15 Reasons You Need To End Your Relationship Now

Why stay in a relationship if you are miserable? You can be sad all by yourself, you don’t need to someone else to suck the fun out for you. You need someone who is supportive of you and wants to make you happy, not bring you down. He should want to make you happy and when you aren’t happy he should try harder. Don’t even waste more time hoping things will change for the better because most likely they will only get worse and you don’t need to wait around to see that train wreck happen. End it now before you start to believe this is how a healthy relationship goes, you deserve to be happy and can do so much better! Don’t settle for anything less from your partner and if these reasons you need to end your relationship ring true to your current situation, run for the hills!

15You Fight All of the Time

If you find yourself fighting all of the time this relationship just can’t go on. Nobody wants to live their life constantly battling the one person who is supposed to have their back. If you can’t figure out how to have a healthy relationship where you learn from your fights and minimize the arguments then you will never get past your problems or solve them. If you are unable to solve your problems they will ultimately keep resurfacing in every fight building up a mountain of problems that you will never be able to resolve. Your relationship will start to be outweighed by all of the negative and it will be harder to enjoy any of the positive. If you fight all of the time it may be time to end your relationship and find happiness elsewhere. Don’t stick around hoping to solve a never-ending pile of problems especially if the pile keeps getting bigger by the day.

14You’re Not Happy

Your partner should want to make you happy not bring you down. If you aren’t happy with your relationship try to make a change and don’t count out the fact that the change might mean a clean break from one another. Some people are just really bad for each other and even though you had some good times in the past that doesn’t mean you will be happy again in the future. Every couple goes through a slump once in awhile but if you can count more days that you are miserable than you can count days that your relationship is making you happy, it may be time to throw in the towel. Find someone who makes you happy with little effort and on those days when it takes more than the normal things to do it, have a partner that wants to put in the extra time to put a smile on your face!

13You Look Forward to Time Alone

It’s pretty normal to enjoy time by yourself once in a while, everyone needs a little me time in their lives. Just like in every relationship, spending time apart can be crucial -like the saying goes, distance makes the heart grow fonder. The problem comes when you are always looking forward to your alone time and spending more and more time away from your man. If the thought of spending time with him makes you count down the seconds until your next solo session, you may need to rethink your entire relationship. You will be spending lots of time together over the years so if you already can’t stand him it may be time to find someone who you don’t want to get away from. You should look forward to your time together not dread the togetherness. If you find yourself looking forward to alone time you may want to think about who you should be spending your time with instead of trying to get time alone.

12You Have Nothing in Common

Everyone has their favorite hobbies and ways they like to spend their free time but when you are in a relationship it means your time enjoying the things you love has to be equally divided between the two partners. You don’t want to spend all of your time together doing something that he loves and you hate just like he doesn’t want to be miserable all of the time just to make you happy. The best way to work around your hobbies tearing you apart is to spend as much time enjoying your time doing things that the both of you love. Find common interests that you can both have fun with or alternate interests so you both get a chance to learn more about the others hobbies. You can alternate picking meals, movies, and places to go on date nights. Also remember to share the remote and check out each other’s favorite shows, you may find a new activity that you both enjoy while exploring each other’s interests.

11Your Family Hates Him

Your family is going to be some of the rougher critics when it comes to who you date but that is because they feel like nobody is good enough for you. Even though they have been hard on every boyfriend you have brought home that doesn’t mean they can’t tell the difference between a good and bad match for you. If they have valid points as to why they think this is not the dream guy you were hoping he was then you need to take what they say into consideration. If they flat out hate your man then there may be something that you are not seeing about him but it may be obvious to everyone around you. Take those love blinders off and see him for who he is and more importantly for who your family sees him as, they may be picking up on things you have been overlooking.

10Your Friends Hate Him

A sign that your relationship may be doomed is when all of your friends hate him from the start. Don’t count out a woman’s intuition especially when all of your friends have good reasons to not like him very much. Listen to their concerns and try to avoid telling them that you think they are just jealous or threatened by your relationship. You are on the inside and too close to the situation to see every downside but your friends have had front row seats to this entire event and they may know more than you think about what’s really going on with your relationship. Hear them out and take their advice into consideration. If you can’t trust your friends’ opinion who can you trust? They know you better than anyone and they know what truly makes you happy so their advice is crucial when there is trouble in paradise.

9You Don’t Trust Him

If you always wonder where he is or what he is up to when you aren’t around, it may be time to move on. If you don’t trust him you will never be able to spend any time away from him without constantly worrying about who he is with and if he is cheating on you. If he has a history that tells you not to trust him and on top of that you feel like something fishy is going on, trust your instincts. He may never grow out of his cheating ways and you will always be stressed out trying to catch him in a lie. Constantly worrying about him is no way to live your life and it will only make you sick thinking about what he may be doing at any given time. If you don’t trust him then this relationship is doomed and it’s only a matter of time before he proves you right.

