15 Craziest Expectations Men Secretly Have When They’re In A Relationship

Whether you and your man just took things to the next level or you’ve been together for quite some time now, there will always be expectations – secret and non-secret ones. Yes people, we all know you got one or two secret expectation from your man, and of course, men also have their set of secret expectations from their S.O.’s. And what’s more fun here is that even when men won’t admit it, they tend to have the craziest set of expectations.

Perhaps it’s in their system to have ridiculous things to expect from their partners so if you think you already you know your man, as in everything about him, think again. Chances are, he’s got some secret things he just assumes you fully understood the moment you said ‘yes’ to the relationship, because things shift easily like that… uhm, no. So, what are the most common and the craziest expectations men have when they’re in a relationship?

15He Wants You To Be Jealous…But Not Too Jealous

If you think choosing between the royal blue and navy blue dress is confusing, wait until you meet a serious man who wants to be in a long-lasting relationship. Because while he wants a long-lasting relationship, he, like any other man, have the tendency to have jealousy issues. And no, it’s not that simple to understand. See, men hate it when you play the jealous girlfriend role. They hate it when you comment on every woman they work with, they hang out with, every woman in their life for that matter. But at the same time, most men also want their partners to be jealous, but only a little bit. Yeah, as in, be jealous but not too jealous. And they expect you to figure this one out the moment you get in a relationship with them

14He Expects You To Be Supportive Of All His Life Plans…Even When He Has No Plan

Some men have lots of plans in life, some men don’t have any plan at all. And if you decided to take things to the next level with your man, believe it or not, he expects you to be on board with his planning system. If he’s the kind who makes tons of plans but they remain nothing but plans, you need to get that. If he’s the man who doesn’t make any plan at all, about anything, you need to understand that as well. And if he is the man who makes plans and often wants you to make the final decision so when things get screwed up so he can blame you for it, that’s something you need to wrap your head around to as well. Because remember, men are crazy like that. Women have their own agenda but for the men, planning and being able to stick to it is a big thing and it’s often where they’re most unpredictable about.

13You Need To Know Exactly What He Wants And Be At His Beck And Call

Men are funny like that, you know… they think women like you have the superpower to know exactly when you should be cuddly with them, when you should stay a few feet away (because apparently, they’re not the in the mood) and when you should hug them because they need it. Well, no. That’s not how it works. If you’re a woman who is or who was once in a relationship with a man who thinks you can read his mind, you would understand. And what’s worse is that most men get irritated when you don’t cuddle with them on their bad days or when you become so sweet and touchy-feely on their ‘I want my space’ days. Girls, this is the time to tell your man you’re no mind reader.

12He Wants You To Understand And Support Every Decision He Makes

Speaking of understanding, men also expect their new girlfriends to understand every single decision they make. Like if you don’t understand him, you’re not supposed to be his partner, or you two are not going to last long. Or at least, this is how it would feel… see, most men are good at making decisions, especially the mature ones and those who are already willing to grow up and build real relationships. But they still have the tendency to “fall off the cracks” and make ridiculous decisions even a child won’t understand. But still, when you two are already in a relationship, it’s safe to assume that your man would expect that you will understand and support every single decision he makes, because believe it or not, even when he’s not vocal about it, it’s what he wants.

11He Expects You To Be Ok Of His Lack Of Communication

Men are natural text creatures. Back when you two have just met and are still getting to know each other, dating but not taking things too seriously, he was probably a call person. But when things start to fall into place and you two are getting closer and closer to calling what you have an ‘adult relationship’ (and not just mere dating), chances are, your man would be become less and less of a call person and would be a text person. Well woman, this is natural in most men, and they expect you to understand it. They expect you to not ask any questions about it. They expect you to appreciate them replying even when it took them an hour to respond to your question “I’m cooking, what do you want for dinner?”

10He Expects You To Smile More And Shower Him With Happiness

Seriously, most women forget about and a lot also don’t notice it but yes, men need a great source of happiness. They tend to live a crazy life (climbing the corporate ladder, showing off with their high school buddies and comparing anything and everything they can compare, figuring out how to be a fully grown-up man, etc) and because of this, they forget the beauty of happiness. Thus, they expect their woman to smile even at small things. They expect you to look at them and then quickly pretend looking away when they catch you (because it’s cute.) They expect you to shower them with happiness because, that’s “what a girlfriend does.” Well, male readers, please remember that women also need someone to shower them with happiness. And that’s part of your job as a boyfriend…

9He Expects To Dictate All The ‘Intimate’ Activities

While men love to be aggressive and all, they also secretly want you to request something else. They want you to ask them to be a little gentle, a little slow, more often than you do. Because apparently, if they do it without being asked, they think they’re being weak or something. Wait, what? Yep, some men we just cannot figure out. So yeah, most men have this secret expectation from their girls that you would know when to ask for that less aggressiveness. And that you know how to ask for it because being straightforward is not the way to go. Men are not straightforward people, okay? They speak in codes, and that’s something women should know about. Crazy because more often than not, women are told men want it hot and fierce but obviously, there are instances when they prefer the slower kind too. It’s just that, women have to ask for it and women have to know when and how to ask for it. Sounds too much? Yeah, I thought so too…

8He’d Really Prefer Not To Talk To You On The Phone

Men hate calls. Keep that in mind or you will drive your partner nuts, literally. For most men, texting is life and unless that’s an emergency, you better choose texting. Or else your man will be tired of putting up with your obsession to calling and the next thing you know, the relationship has ended, just like that… sad but true, dear ladies. If you’re ready to deal with these crazy expectations, you can say you are ready to be in a serious relationship with a man. Seriously though, you can save your calling thing for your gal pals who understand the efficiency of calls. When it comes to your man, texting is the way to go. If you call, expect him to not pick up and you will just be pissed. So just don’t do it, okay?

