13 Brutal Reasons Why Women Left Relationships

Anyone who knows the joys of love also is familiar with the pain of loss. For those of us who don’t have the pleasure of dating, falling in love with, and then living a happily ever after life with our partners, either we one day dump someone or be the dumpee. There are plenty of reasons to end relationships: people grow apart, someone cheats, or the relationship just lacks romance. No matter how many times a person experiences splitting up, it doesn’t get any easier.

Nevertheless, some breakups are worse than others. The aforementioned reasons why people wave a white flag on their relationships seem logical. But when it comes to matters of the heart, things can get complicated. Sometimes, a couple that looks happy and perfect on the outside is actually ready to destroy each other if they have to keep breathing life into a dying relationship. If you think you’ve endured a brutal breakup, you better scroll through these confessions from women who dropped their partners like a bad habit for the craziest of reasons. There was the verbally abusive boyfriends who aided in his girlfriend developing an eating disorder, the woman who dumped her boyfriend after stumbling across his fetish photos on his computer, and the poor guy who was kicked to the curb over a hot pocket. Seriously.

13She Accidentally Listened to Him Cheat

No one wants to learn that their significant other is cheating, but to hear it going down in real time is devastating. This woman’s boyfriend was having a drunken night out with his friends, so she ran over to his place because she forgot some papers in his office. While there, her boyfriend stumbles in three sheets to the wind with another woman. She thought it was her man’s friend, but soon found out that wasn’t the case.

“The apartment door opened and a lot of giggling ensued. I kept quiet as I assumed one of his friends was getting lucky and I didn’t want to interrupt. Imagine my surprise when the giggling and drunken slurring approached the bedroom I usually occupied, followed by the squeaking bed springs and a symphony of noises usually associated with mating pigs. Any hope I might have had that it was one of his roommates too drunk to find his own room was dashed when she started yelling his name. As they were both clearly schnoozled, it didn’t take long for them to pass out mid thrust.”

12He was A Religious Nut

It’s possible that two people from different religious backgrounds can get together and have a harmonious relationship. However, that doesn’t always work, especially if the guy has some pretty messed up views that he demands you follow. It might be crazier that she stayed in this relationship for two years before finally running for the hills.

“Toward the end of our two year relationship he got bats–t crazy.. He would get mad at me for reading Harry Potter because he was so religious, but smoking weed and having sex was not a problem for him…the last straw was when I was ‘forbidden’ to read a fortune cookie because it was ‘black magic’ — in short, he was a crazy mother f*c*er…after two years I just left and told him he was crazy, I wish I had been more specific with him.”

11His Parents Threatened Her

Racism exists and there are bigots out there who don’t just use their words to hurt people, they also intend on using their fists. This girl ended a perfectly good relationship after she met her boyfriend’s prejudiced parents who intimidated her into breaking up with their son.

“Various insults followed which culminated in his father stepping out the door and close to my face telling me I had real nerve showing up on their property at their home trying to dirty the purity of their blood through their son. He said I better get out of there if I knew what was good for me, and if I came back that they would beat me. By this point I was really scared, so I left and when I got home I sent my boyfriend a text saying that I was too ill to go out and I would have to hang out with him another day. A few days later,  I broke it off and haven’t talked to him since.”

10Not Attracted to Him

If you’re a shallow person, just admit it like this woman did. She said she did her best to look past her boyfriend’s physical appearance to get to his heart. But when everything was said and done, she couldn’t handle being in a relationship with a man she just wasn’t attracted to.

“I wasn’t physically attracted to him. It may sound shallow, but relationships need a physical aspect. Ours didn’t have that – it was purely emotional and ended up suffering because I wasn’t physically interested in him. I would never tell him this though, because it would crush him.”

Yeah, that just sounds like a conversation no one would want to have. “Hey, uh, you know we’ve been seeing each other for a while and everything is going great, but this isn’t going to work because, well, I think you’re ugly.”

9She Blamed Him for Her Developing an Eating Disorder

When a person is already on the verge of succumbing under the pressures of life, the last thing they need is a boyfriend who acts as a hammer to shatter them completely.

“I was under a lot of pressure from school, pursuing a degree in engineering, and with all the stress, I wasn’t eating a lot. Most nights we would get dinner together on campus and even though this was my first meal of the day, he would eat half of my food. Most of our conversations came to be about how upset he was that he was gaining weight. He was so wrapped up in his own body issues that he never even noticed that I was eating one meal a day. Even now, he doesn’t know that I have an eating disorder. I realize it wasn’t his fault at all. At the time, he was just an easy place to put the blame rather than dealing with it myself.”

8He was A Filth Monster

How long does it take before you realize your partner is trash bucket? This girl couldn’t stand the fact that her super sweet boyfriend was one of the grossest people she’d ever met, but we’re more confused as to why she would stay with him longer than five minutes after she found out his disgusting habits.