8He Has a Wandering Eye

Everywhere you go there is going to be pretty girls and depending on your level of self-esteem you will think they all look better than you. This is especially true if your man has a wandering eye and can’t stop checking out every girl in the room. It’s not only disgusting but it can be really embarrassing. You deserve to have a guy that makes you feel like the prettiest girl in every room. He shouldn’t be checking out other girls because you are the one he should be looking at. Don’t put up with the constant staring at other women because if he is doing this in front of you, imagine how he acts when you are not around. This kind of behavior should let you know that he is not to be trusted and doesn’t value your relationship. Don’t let him make you feel bad about yourself, find a guy that has eyes for only you!

7He Tries to Control You

You used to be able to go out with the girls once a week or head to your parents’ house for a quick lunch but since you two have been together you feel like you haven’t seen anyone but him. It’s one thing to spend a lot of time with each other when things are new and fun but over time you need to ease back into reality and live your life like normal. You aren’t his property and you shouldn’t put up with him acting as if you have to have permission to go anywhere. If he gets mad when you spend any time with others and is constantly treating you like his property you need to get out of that situation fast! He obviously doesn’t respect you and over time this will only get worse, not better. Don’t stick around to see how this can progress because it can not only get ugly and really dangerous, too.

6He Makes You Feel Bad About Yourself

You used to be the life of the party and everyone loved to be around your positive vibes but lately, it seems like you have had the positive vibes sucked right out of you. All of your friends notice that you just aren’t acting like yourself and you seem depressed or sad most of the time. If he is constantly putting you down or making you feel bad about yourself you can’t stay with him any longer. Nobody has the right to tell you that you are not good enough and if he makes you feel this way then the opposite is true and he is not good enough for you. His insecurities shouldn’t be projected onto you to make himself feel better, he needs to bring you up not bring you down. If he can’t be a positive influence and you always find yourself feeling bad because of him, it’s time to move on.

5He Gets Mad at You for No Reason

No matter what the two of you are heading out to do he seems to be a downer everywhere you go. It can be frustrating when you have planned a fun day or weekend doing things you both enjoy but he is always finding something to complain about while getting mad and blaming you for no good reason. It seems like you just can’t please him anymore and he is always getting mad at the littlest things. He may have anger issues and there is no reason for you to be involved with someone who takes their rage and hate out on you. You don’t need to be a relationship expert to see where this can lead and if you examine your history, you can see the signs clearly. If his behavior is getting worse over time then you need to get out before it heads into a dangerous place.

4He is Insanely Jealous

Even though you have no history of cheating or any reason for him to suspect you could be lying to him, he still thinks you are up to something all of the time. He may be hiding something from you which is why he is so suspicious of every little thing you do or it could be that he really is afraid to lose you, but to what extent are you willing to put up with this jealous behavior. It can get to a point where you aren’t allowed to see your girlfriends anymore because he thinks they are a bad influence or he won’t let you go anywhere without him because he thinks you may be up to something. It isn’t fair to deal with the speculation that you have been doing wrong when you have nothing to hide. If he doesn’t appreciate the fact that you haven’t been running around on him you may want to reconsider sticking around with someone who will never trust you.

3He Parties Too Much

Every weekend he calls up his guy friends and they head out to a local club to get completely wasted. If this isn’t a once in a great while kind of experience but he does this every weekend, something has to change. Nobody wants to be the babysitter when their partner comes home too drunk to take care of themselves or be the designated driver everywhere they go because he just can’t take a night off from drinking. If he is partying so much to the point where you are worried about his safety when you aren’t around, try to get him help or take off! It’s not fair that you aren’t able to have a good time because you are too worried about who is going to take care of him. If he refuses to get any help then it may be time for you to move on, you aren’t his mother so taking care of him when he refuses to help himself is not your job.

2He Never Takes you Anywhere

After a long work week, it’s nice to go out to dinner and a movie sometimes. Even just heading out to the park for a nice walk or feeding the ducks is a relaxing way to end the week. If he never wants to leave the house and is always keeping you inside, you may want to give him an ultimatum. Tell him you want to get out and show him off and you hope he feels the same way about you but if he doesn’t think you are worth showing off then you will have to find someone who wants to take you out. Nobody wants to spend all of their time cooped up in the house and it’s nice to have someone take you out once in a while, he may not be the guy for you if he doesn’t agree that this is a crucial part of your relationship.

1He Flirts with Your Girlfriends

This in most people’s opinions is a deal breaker. If he is flirting with your girlfriends then he has no respect for you or your feelings. If your friends keep telling you that he is hitting on them or even more disturbing is if he is doing it right in front of you, it’s time to drop this clown. Nobody needs that kind of disrespectful womanizer around and if he is doing that in front of you imagine what he is doing with the girls that you don’t know behind your back. Your girlfriends would probably love to see you kick him to the curb and find someone that treats you with the respect you deserve. Find a guy that doesn’t look at other women as potential hookups, he should only have eyes for you and especially should keep his flirtatious behavior between the two of you and leave your friends out of it!

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