Love. It is one of the most complicated and divine things in the world and the essence of it is spiritual love. Most people claim that they have experienced true love, even though they seldom know the real definition of it.

They use the concept of love to justify actions like stalking, obsessing, intimidating… But, this is not love. This is a “kind of love” that is delusional and far removed from the real thing.

Spiritual love is the total opposite. It is uplifting, inspiring, and unique!

So, what is the meaning of spiritual love?

It’s when you love each other in spite of your quirks and flaws, when you embrace each other’s imperfections instead of judging, when you give each other some space for personal growth.

It’s when you respect each other in spite of differences, when you help each other become the best version of yourself, and when you love each other unconditionally.

Spiritual love doesn’t know selfishness, lies, or deceit because it’s built on trust, mutual respect, and appreciation. It encompasses both your heart and mind. 

You cannot chase it and you cannot fake it.

It’s the powerful feeling deep inside you that motivates you to get up in the morning and embrace a new day, to smell that beautiful flower when you go for a walk, and to be grateful for everything you have.

It’s the powerful force that motivates you to start noticing all those little things you were unaware of. And that’s the real beauty of spiritual, divine love.

It’s when you feel in your gut that you’re with the right person because your life is no longer the same.

“You know you’re in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” – Dr. Seuss

When you meet your soulmate, your reality becomes brighter. You no longer see the world in black and white, but in thousands of shades of grey.

Spiritual love inspires you to find your inner peace, and reach your full potential. It is romantic love that has the most powerful influence on our soul.

It is a spiritual journey where two people experience spiritual awakening and spiritual-growth.

It is the most intense human love that ever existed. And here are all the signs that you might be experiencing it!

15 Signs Of Spiritual Love – The Most Intense Love Of All

1. You have deep, meaningful conversations

One of the biggest signs of spiritual love is the deep conversations that you have with your partner.

When I was in the early stages of experiencing this powerful love, I would constantly have sessions of meaningful conversations with my partner (usually in small hours).

This hadn’t happened with other partners before and the real question is, why? And the answer is INSPIRATION.

Spiritual love is the kind of love that inspires you to absorb and think about every single thing around you that up until now has been meaningless to you.

Deep, long conversations about the universe, the meaning of life, our purpose etc. are what brings two people closer together.

By sharing their deepest thoughts with each other, they are strengthening their love – making it even more powerful.

If your conversations are meaningful and inspiring (basically never ending), then you know you’re on the spiritual path of experiencing deep, spiritual love.

2. You realize that you need less to be truly happy

Half of my life I thought that real happiness was closely connected to materialism – in other words, owning things.

I thought that if I bought a cool outfit, I would be happy. Or if I bought an expensive car, I’d finally feel worthy.

Spiritual love changed my perspective and my flawed definition of happiness. Because spiritual love teaches you that to be truly happy, you need less instead of more.

Another powerful sign that you’re experiencing this uplifting kind of love is if you feel like you no longer need half of the things you have, because true happiness is not something tangible.

It’s when you realize the beauty of minimalism, the ultimate warmth of one, big hug and the feeling of blissfulness while looking deeply into your loved one’s eyes.

You realize that everything you need to be truly happy is right in front of you. You no longer spend half of your time daydreaming about the things you wish you had, but you practice gratitude for everything you already have.

Happiness becomes the feeling you get when you wake up in the middle of the night and see a heartwarming message from your loved one, or when you kiss them just to let them know that you’re there for them even when they’re dreaming.

3. Your relationship is based on equality and trust

You don’t judge each other and you don’t make each other feel less worthy. Your relationship is based on equality and trust where your qualities are equally praised and acknowledged.

You’re aware of the fact that you’re completely different and you see it as something inspiring instead of complicated.

And that’s what spiritual love is all about – recognizing each other’s unique potential and nourishing deep trust.

You know that your partner is better than you at certain things and you don’t see it as a weakness because you know there are things you’re better at than them.

For example, your partner might be able to make a perfect pizza or fix things around the house, but you’re not jealous because you know that you make the perfect lasagna and you know how to knit like a pro.

Perhaps they know how to write perfect love letters, but you know how to write a romantic song and play it on the guitar.

And that’s the beauty of spiritual love! You see each other as two unique individuals with different skills and qualities that are equally important. You know you will never take each other’s uniqueness for granted.

4. You have a deep emotional and physical connection

There are many types of attraction between two people and the most intense one is spiritual attraction.

Regular types of attraction usually consist of a physical connection only, whereas spiritual attraction includes both emotional and physical connection.

It’s when you feel as if you’re inside your loved one’s head and you know exactly what they are thinking without even having to ask.

You fell in love with their mind, body, and soul, which are all ingredients of an intense spiritual experience of love.

You’re experiencing all of their emotions on a deeper level. When they feel off or sad, you feel the same way and all you can do is think of finding a way to make them feel better.

Because their happiness is a reflection of your own!