“I broke up with my last ex because I found myself completely repulsed by him. He smoked, drank, ate nothing but junk food, and farted like a Clydesdale in his sleep all night long. His car was disgusting — it stunk & the interior was covered in ashes & cigarette butts and the seats had tater tots ground into them. His house was absolutely filthy too, it stunk of old smoke & cooking grease, had old newspapers piled up in the corners, and you couldn’t even tell what color the carpets had originally been.”

7Broke Up over a Hot Pocket

If your 23-year-old boyfriend has a complete meltdown because he can’t follow the instructions on how to make a Hot Pocket, like this woman, you, too, will want to reevaluate your relationship status.

“I broke up with my ex because of a Hot Pocket. He went grocery shopping for himself for the very first time and bought only a bulk assortment of Hot Pockets. Upon opening the first Hot Pocket, he went into a dead serious, very angry manic frenzy, because he didn’t understand how to microwave it. And I quote, “WHAT THE F–K IS A CRISPING SLEEVE?” I told him I wasn’t ready for him to live with me, and that I needed my space. That goddamn Hot Pocket was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Needless to say, their relationship ended shortly after that fiasco

6He was Being Accused of WHAT?

It’s easy to become blind when in a relationship. You know those people, the ones who can’t see their partners ever doing anything wrong, even when the writing is on the wall. This woman wasn’t taking any chances with her boyfriend when he was accused of some serious accusations that could destroy his entire life. Before you start saying that maybe she jumped the gun and was wrong for believing the accusations before they were validated, you might want to read on and then think about what you would do in this situation.

“He was being accused by his cousin of molestation. I pretended to believe that he didn’t do it, but broke up with him with a few weeks. I told him it was because I wasn’t ready for a serious relationship, but the truth is that I’ve been a victim of sexual abuse and the thought that I might be sleeping with an abuser was making me sick to my stomach.”

5He Catfished and Verbally Abused Her

Jealousy is a helluva drug and it makes people do crazy things. Insecure boyfriends are so difficult to navigate relationships with and this poor girl found out that the stranger verbally abusing her online was the person that she loved.

“I constantly had to ‘babysit’ his emotions and tell him why I liked him and etc. He and his two friends made fake FB profiles and added me, trying to get me to flirt or cheat. I did neither of the two, while they both constantly insulted, harassed me, called me unfaithful and nasty words. My friend told me a few months after the harassment started that she found out it was my boyfriend and his friends. As soon as I got home I called him and broke up with him, ending up in him balling and begging me not to and told me he’d never make fake profiles again and I could trust him.”

4He had Grotesque Needs

If you go searching for something, there’s a good chance you’re going to find it. As the old adage goes, seek and you shall find. When this woman went with her boyfriend to visit his parents, she logged onto his computer to check her emails. While he was in the bathroom, she noticed he left his “My Documents” file wide open. Did she look through it? You bet she did. And after reading her experience, admit it, you would leave him, too.

“In the folder were about 60 videos of girls and dogs. Not hidden or anything. Sixty. Sixty is a f–king fetish. I left early and never said why, although now that I am older I think maybe I should have said something. Anyway, I told him I thought we were incompatible, which is the truth. Maybe I am a prude or something but bestiality bothers me.”

3She Found What She was Looking For

Most of us will admit that at one point or another, we’ve snooped through our partner’s phone. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but satisfaction resurrected him. After entertaining a tingling feeling that her boyfriend was cheating, this girl played detective and went searching for proof. Unfortunately, she found it.

“I wasn’t proud of it, but I confirmed all of my suspicions. Nude photos swapped with other girls, sexting, making plans of when/where he was going to meet them, etc. I couldn’t catch him in the act and I didn’t want to admit that I snooped, so I just told him I wasn’t happy and wanted out. He basically threw a temper tantrum like a little kid and cried and told me how much he loved me. I just stared at him while he was crying. What an idiot.”

2Too much Communication

We all know that feeling: waiting on him (or her) to text back. It feels like forever, especially if your last text is sitting there on read receipts (which, we’ll say, is strange that people still leave those on). The opposite of that problem is being in a relationship with someone who won’t let you breath as they text and call you incessantly.

“I broke up with a guy because he sent too many texts asking where I was, what I was doing, if I was thinking about him. I could tell him I’d be at work and the hours and check my phone at break to six texts and a missed call. Since we only dated a couple weeks I thought it was a bit much. He was more into knowing how often I thought about him than anything about me.

1He was a Crier

There is nothing wrong with a man who knows how to show his emotions. There is something wrong, however, with someone who cries because grass is green and water is wet. Some people just cry at the drop of a dime and it can be taxing on their partner’s nerves. There were other reasons why this woman broke up with her boyfriend, but the waterworks was the last straw.

“He cried, all the time. Every day. For stupid reasons. I’d get annoyed at him over not putting a dish in the sink, and ask him to start doing it in future, and he would break down like a baby. It was just so annoying, I couldn’t take it anymore. There were other reasons I couldn’t tell him too, like his reptilian tongue that made me sick no matter what it touched, but I could’ve ignored that. I lived with those for two years. But when the crying started, enough was enough.”

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