15 Reasons He Loves Being In A Relationship (& 5 Why He Wants To Call It Quits)

People enter into relationships for different reasons, and once they have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, they appreciate being linked to another person for different reasons.

For some, having a significant other means having a friend, a companion, and a partner. This means there is someone to hang out with, to wait in lines with, to enjoy life with, and to go on dates with, too.

For others, having a boyfriend or girlfriend means having someone to show off, as there is cuddling to do and parties to attend.

And some people enter into a relationship because this special someone truly brings about happiness. Whether they are lounging at home or traveling the world together, they are full of joy.

However, if that friendship is not there… if no cuddling is happening… and if two people are not happy together… he may be ready to call it quits. This may sound sad or bad or heart-breaking, but it happens; not every relationship is meant to be, and there are even times when a good thing may need to come to an end.

Keep reading to learn 15 reasons why he actually loves being in a relationship and five reasons why he may be totally over the whole thing.


20He Has A Friend To Talk To Every Day

As mentioned, having a girlfriend or a boyfriend means having a friend. We all have different types of friends: the ones we call to go to brunch with, the ones who are always up for seeing a movie, the ones who know how to throw a party.

But when a guy has a girlfriend, he has a built-in friend who is available 24/7 for anything and everything!

He does not have to worry about which of his buds may be up for what and when they may be up for it because he already has someone to hang out with all the time.

19He Actually Loves To Cuddle

Similarly, if he ever gets ready to cuddle, he has someone for that, too! Many think that men are supposed to be macho all the time or that they can’t cry, they can’t wear pink, or that they can’t watch rom-com films. But men are humans who can be sensitive and who are actually very into cuddling. If a man is regularly coming to his woman for some one-on-one time, then he is probably actually pretty happy with the relationship. So get good at cuddling and get ready to do it often with this kind of guy!

18He Has A Built-In Therapist

Your boyfriend may be struggling with school. He may not be in love with his job. He could be having issues with his family or maybe he got into an argument with a friend. Whenever your guy needs to talk with someone, he has a built-in therapist with his girlfriend.

Hopefully, he feels comfortable enough to share his thoughts and feelings, and hopefully, his girlfriend can give some comforting words and share some helpful advice.

And then he can return the favor when she needs to vent, as they both serve as therapists and as sounding boards for one another.

17He Is Done With Awkward First Dates

No one enjoys going on awkward first dates, and this is a big reason why a guy loves being in a relationship. He does not need to feel nervous. He does not have to overthink what to wear. He does not need to worry about getting lost while driving to a new place. He does not have to do the whole meet-the-parents thing. Instead, when in a serious relationship, there is a routine. Everyone knows what is expected, and everyone is having a good time together, leaving the awkwardness behind—which creates a win-win situation for a happy couple!

16He Likes How Easy It Is To Be Together

Along the same lines, a committed boyfriend has familiarity and comfort. Just as there is a routine when it comes to going out on a date, there are other expectations that pop up.

A boyfriend and girlfriend duo knows who picks out the movie that will be watched or they have a system in place where they decide on one together. 

They know who cooks and who cleans or they work together to get it done each time. In every aspect of life, they know what to do, they know what to expect from the other, and they feel comfortable and confident in how it will all go.

15He Has Someone To Show Off At Parties

Earlier, it was mentioned that some people enter into a relationship because they enjoy having someone to show off, and a boyfriend may find that to be the most appealing thing about the relationship! He found someone whom he is attracted to and he gets excited about going out with her. He sees how she turns heads. He likes that she gets all dressed up for him. And he loves knowing that when he goes out and shows her off, people see that they chose each other, out of all the other fish in the sea.

14He Is More Confident

In a happy and healthy relationship, there is confidence. Boyfriends and girlfriends help each other and build each other up, and over time, this can lead to more confidence in one person or in both parties.

If a boyfriend is into what is going on, he will automatically feel better about things, about life, and about himself.

The happiness, the friendship, the dates, the familiarity—it all combines to help him feel confident, which could lead to him being more confident in other areas of life, too, such as his other relationships, his schoolwork, his adventures, and his job.

13He Learns New Things

And speaking of adventures… Couples experience these together, and some are small (like searching for a new grocery store or moving into a new apartment), while others are quite large (like skydiving or deep-sea fishing). Throughout life’s adventures, couples can learn from each other. Couples bring unique backgrounds, personalities, education, and interests to the table, so they introduce each other to specific places, books, concepts, people, and passions. If he is happy, he is learning from his girlfriend, and in turn, he is sharing knowledge and info with her, too!

12He Gets To Say “Good Morning” To The Same Person Every Day

Okay, back to this idea of being comfortable… When there is a committed couple, there are two people who tell each other good morning every day. They keep in touch throughout the day, as they care about what the other person is up to. And then they tell each other goodnight every evening.

And this routine and this care and this tradition of turning to one person each day, at different times throughout the day, is a good sign!

A happy couple enjoys waking each other up and then being the last thought on the other person’s mind before bed… *sigh*!

