this.” Of course, healthy relationships aren’t based on fighting and shouting either, but when cold silence replaces heated quarrels and conflicts are thus left unresolved, this could indicate danger for the relationship. Not fighting also indicates an unwillingness to listen to or consider your partner’s perspective, which often leads to a distance forming between the two of you. Addressing issues and communicating with your partner are important factors of any relationship. If this isn’t happening anymore, the end could very well be near.

13Texts Are Few and Far Between

Remember when you and your partner just couldn’t get enough of each other? When you just had to text them about that funny thing that happened at work or when you’d wake up each morning to a “Good morning beautiful” text? If those days seem long gone and far away, it could be a sign that your relationship is headed for trouble. These days, so much of our communicating is done via texts and messages, and if your relationship has suddenly seen a drop in the number of these you send and receive, it indicates a lack of interest and thoughtfulness in the relationship. When these things go, it’s a big neon sign flashing that the relationship is drying up. When two people care about each other, they should want to reach out to their partner, whether it’s to tell them something important, share their feelings, or just to say hi. If reaching out to them on a regular basis isn’t a priority anymore, it could mean the relationship is soon coming to a close.

12The Attraction Has Faded

Maybe it was their eyes that caught your attention first, or maybe it was their toothy, goofy grin that sent your heart fluttering. But do you still feel that electric attraction you got when you first met your partner? The start of any relationship is filled with intense feelings and magnetic energy that drew you two together in the first place. Often it’s someone’s looks that initially attract us to them, and it’s not uncommon that we decide to pursue someone because we find them good-looking. As relationships progress, however, it’s easy to become a bit more lax in our efforts to keep up a good appearance. Often it’s easy to think “why bother?” when it comes to our looks if we’ve already gotten the relationship we wanted. Being able to be comfortable and relaxed in a relationship is a beautiful thing, but there’s a difference between being able to be yourself, and no longer putting any effort into looking nice for your partner. If you look at your partner and don’t feel that instant surge of attraction, it could be a sign that your relationship is hitting the brakes.

11You Don’t Prioritize Each Other Anymore

Life is busy and chaotic and as individuals, we have a lot to keep up with. Juggling jobs, family, friends, and relationships can be challenging at times and it’s easy to get swept up by deadlines and commitments that end up eating much of our time. It takes organization and effort to make time for all the things we have going on in our lives, but it’s important to put aside quality time for the people who matter most to us. If you or your partner seem to be giving up time for everything except each other, there’s a good chance your relationship is suffering as a result. Despite how hard it might be to make time for just hanging out, it’s important to set aside a few hours here and there to enjoy your partner’s company. Feeling neglected is an awful thing to experience, and it can often signal the end of a relationship. If you or your partner can’t seem to put one another at the top of your “to do” list, it might be time to consider if it’s a relationship worth sticking with.

10The Conversations Have Stopped

Finding it difficult to come up with things to talk about with your partner? Has the conversation between you two dried up? It could mean the end of your relationship. Your romantic partner is likely to be your best friend, but if you’re finding it hard to relate to each other on anything, it’s a definite red flag that something’s wrong between you two. Being able to just be quiet with someone and not feel the need to constantly talk is a wonderful thing, but if you’re struggling to come up with anything to say to each other, it indicates a lack of interest in each other and a lack of care for one another. When something exciting, or worrying, or funny happens, your partner should be one of the first people you want to share things with. If this is no longer the case, you have a definite case to think your relationship might be crashing to a halt soon. Communication is key to any strong, healthy relationship, and without that special ingredient, you’ll have a recipe for relationship disaster.

9You Think About “What Ifs”

When “What ifs” start creeping into your brain, it’s a definite sign that you should reconsider your current relationship. Having thoughts like “What if we’re not meant to be together?”, “What if I’m just wasting my time with him?”, “What if there’s someone better out there?” are dangerous indications that you’re not actually happy with your partner. When you’re in a truly loving and committed relationship, thoughts about being with other people or rekindling old flames shouldn’t be at the forefront of your mind and “what ifs” usually signal negativity and regret. Of course, it’s easy to think about alternate realities and what would have happened if we’d done x instead of y, but when innocent musings become full-on wishful thinking, it’s time to have a good sit-down and think about whether or not to stay with your current partner.

8You’re Increasingly Aware Of Their Flaws

When a relationship is on the brink of breaking up, one of the most common side-effects is becoming increasingly aware of your partner’s flaws. Suddenly, everything from the way they talk, to the way they dress can rub you up the wrong way. Things you never noticed before in your partner can all of a sudden make you irrationally annoyed, which is a psychological way of distancing yourself from your partner. Often when you know deep down in your heart that you need to break up with someone but you’re too afraid or worried to do so, your mind starts going into negative overdrive, and by becoming aware of these newfound flaws, your brain is trying to materially rationalize the hard decision you need to make. If you’re feeling this way about your partner, it might be time to sit down with them and have a chat about your true feelings. There’s no sense driving yourself crazy and making them feel badly about themselves. Be open and honest and work through the issues from there.

