14 Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

Being in a relationship can either break or make a person. Sometimes, you don’t realize that you are holding onto a toxic relationship or that you are already hurting yourself, or your partner, by just trying to make it work. What’s worse is, staying in this kind of situation does not only affect you emotionally but can also influence how you live your life.

That is why it is important to know if the relationship is good for you or not – but how will you know if you’re in a healthy relationship or in the complete opposite? Here are 14 characteristics of a healthy relationship you should know to figure it out.

A healthy relationship…

1. Makes you want to become a better person.
Wanting to be good and to do good so that you will become a better person and a better partner are signs that you have a healthy relationship. A relationship that lets you see the beauty and kindness of people and things around you is precious. It also attracts positive energy and allows you to inspire others to become good, too.

2. It makes you happy.
Happiness is not only about getting surprises and hearing sweet words from your partner. Being genuinely happy means that without those material things and typical compliments, you know that you are content and happy with what you have. Just the thought of being in that relationship brings you pure joy and that is a sure sign that you are in a good relationship.

3. It lets you enjoy the things you love.
Committing yourself to a relationship should not stop you from enjoying the things you love. Differences should not matter in any kind of relationship, rather, it should uphold individuality and independence. Having different interests should not make the other person give up on his or her own passion. Instead, you should respect those differences and learn how to adjust and adapt.

4. It does not limit you from doing the things you want to do or have.
Just because they don’t like something doesn’t mean you should stop liking it too. Asking you to give up on the things you love the most is cruel and selfish. Being in a relationship is a give and take process so you have to know that your rights and privileges as an individual do not go away once you are in a relationship.

Learn to stand up for something you truly believe in. Because if you can do that while in a relationship, it only means that they cherish you not only as a partner but also as an individual.

5. It nurtures you.
Growth and development should be present in a relationship for it to last. Most of the time, a relationship fails because of the absence of these two. You’ll know if your relationship is healthy if your partner takes care of you, encourages you and supports you. You should feel loved and inspired to do more things not only for your relationship’s growth and but for yourself as well.

6. It does not force you to stray away from your beliefs.
If you were told to stop believing in something because it does not go with what they believe in, should you do it? Of course, criticisms and pieces of advice should be welcomed in a relationship but they should not make you turn your back on your beliefs. Be open-minded but don’t allow someone to make you feel that your beliefs and ideas don’t matter. They should respect you for who you are and what you believe in because they are part of who you are as a person.

7. It supports your goals and dreams in life.
Sometimes your goals could be different from your partner. However, it should not hinder you from pursuing them.Along with being supportive, they should also be helpful when it comes to achieving your dreams. A healthy relationship supports you, with a partner that will cheer for you, in any way they can – even if it means making their own small sacrifices.

8. It inspires you.
Some people are able to create beautiful things such as paintings and forms of literature because they are in a relationship that inspires them to be creative and imaginative. If you can find this feeling in your relationship, it just means one thing – you are lucky and you should never let that go.

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9. It allows you to try new things.
You should be able to acquire new skills and experiences if you are in a healthy relationship. You should not feel stuck and confined by something that is supposed to give you happiness and feeling of contentment.

10. It is not selfish.
Selfishness comes in different forms. It should always be remembered that being in a relationship means that your feelings matter and that you have a say in anything, especially if it has something to do with your relationship.

For instance, do they consider your feelings before doing something life-changing? Is it really what’s best or are they just doing it for their own benefit?

11. It is not jealous.
Insecurity is the root of jealousy. Being jealous is the effect of lack of confidence in yourself and your relationship. Yes, having a little bit of jealousy here and there can be relatively healthy for a relationship.

However, if it makes you feel unhappy and dissatisfied, you should evaluate the situation and examine what makes you feel jealous and insecure, vice versa. You know that your relationship is a good one if you feel assured that it is stable and secure.

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12. It makes you confident.
Good relationships can help you become more confident and have trust in yourself. By believing in what you can do and what you can achieve, they can boost your self-esteem, which in turn give you the courage to be your truest self.

13. It is honest.
Honesty is the biggest requirement when it comes to having a relationship. A deceitful relationship is bound to end sooner or later. Having someone who is honest, on the other, assures you a long-lasting and strong relationship. When your partner is open to you, it means that they trust you and that you are important to them.

14. It is persistent.
Finally, it doesn’t easily give up even if the relationship is hurt or in trouble. Instead, both of you persist to love and help each other resolve these problems. You and your significant other remain strong in times of hardships and pain – and that is what makes your relationship stronger, happier and healthier.

Remember that being in any kind of relationship is not easy. You should not expect someone to do all the work for you while expecting that everything will turn out great. Moreover, don’t just keep on receiving without giving something in return because that is plain selfish.

It takes a lot of effort, time, and sacrifices until you reach the point where you are already at ease and confident about your relationship. Because of that, you have to do your part and be responsible for the choices you make – every step of the way.




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