You could have everything you ever wanted, but you still wouldn’t be truly happy if you knew that your special one wasn’t feeling well. You’re two bodies with one soul and your physical connection is out of this world.

One subtle touch can make your body experience powerful sensations. Making love is not a task, but a deep spiritual experience that feels as if it were your first time every time.

5. You appreciate each other for who you really are

There is no pretending and no faking. You appreciate each other for who you really are because you are in love with each other’s quirks and flaws, and not perfection.

You embrace each other’s imperfections because you’re aware of your true nature. You know that you’re flawed human beings and you understand that that’s what makes you truly special.

You like their clumsiness and weird sense of humour. You don’t judge them when they say something really awkward because it’s part of their unique mindset.

You don’t get offended when they fail at making you feel special because they’re not really a romantic person. What’s important to you is their willingness to make an effort.

You know that they are not perfect and you would never want them to be because you like them just the way they are.

You appreciate their cute gestures and brave attempts to make you laugh when you’re feeling mad at them.

At the end of the day, you know that you probably wouldn’t be so crazy about them if they did everything the way you wanted.

You appreciate their style, mindset, and approach to life because that’s what makes them who they really are and that’s what made you fall in love with them in the first place.

6. You trust your guts

Spiritual love never hurries or questions. You know that you’re experiencing intense, spiritual love if you feel like you’re exactly where you need to be at the moment.

You don’t question your decision to start dating them, to be in a relationship with them, or to tie the knot. You trust your instincts and you no longer ask yourself: What is love?

You know that love is happening right in front of you and not just any kind of love, but the most intense love of all.

You might have made some mistakes in the past, made some bad decisions, but now you trust yourself more than ever.

You know that you’re on the right track because reality is finally better than your dreams. Before, you would contemplate your perfect partner having black hair, being a passionate artist, or being a hopeless romantic.

And now you see how mistaken you were because your special one doesn’t fit your definition of a perfect partner, but they make you perfectly happy.

You are free from the shackles of unrealistic expectations because you trust your guts.

You trust the universe, have a love of God, and you believe that everything happens for a reason. You believe there’s a reason why you had to meet a few wrong ones before meeting the right one.

7. The world seems a lot more peaceful

Before, you were aware and often irritated by every single change, sound, and movement around you. You observed the world as a roller-coaster, full of different outcomes each day.

You constantly pursued happiness, thinking you’d never find it in this imperfect, flawed world no matter how hard you tried.

But, now the world seems a lot more peaceful. It’s like you’ve been listening to metal your whole life and now you’ve shifted to classical music.

You’re no longer living a regular life, but an inspiring, spiritual life where everything smells, tastes and looks different. You no longer see the world in black and white, but in thousands of shades of grey.

Even food and drink tastes better because you’re consuming them with spiritual vigor.

You can differentiate tons of scents you weren’t aware of before and the most intense one of all is the scent of your sweet love for one another.

8. You are able to communicate with your eyes only

They say that our eyes are the window to our soul. Indeed, eyes reveal so much about us and we’re often not even aware of it.

They reveal when we’re feeling anxious before a big presentation or a speech, they reveal when we’re about to cry because someone hurt us badly, and they reveal when we’re feeling happy and content.

I like to think of our eyes being the middlemen to our soul. They tell others what our words cannot and they express a wide variety of emotions from love to hatred.

And best of all, you’re not able to communicate with your eyes only with just anyone. It takes a special bond and deep, emotional connection to be able to lock eyes without feeling discomfort or the need to gaze away.

When you’re able to look each other deeply in the eyes, it means you’re able to see each other for who you really are. You can see each other’s fears, dreams, and hopes.

By communicating with your eyes only, you’re speaking the language of love, which is the most powerful language of all. It takes a great strength to be able to look into each other’s eyes without the need to hide.


9. You notice things you weren’t paying attention to before

Before you were focused on a few things that meant the world to you: your job, your family, your pet, or your hobby. But, now you see that the world is so much more than that.

You suddenly notice things you weren’t paying attention to before. You notice a clear, blue sky on a summer day, the soothing sound of raindrops while cuddling with your pet, beautiful trees, flowers, special moments…

You notice the real beauty around you that is priceless.

Spiritual love has opened your eyes and helped you see the world in an inspiring, colorful way.

Your priorities have changed because now you understand that happiness is within you and not something you need to chase in order to attain.

You notice awkwardness, sadness, happiness and so much more and you’re not afraid of any of it. You’re not afraid of feeling broken because you finally see the real beauty of different emotions.

You trust the universe because you know the universe trusts you.

10. Other areas of your life are flourishing as well

When it comes to experiencing spiritual love, there’s a thing called synchronicity. When you’re in tune with your higher self, other areas of your life start flourishing as well.

That’s one of the reasons why the world seems a lot more peaceful and you notice things you weren’t paying attention to before.

It’s because you’re connected with the universe and as a result you attract more positive things into your life.

You’ve improved at your work, your friendships are stronger, and you’re more creative when it comes to your passions. You notice how every other area of your life has improved significantly.

