10 Signs Our Relationship Will Last Into 2019 (& 10 Signs That It’s Time To Walk Away)

As the year winds down, it’s only natural to consider where you stand with your significant other. Maybe you two have a super romantic evening planned for New Year’s Eve, and you can’t imagine going into 2019 with anyone else. Or maybe you’ve been thinking about getting a totally fresh start next year, and you’re wondering whether or not it might be time to break up. Either way, it’s safe to say that many people in relationships are thinking the same thoughts. At times like this, people start thinking about the next stage of their life, and who they want to be in it. So of course, you’ll be thinking about where your significant other fits into the grand scheme of things.

So, when all is said and done, is your man the one you want to go into 2019 with? Or is it time to part ways and do your own thing? The answer to this question might be a little different for every person in a relationship, but it’s clear that every couple will be thinking about it. Here’s how you can tell if you two will last into 2019, or if it’s time to call it quits.

20Last Into 2019: He Gets You The Perfect Holiday Gift

This is such a romantic time of year — if you’re with the right guy, that is. And if you are, you will definitely know — with so many opportunities to surprise you and sweep you off your feet, it will be obvious if he’s really the one for you. According to Cosmopolitan, what a guy gets you for your holiday gifts can be a major clue as to whether or not he is truly in love with you. If he gets you the perfect, specific present that you’ve been eyeing up for months, he really does want to make you happy.

19Go Your Separate Ways: He Had No Clue What To Get You

Now, as for the flip side of things — what if he seems totally clueless about what to get you, even if you have been together for quite some time? Well, according to Cosmopolitan, this can be a warning sign that something is off.

Truthfully, if a guy really wants to make you happy, he will be paying close attention when it comes to holiday presents.

He will know the perfect gift to get you the moment he sees it. If he really has no idea what you need, this could actually be a major red flag that something is wrong.

18Last Into 2019: You Have Similar Resolutions

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? If so, you should definitely be sharing them with your man — it could be a big sign that you two are meant to last into the new year together. According to Allure, many people dismiss resolutions and don’t find them important, but for couples, they can really provide some insight into your relationship.

If you both have similar resolutions, you can take this as a sign that you are both on the right track.

It means that your relationship is taking you both in the same direction, which is always a very good thing.

17Go Your Separate Ways: You Have Very Different Plans For Next Year

Now, what happens if you bring up the topic of New Year’s resolutions or goals for the new year, and it seems like you two are just on totally different pages? Well, there’s no doubt that this can be a tricky situation, and it could also be a red flag that you’re meant to spend the new year apart. According to Glamour, shared goals and resolutions are both super important for couples. You want to make sure that you two are really growing together as a couple. Otherwise, the relationship will eventually start to go stale and just fizzle out.

16Last Into 2019: You Can Look Back On This Year Together With Pride

When you think about the past year that you’ve spent with your man, do you look back on it all with pride? According to Self, reflection is a really important part of processing where you are in a relationship. Sometimes we’re so busy looking forward and planning for the future that we forget to look back and think about how far we’ve really come. But at this time of year, it is definitely something worth thinking about. If you look back on all of your memories of the past 365 days with your man and smile, you’ll know it’s real.

15Go Your Separate Ways: You Don’t Feel Good About How Things Went This Year

So, speaking of reflection, sometimes, when we do sit back and take the time to reflect, it can reveal more negatives than positives. According to Cosmopolitan, if you’re looking back on your relationship and feeling like the bad times outnumber the good, it’s really time to reevaluate things. At the very least, it would be time to have a serious, sit down discussion with your boyfriend. You don’t want to leave these problems unresolved. And if you think that you can’t resolve them? Then it might be time for a break up, or at the very least, time for a break.

14Last Into 2019: You Already Have Big Things Planned Together For Next Year

When you’re with a guy, and you know that it’s for the long haul, you generally feel totally comfortable making plans for the future. According to Seventeen, you should be able to make plans for the same length as your relationship. For example, if you have been together for six months, you should be able to make plans for six months in advance. If you two already have a ton of plans on the calendar for next year and you’re really looking forward to them, you are clearly meant to make it into 2019 together and make even more memories.

13Go Your Separate Ways: There Isn’t Much You’re Looking Forward To With Him

Major red flag coming up — what if you two don’t have much planned for next year? And what if you’re really struggling to think of anything you’re looking forward to with him? According to Teen Vogue, this can definitely be a big warning sign. You should be able to think about the future with this person and smile, knowing that good things are on their way. But if you feel like you can’t do that, you might have trouble ahead instead. It is definitely something to take seriously. You want to enter the new year with a glowing positive attitude.

12Last Into 2019: You Feel Like He Has Made You A Better Person

When you’re in a relationship that makes you feel like you have truly changed for the better, you know that you have found something truly special. According to Self, the best relationships are the ones that actually make us better people, even if they don’t last forever.

This is really the key sign that lets you know you should stick it out together into 2019.

The best relationships will really make you glow from the inside out, so if your man makes you feel that way, then you already know that you do not want to let this one go.