7He Wants You To Pay The Bill (But He Will Never Say It Out Loud)

What, you think men are always willing to pay the bill? Oh if only you know… well woman, now you do know. It turns out, most men want women to pay for those expensive dates. They have nothing against expensive dates, and they sure don’t hate it when you ask for a fancy dinner at a fancy resto. But girl, if you know what’s in your man’s mind, it would be somewhere along the lines of “yeah sure, let’s have that fancy date. Can you pay for it because I’m kinda tired of being the one who always pays…”if only men would be more vocal about this, the world would probably be a better place! Seriously though, things would be a lot easier. After all, women are open-minded and we don’t have problems paying the bill.

6For You To Magically Understand Why He Needs To Be Distant When You Get Too Close

This is perhaps one of the most confusing aspects of men: they love to be sweet and romantic with you, but when you do the same, they go distant. Like, miles and miles away distant. They don’t have problems expressing how they’re not enjoying your romantic gestures. What?!?! Well, this is yet another thing men expect from women like you. If you’re planning to be in a serious relationship soon, you better prepare yourself because you will have to deal with the challenge of knowing when he wants you to be romantic and when you should steer clear from those gentle touches and soft kisses. Because most men won’t tell you when they want you to be romantic and when they don’t want it. They just expect you to know about it.

5He Wants You To Plan Everything For Him, But Ultimately He Has The Final Say

Men hate planning. That’s a fact. For most men, planning is one of the most unnecessary thing people do because, why the hell plan in the first place? What’s the point? We’re not in control of anything anyway… well, these men hate planning but they do want someone else to plan for them. This is where you enter the picture. Being the girlfriend, you can expect your man to be lazy AF when it comes to brainstorming and planning things. Also, you can expect him to bug you when it comes to planning because he wants you to do it, especially when he realizes the comfort it brings. And then, being the bossy person all men tend to be, he would want you to ask for his approval every single time you plan about something. Yep…

4He Expects You To Give Him All Of Your Attention

Just like women, men also love their personal space. The only problem is, they don’t know exactly how to tell their partners they want that space right at a specific moment. If you just got in a relationship with a man, it’s safe to assume that he expects you know when to give him space and when to give him attention and when to give him extra, extra attention. Yeah, men are ridiculously confusing like that but hey, for what it’s worth, women also have their own issues. The only difference is that with women, we’re all vocal about it. We have no problems letting our partners know what we want and when we want it. With men, they expect you to automatically know these things, so yeah, good luck, woman.

3He Expects You To Like All Of His Clothing Choices

Not that crazy but yes, this just needs to be part of the list. Mainly because this just sounds ridiculous and sadly, very true as well. Most men would be furious if their S.O. says their outfit looks bad. Don’t believe it? Try calling out your partner and tell him his fave shirt looks bad on him, or maybe his fave jacket is so worn out it looks less fashionable and more for-the-trash-bin… then you will know what we’re trying to say here. Your man may not express it verbally that he is mad that you hate his favorite shirt, but you will know, for sure. He will send clear signs. This is because men expect their women to be on board with their fashion taste. Unfortunately, there are some fashion choices our partners make that we all just cannot understand.

2He Wants You To Know Exactly When To Move Closer

Like there’s a magic sign that appears! But yeah, men these days don’t really ask their partners to move in with them. Gone are the days when moving in with your man and living under the same roof is a big deal that calls for a special dinner and good wine. Today, it’s either you move in with him because you know it’s what he wants (and it’s what you want too) or you don’t because you’re still waiting for him to ask you. Either way, there’s no better route for you to choose on this. When it comes to moving in, you will have to read your man’s mind because apparently, men expect their women to know when to move in. But the truth is, most women don’t even know when to move in with their partners!

1He Wants You To Learn How To Send Short Messages Like He Does

Seriously, men do not only expect you to be on board with their lack of interest in calls, they also want you to adjust your texting and make it as short as possible. So this means no more “okay honey, will do. See you later at home, bye” and there will be more “k. bye.” Sounds terrible? Well, not really. Most men communicate this way so yeah, the more serious relationships you take part in, the more men you will meet who would expect you to send shorter and shorter texts. And believe it or not, you may think this is easy but it’s totally not. It’s the opposite of easy. Women are so used to sending lengthy messages with lots of unnecessary words that when a man expects you to shorten your messages, go straight to the point, it would feel like culture shock.

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