7You Feel Happier Without Them

Part of the joy of being in a relationship is always having someone to hang out with and share your passions and fun with. Your significant other is your go-to partner in crime, and while you’ll certainly have fun with your friends, your S.O. is that special person with whom you should be able to just let loose. If you’re increasingly starting to feel like you’d rather just do your own thing though, it might be a sign your relationship is in trouble. Of course, it’s important that you have your own life and do things outside of just being with your partner. But if everything you want to do seems like it would be better without including your partner, then it might be time to reconsider if you should really be together. Often this feeling of wanting space away from your significant other will creep up on you slowly, until one day you realize you’d be happier without them. If you feel like you can be a happier version of yourself without them, take action. Your health and happiness are more important than keeping a failing relationship alive.

6The Relationship Feels Forced

One of the worst things to happen in a relationship is for it to feel forced. Knowing that things aren’t okay with you and your partner but resisting breaking things off is a terrible thing to happen. Dragging a relationship out projects so much negative energy, and it will only result in more stress, anger, and hardship for you both. Sometimes it’s hard not to force something that you want so badly, but urging someone to stay in a relationship or love you is a recipe for heartbreak. Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t even realize when they’re in a forced relationship. They’ll go through the motions and make excuses for why the other person isn’t reciprocating the feeling or actions being given to them. But the truth is, if you’re always the one giving love and never receiving anything in return, it may be because the other person just isn’t as into the relationship. If things are starting to feel forced between you and your partner, consider it the curtain call of your romance.

5You Don’t See A Future With Them

If you’re having trouble imagining spending the rest of your life with your partner, or if the thought of being with them long-term fills you with apprehension and fear instead of excitement, it’s probably time you start being honest with yourself about the health of your relationship. If you can envision a clear, happy picture of yourself in a new chapter of life without your partner, then something definitely isn’t right. Not every single partner you meet will end up being “the one,” but if you can’t at least see yourself further down in life with that person, what’s the point of wasting your time with them? No longer being able to see yourself growing old with your partner is part of a detachment process that disconnects your brain and your heart from having feelings of love for your significant other. If you feel yourself becoming detached and wanting to break away rather than ride off into the sunset it could mean an inevitable end to your relationship.

4There’s A Lack Of Excitement

If your relationship is more blues than “woos!” there’s a chance you and your partner have entered the dreaded relationship slump. After the honeymoon period has ended, many couples get into monotonous habits of behavior that don’t exactly scream excitement. If Netflix and chill has completely replaced going out on the town, it might be time to have a chat with your partner about what you can do to spice things up a bit. It’s a wonderful thing to just be able to hang out with your S.O. in your sweats and binge on junk food, but doing that every time you see each other could lead to feelings of intense boredom. It’s important to mix comfort and adventure in any relationship, and if there’s been a definite decline in fun, it might be time to ask yourself how much the relationship means to each of you.

3There’s A Lack of Trust

Trust is a key part of any successful relationship, and if you’re sensing there’s a lack of it, your romantic partnership could be in trouble. Whether you feel like you can no longer confide in your partner or whether you feel like they’re keeping important secrets from you, not feeling like there’s safety and security between you and your S.O. is detrimental to the overall fabric of your relationship. Not feeling like you can go to the person who’s meant to be your closest ally is not only frustrating but also emotionally painful. If you feel like you’re constantly having to confide in your friends instead of your partner, there’s definitely something wrong in the relationship. Once trust is missing from a relationship, it’s difficult to rebuild it, so think long and hard if this is something you’re willing to put up with on a long-term basis. If not, it might be the case that there’s a breakup on the horizon.

2You No longer Find Them Interesting

In every relationship, concessions will be made and compromises established, but if you’re finding it impossible to find any interest in what your partner’s into anymore, it could mean rocky roads ahead for your relationship. It’s not uncommon to pretend to find someone’s hobbies or passions interesting, and at the start of every relationship, couples will try to appear fascinated by what their partner likes. However, if you’re finding it impossible to listen to one more of his comic-book fan theories, or if you rather stuff your ears with cotton than listen to any more of his fantasy football chat, it might be because you just don’t care anymore…and you don’t care about not caring either! Not caring about your partner’s interests can also indicate an overall withdrawal of interest in them too. What starts off as a mild boredom for what they’re into can turn into not really being fussed about any aspect of their life. If you feel yourself drawing away, it might be time to face the fact that the relationship is on its last leg.

1They’ve Become A Complete Stranger

The final nail in any relationship’s coffin is realizing the person you thought you loved and whom you thought loved you has become a total stranger. So maybe you still have the memories and feelings of fondness you had for him when you first met, but if who he fundamentally is to you has drastically changed, there’s trouble ahead for the future of the relationship. If you no longer share the same values, hopes, and ideals and if you feel like your partner isn’t the person you originally fell in love with, can you really stay in a relationship like that? Trying to pretend like they haven’t changed when you know deep down that they have is equally as painful, as both of you will do nothing but continue to drift apart. It’s a startling, upsetting thing to find out the person you’ve shared so much time and so many memories with has changed, but if the person you’re seeing isn’t the same person you once knew, it might be time to say your goodbyes.

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