11He Gets ‘Bedroom Time’

Similarly, a happy boyfriend enjoys the in-person benefits, too. Sure, he loves sending a cute text in the morning. Yes, he likes getting a selfie in the middle of the day. Of course, he likes that goodnight call in the evening. But sometimes, couples are actually together, and these sweet words can be said face-to-face, rather than through technology. And when a happy boyfriend is with his girlfriend, he gets to soak up this person in real life. He gets to see her, to touch her, to smell her… to really know her, which is beautiful!

10He Has A Forever Date

Some couples go on dates every single week, on the same day and to the same place. Other couples save dates for special occasions, like birthdays. And, still, there are those who fall in between this range, since every couple is unique.

The point of it all, though, is that significant others have a forever date.

For every movie, every meal, every wedding, every dance and every day, there is a person who will be on his arm, no matter what, and it could even be something that lasts a lifetime.

9He Has Someone To Pass The Time With When He’s Bored, On The Weekends And All The Time

Besides just dates, a boyfriend has someone to pass the time with, as well. During the day, he has to wait for work to be over, so he can text his girlfriend for cute messages that distract him. At night, he has someone to talk to until his favorite show comes on. On the weekends, when he is not sure if he wants to go to a game or a gallery, he has someone to hang out with. When waiting in lines, when driving in the car, when living life… A boyfriend gets a girlfriend, which means he gets someone who is the perfect distraction!

8He Has The Best Cheerleader When He’s Feeling Down

Some guys are dealing with school. Some only have work to focus on. Others have passions and interests and schedules that are quirky and specific.

Through it all, though, a guy who is truly happy will have a cheerleader.

He has someone to congratulate him on that A+ paper. He has someone to celebrate that promotion with. He has someone to show his drawings to, to share his new song with and to read his new poem to. A girlfriend is a cheerleader, so find someone worth cheering for, and enjoy being celebrated right back!

7He Has Someone To Laugh At All His Jokes

Childish knock-knock jokes, strange dad jokes, and everything in between… Some men enjoy dropping a funny line now and then, and everyone wants to actually think and know and believe that he/she is actually humorous! Therefore, when a guy tells a joke, it is the girlfriend’s job to laugh. Is this fair? Is the joke always funny? Are we always in a laughing mood? Maybe not, definitely not, and no… but relationships are about balance and building each other up and being friends, so a happy guy will think he is destined for Comedy Central after his GF laughs at his lines.

6He Is Truly Happy, Deep Down

Last but not least, let us remember that life is about happiness. There will be other friends in life, besides a girlfriend/boyfriend. There will be times when significant others argue. There will be problems that can be solved internally. There may be months that go by without a date. And there will be jokes that are not so funny.

Through it all, though, make sure that your guy is really and truly happy, deep down, because that is all that matters in life.

If he is a keeper, make sure he knows it, then hold on tight and enjoy it all!


5Call It Quits: He Does Not Feel Prioritized

On the other hand, there are times when a relationship may need to come to an end. For instance, if a guy does not feel prioritized, he may not stick around. Sure, a girlfriend has social engagements, work, school, and other responsibilities, but don’t let all of these go ahead of your boyfriend all the time. Guys want to know that they are important, so show care, make time and go out of the way to make your boyfriend feel special. It may not happen every single second of the day, but it needs to happen regularly!

4Call It Quits: He Is Tired Of Arguing

Another reason to call it quits may be due to arguing. Different couples bicker for different reasons, and there are lots of tactics out there to help ease this, such as stopping to breathe, counting to 10, going to therapy, or even taking some time apart.

If all this and more does not ease the pain, though, maybe it is just not meant to be.

Some couples argue over every little thing, for no reason at all and at all times of the day, and that does not make for a happy and healthy relationship—so cut your losses and get out!

3Call It Quits: He Does Not Feel Supported

Remember: men are human, and humans need support. Some of us need more support, help, and care than others, but we all enjoy feeling like we are respected and cheered on, so do that! If not, a guy may want out. He wants to know that his girlfriend is excited about his accomplishments. He wants to know that his voice is heard. And he wants to know that his significant other has his back, all the time, no matter what. If this is not the case, it may be time to call it quits, and it may be time to end this relationship.

2Call It Quits: He Puts Anything/Everything Ahead Of The Relationship

Earlier, we mentioned that if a guy does not feel prioritized, he may leave. Similarly, if he is not prioritizing the relationship, it may also be time to end it all. There are so many distractions in life, and it may be hard to give someone all the love and attention they need 24/. After all, we do have to work and sleep and such!

But if a guy is always putting everything else first, that is a sign that he is not truly happy with his relationship.

So get ready to end it, or get ready for it to be ended by him!

1Call It Quits: He Has A Hard Time Finding Joy In Life These Days

Up above, the last reason listed on why a boyfriend may love being in a relationship was that he was truly happy. Here and now, we have the last reason a BF may want to call it quits: he is not happy. He finds no joy in life—not even the things that used to make him smile, like his significant other, his hobby or his favorite song. He seems upset all the time —even if his girlfriend is going out of her way to try and make everything okay. Sometimes, nothing else can be done; a man may just simply not be happy, and that may mean that he needs to leave and end the relationship.

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