You feel as if you’ve woken up from a bad dream and now you’re in wonderland, full of blessings and abundance. All of a sudden, everything in your life is synchronized and you’re truly grateful for that.

Now, the key word is being grateful. The more grateful you are, the more positive things you will attract into your life. Spiritual love inspires gratitude and helps you appreciate everything you already have.

11. Spiritual love encourages personal growth

You know that you’re experiencing spiritual love if you’re determined to become the best version of yourself.

You weren’t really a gym person before, but now you exercise, do a set of daily meditations, and try to live a healthy lifestyle.

You’re more careful about what you’re putting inside you when it comes to your diet, you’re familiar with the toxicity of certain products and people, and you want the best for yourself and your partner.

Spiritual love encourages personal growth because it awakens the awareness of body, mind, and spirit.

​​​​You finally realize that being the best version of yourself is not about having a perfect hairstyle or an expensive car. You know that it’s a process and not a destination.

You realize there’s so much you can do in one day for yourself and others which can greatly improve your lives. You observe your body, mind, and spirit as a whole and you embrace the opportunity to nourish and evolve.

12. You never feel lonely – even when you’re alone

Spiritual love has the power to make you feel whole and connected with the universe and your inner self. That’s the reason why you never feel lonely – even when you’re alone.

Before you were terrified of going to the cinema on your own, or being home alone, but now you’re not.

You don’t feel lonely if you’re not surrounded by the presence of other people because you’re in tune with your true self.

You could stare at the ceiling the whole day and you still wouldn’t get bored because you have so many inspiring things on your mind that you simply can’t get bored – even if you wanted to.

Spiritual love unlocks your potential and enriches you with different perspectives. It fills your heart with intense feelings of unconditional love.

Whenever you’re alone, you still feel the warmth of your loved one’s hug and you still feel the softness of their lips.

No matter where you go, their spirit is always with you and that’s why you never feel lonely – even when you’re alone.

They are your partner in crime, your brother/sister, your true friend, and a lover all in one. They are your special person whose presence is always there – even in your dreams.

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13. You are connected to your higher self

Spiritual love transcends the human experience of love and it connects you with your higher self. It changes your perspective on certain things and challenges your beliefs.

It inspires you to get out of your comfort zone and to face your fears. Spiritual love is brave, selfless, and patient. It teaches you to implement the spiritual practice of love toward yourself.

It shows you what loving yourself really means. It improves your self-worth, self-respect, and self-confidence. It helps you connect with your true potential and it helps you become the best version of yourself.

You no longer see yourself as a human being with limited capabilities. You know that you can achieve anything you want if you only make an effort.

Spiritual love evokes the feeling of being unstoppable within you because that’s the key to evolving.

The moment you decide to embrace everything around you, you become connected to the true essence of your being.

You become who you are meant to be and you finally realize that all your quirks and flaws are actually your biggest advantages and something that make you who you are.

14. Spiritual love nourishes curiosity

Remember that feeling when you meet someone new and you can’t stop asking them random questions (including the awkward ones) because you want to know everything about them?

You want to know how their mind functions and you’re curious about their preferences, passions, and things that inspire them.

Whenever you meet someone new you really like, it’s normal to be curious about them. However, this level of curiosity often fades over time.

But, not when it comes to spiritual love

Even though you feel like you know everything about each other, you’re still curious about everything as if you’ve just been on a first date.

You’re still mesmerized by the way they do things, the way they laugh, and the way they show their grumpy side.

You have an imaginary collection of all their smiles because they don’t have just one.

You’re still curious how their mind operates, and you feel like you’ll never be able to learn every single thing about them even if you explore their psyche for an eternity.

Every day you discover new things about them and often they are those little things that are neglected in other types of love.

15. You know that you’re exactly where you need to be right now

There is no What if, Should have, or any other similar phrases in your vocabulary.

They might have existed before, but spiritual love has replaced them with a more powerful sentence and that is: I’m exactly where I need to be right now.

You no longer question the validity of your path because you know you’re on the right track.

You know that all the previous paths from your past were bound to direct you to the most important one – the path of spiritual love.

Instead of dwelling on your past or contemplating the future, you’re living in the moment. You enjoy every second of your life because you’ve finally found your purpose.

You understand that you’re here to evolve and spread the love and you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than you are now. Life is full of ups and downs and you’re aware of that.

Spiritual love has equipped you with wisdom, bravery, and strength, which are the most powerful weapons of all and that’s why you’re not afraid to face life’s challenges and deal with hardships.

You know that no matter what happens, everything will be alright in the end.

Spiritual love means living life in harmony!

It means observing the world with special, inspiring glasses and finding beauty in everything around you. Spiritual love means being grateful and content with everything you already have.

Spiritual love means forgiving, asking for forgiveness and understanding. It means living life in harmony with the universe and your higher self.

It gives you the courage to dream big and realize that anything is possible if you just believe. 


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