11Go Your Separate Ways: He Hasn’t Changed You For The Better

According to Cosmopolitan, some relationships leave us feeling stagnant — like you haven’t changed at all as a person after getting together with your man. Or you might even feel like you’ve changed for the worse in some ways.

Maybe you haven’t been making an effort to spend time with your friends, or you’ve been ignoring some of your hobbies just to spend extra time with him.

When you’re head over heels for someone, it’s easy to slip into these habits — but you don’t want to give up the things that make you you, just to be with a certain guy.

10Last Into 2019: You Still Get Butterflies When You See Him

Some guys will just never fail to give you butterflies, and if you’re with one of those guys, consider yourself lucky! According to Glamour, it’s only natural that your feelings of attraction could change over time — it’s really not the end of the world, and it doesn’t have to mean the end of the relationship. But when you see him, you should still feel those butterflies in your stomach every once in a while! It means that no matter what else is happening, your love for him is still alive and well, and he’s still the number one in your life.

9Go Your Separate Ways: The Affection Is Starting To Fade

As we just established, it’s normal for attraction to fade after a little while — according to Self, the “honeymoon” phase generally lasts anywhere from three months to up to two years. It’s a little different for every relationship, but when you realize that he never seems to make your palms sweat or your cheeks flush, when you have to acknowledge that in all honesty, you haven’t felt those butterflies in months, that’s when you either need to give it your all to make things work, or you have to tell him how you feel and be prepared to move on.

8Last Into 2019: You Haven’t Run Out Of Things To Talk About

What’s one of the number one signs of a healthy relationship? You never seem to run out of things to talk about! According to Allure, this means that you both are always finding out new things about each other, and what could be better than a surprise from your significant other? Surprising each other is always so much fun, and one of the ways that happens is through truly engaging conversations. If you find that you are always talking about something exciting and new, then that is a good sign that you have a keeper — hold on to him next year!

7Go Your Separate Ways: Your Conversations Are Getting Boring

Now, on the other hand, what if you suddenly feel like you conversations are running dry? What if all those long talks into the night that you used to have are just no longer happening? According to Allure, this is definitely a warning sign for your relationship. It might be an indication that you need to go your own separate ways.

But it could also just be a sign that you have to both put a little more effort into keeping the spark alive.

Remember, being complacent can definitely make things boring — having an exciting relationship takes some serious effort.

6Last Into 2019: You Keep Finding More Things In Common

As a relationship goes on, you might think that you would eventually start running out of common interests — but this could not be further from the truth! According to Women’s Health, one of the best parts of a long term relationship is finding out new things that you both love.

If you find that you can still try new things together and discover new hobbies and activities that you both love, that is a great sign.

You want to keep pushing each other to become better people, and discovering new things you both love is part of this whole process.

5Go Your Separate Ways: You’ve Realized You Don’t Share Many Interests

What if, as time goes on, you slowly begin to realize that you and your man actually don’t have much in common? According to Cosmopolitan, this is definitely not good. Now, it doesn’t have to spell out the end for every relationship. This is something that can be worked on for sure.

But you can’t just sit back and hope that you’ll magically find some new things in common as you go into 2019.

If this is your current situation, and you want to move past it, you will really have to make an effort to discover what you both love.

4Last Into 2019: You Rarely Have Disagreements

Is it totally normal for every single couple out there to have disagreements sometimes? Yes, of course it is, but you don’t want this to be a daily occurrence. According to Self, the happiest, healthiest relationships actually have relatively few disagreements.

Many of us have been taught to associate fighting with passion, but the truth is that these are actually two very different things. They should not go hand in hand.

A lack of disagreements and bickering does not mean that your relationship is boring — in fact, it’s a great sign that you have amazing communication skills and are honest.

3Go Your Separate Ways: You Find Yourself Bickering More Often

So, what if you feel like you started out this year on the right foot, but as time went on, you found yourself starting to bicker more and more often? According to Glamour, an increase in bickering and fighting as time goes on can be a sign that you two are growing apart.

Either that or it’s a sign that there is a big underlying problem that has gone undiscovered for too long.

This means that if you really want things to last, you will need to talk to each other about it before the year finally comes to an end.

2Last Into 2019: You Daydream About Big Milestones Together

The present moment should be the best part of your relationship, but thinking about the future should be fun for you both, too. According to Seventeen, looking forward to major milestones is a natural part of a healthy relationship.

You should be able to picture yourself celebrating these milestones together and being side by side at big moments in your lives.

This is always a good thing: it means that you two are not only making each other happy in the moment, but you have each other’s future happiness in mind as well, which is the foundation of a happy relationship.

1Go Your Separate Ways: You Can’t Imagine Things Getting More Serious With Him

Let’s say that you’ve spent the year together. You’ve had your ups and downs — some good times and some bad times. But when you think about the future, you just don’t see him in it, if you’re being honest with yourself. According to Glamour, this means that it might be better for both of you to head into the new year single and get a fresh start.

If you can’t imagine a future with someone, you don’t want to waste their time in the present, right?

This is really the most fair thing for both of you if that’s the case.

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