13 Annoying Boyfriend Traits and How to Avoid Them

Ever considered yourself to be an annoying boyfriend?

Relationships are tricky, but some things are instinctive.

In love, boyfriends can be nice at times and at other times, they can be really annoying.

But seriously, there are a few things that most boyfriends do that are just not excusable at all!

So are you one of them?

Are you an annoying boyfriend?

Here are thirteen stubborn and annoying traits of an annoying boyfriend.

There may be a few more, but these pointers definitely top the most annoying things boyfriends do.

#1 Take me in the ass

This is just not good. We’re inviting you through the front door, so why the heck would you try poking your way through the back door?

Remember, an anal bang may seem exciting after watching a lot of porno, but almost all girls hate that kind of thing.

It’s creepy and almost any woman who’s tried it would tell you she feels like rushing to the loo each time you take her by surprise.

It’s scary, knee buckling and just gross. So stop pestering your girlfriend constantly to try new things in bed that could freak her out or even scare her. Deep throat, well, that’s an annoying boyfriend question too!

#2 Getting drunk on a d^te

Women just don’t like it when their boyfriend gets zonked out on a d^te. When you d^te a woman, remember your chivalry and understand that you have to protect her and take care of her.

Drink, but never to the point where you can’t drive back home or stand up straight.

When you go clubbing and get wasted like a heap of dung, it scares your girlfriend. The man she loves and trusts to take care of her is unconscious and helpless, and that’s just unacceptable and shattering. Repeat it a few times, and she may leave your annoying ass on the dance floor and go home with someone else!

#3 When you’re indifferent or rude

Women hate this about their boyfriends. Most men can be so frustrating at times. Ask a man “how do I look?” and almost always, he says “nice, yeah… umm hmm…” or “how many times do I have to tell you the same thing?!” without even looking at his girlfriend’s attire for a second!

We know we’ve asked you how we look the last time we wore the same dress, but seriously, we like to be reassured and critiqued now and then. After all, we’re dressing up to look good in your arms. Can’t you help us feel good about ourselves when we’re going out? Is taking a few seconds out to help your girlfriend really too much to ask?

#4 Girlfriends don’t always need a s*x machine

Every time we try to kiss you passionately or try to touch you all over, it doesn’t always mean we want you to take your clothes off in a flash and diveboard into bed.

We do love a good romp in bed, but sometimes we just want to have a good time feeling you up. It’s not foreplay, it’s * cuddling and girlfriends like it!

#5 When you get bored shopping

We understand that you take five minutes to pick an entire ensemble. Yeah, go nominate yourself for a world record. But you do understand that your girlfriend takes way longer than that, don’t you? So why is it always a surprise when you go shopping for more than a couple of hours with your girlfriend?

We don’t invite you to shop with us all the time, but on the rare occasion that we do invite you, do play nice. We’ll definitely give you a treat for being nice later!

#6 Exchanging glances with other girls

Now don’t get me wrong, your girlfriend doesn’t really care if you stare at another girl when you’re all by yourself. She may exchange glances at guys when she’s alone too.

But when you’re around your girlfriend, learn to respect her by not straying your eyes on every cleavage or butt that presents itself in front of you. Most guys just can’t restrict their ogling eyes even when they’re around their girlfriend and try exchanging glances with some other girl. That’s demeaning to girlfriends, and makes us feel insecure. After all, if you can stare hard at other girls in front of your girlfriend, who knows what you’d do behind her back? Now that’s definitely an annoying boyfriend trait.

#7 When you ask, but don’t listen

Do you really take your girlfriend seriously, and think she’s capable of giving you the right advice? Girls hate it when their boyfriends ask for advice, and then drift away, look lost or make up their own mind without even thinking about what their girlfriend has been talking about. You’d listen to your guy friends, so why do you assume your girlfriend is incapable of giving you a good solution to your problem?

Straight answer, ask us a question and listen to us when we answer it. Or just don’t ask us for our opinion! We really don’t like advising a damn wall.

#8 Flirting with your girlfriend’s friends

We know men can’t resist flirting with a good looking girl. And your girlfriend does know when you’re flirting with one of her friends. Firstly, you’re being a jerk when you do that.

What’s even more annoying is when your girlfriend tells you not to flirt with her friend, and you say you never flirted at all, and it was her friend who was hitting on you all the while. You know, if you ever say that, that’s the lamest no-balls excuse you could ever give your girlfriend.

#9 When you’re being a s*xist

Men have epic egos, we understand that. But man up and accept that your girlfriend can be an achiever too. If she ever gets a promotion, do you tell her it’s because she’s s*xy or because her boss likes her?

And secondly, when we’re trying to make a point or argue with you, don’t call us a drama queen or ask us whether it’s that time of the month. That’s just you being a s*xist. If you can’t win a fight, don’t use a low blow.

#10 Comparing your girlfriend to someone else

We hate it when you compare us out of the blue to your ex or even one of our friends. “Why can’t you dress up like your friend Suzy?”, “My ex used to do that for me all the time…”, “You know, my friend Kat is so much more understanding that you are…”

Now that kind of a conversation is never going to end well. And your girlfriend will just have one answer for you. Then go the f**k out with her! And yeah, that’s the last thing you’ll hear from her until you apologize.

#11 When you don’t take care of your girlfriend

When men get ill, they may be capable of dragging themselves into bed and lying low until they feel better. But it doesn’t work that way with women. We need and absolutely love a lot of TLC.

If you’re ever nursing your girlfriend back to good health, try to be nice around her. Girls hate it when their boyfriends say they’ll hang out with them and start to act cranky after an hour. When you’re spending time with a sick girlfriend, don’t neglect her completely and stare mesmerized at the television, don’t roll your eyes when she asks you for more tissues or a foot rub, and definitely don’t get grumpy or grumble when she asks you for a second bowl of soup.

Doing any of that hurts your girlfriend, infuriates her and makes her feel worse. If you can’t take care of her, make an excuse and get out, if possible out of her life!

#12 Boyfriends who love to postpone chores

One of the strangest things about guys is their ability to sink into a comfy couch and become a part of the furniture within minutes. And once a guy is comfortable on a couch, it’s almost impossible to drag him out, for any reason whatsoever!

And when a girl gives her boyfriend any chore or requests him to do anything, he assures her that he’ll do it in a bit, and that never really happens. If you can’t participate in any chores around the house or even pick up after yourself after dirtying the entire living room, go back to your *bachelor pad* and build a beer pyramid. Why the heck would you annoy your girlfriend by being a lethargic walrus?

#13 The angry boyfriend and his shortcomings

Girls hate annoying boyfriends who blame their shortcomings on their girlfriend. It’s pathetic and really irritating. Ever lost your way and blamed your girlfriend because she didn’t give you the right directions? Suffered a stomach ache and blamed your girlfriend because she chose the restaurant? Or my personal favorite, lost your erection and got limp in bed in the middle of a * romp and blamed your girlfriend because she wasn’t *into it*?

If you’re blaming your girlfriend because you’re an angry idiot, seriously, man up and take responsibility instead of blaming your girlfriend for her food choice, her built-in GPS system or her * vibes, will you?

So how many of these things do you indulge in? A few or almost all?

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