12 Ways to be Kind and Loving in a Relationship

The presence of love and kindness in a relationship can promise a happy and fulfilled life with your partner. Without these two qualities, anger, bitterness, and resentment can easily dominate a relationship that can end with a heartbreaking ending.

Love and kindness come in many forms, and while words are often used to express them, there is nothing more meaningful and genuine than actions and gestures – no matter how small or simple they are.

Here are some of the ways to be kind and loving in a relationship that can help you become a better partner.

1. Be their peace of mind.
Show your love and kindness by being their peace of mind. Life can be messy and chaotic sometimes, and we often find ourselves lost and confused. That is why, it’s important to find a refuge where we can feel safe, a peaceful place where we can just breathe.

2. Love them sincerely and genuinely.
Love expressed out of sincerity and genuine care is the greatest love there is. While some people claim to love another just because they make an effort to be with them, true love is actually more than your willingness to be physically connected to another person.

True and genuine love is beyond the physical and is characterized by acts of selflessness, concern for another person’s well-being, and the feelings of contentment that come from just seeing that person happy.

3. Be a source of comfort.
Be a source of comfort in the world full of uncertainties, not only for the person you love but also for everyone around you. Loving someone means giving them a shoulder to cry on, a refuge to run to whenever life becomes too much to bear.

4. Choose to be kind than to be angry.
People make mistakes and most of the time, our initial reaction is to be angry and to do something that will hurt them back – but if you truly love a person, why would you choose anger over kindness?

Learn to forgive and be kind especially if your partner did not mean to hurt you.

5. Respect and appreciate others.
Learn to respect and appreciate other people, especially your significant other. If you want someone to feel that you love them, appreciating and recognizing their existence in your life as a friend, a lover and a life partner, can be the most fulfilling gestures that you can practice.

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6. Lend them your strength.
Loving someone means giving them the strength to face life and fight for what they love. Lend them your strength and share the burden with them. Make them feel that no matter how weak they think they are, they can also overcome these obstacles because you will be there.

7. Show them the beauty of living.
Loving someone means helping them to appreciate the beauty of life and living – especially when it matters the most. When times are tough, remind them that life can still be beautiful. When things aren’t going their way, help them remember that these are just challenges designed to help them grow.

8. Inspire them to be more positive.
Loving someone means helping them see the brighter side of love. When someone you love complain a lot about their daily struggles, absorbing these negative emotions and feeling equally frustrated can do more harm than good. Instead of sharing the burdens of these negativities, teach them how to be more positive.

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9. Treasure every moment you have together.
Showing your love to your partner involves celebrating memorable moments together, treasuring every piece of those memories and keeping them in your heart. A relationship doesn’t always have to be about romantic dinners, travel dates or even movie marathons – it can also be about conversations, witty banter, or “good morning” texts. In fact, it’s the small things that matter.

10. Make faith the center of your relationship.
The ultimate way to be kind and loving in a relationship is to recognize faith as the center of your commitment. Your faith and your beliefs will remind you that your purpose as a person is to spread love and kindness, not just to your significant other but to everyone around you.

Becoming a better person for others can help you become the best person for yourself – and it’s this goal that will help you achieve true and genuine happiness.

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11. Teach them self-love and self-care.
Remind your partner to love himself/herself first before trying to give love to others. This is because, if you want to truly love someone, you have to make sure that you have enough love to give – but this is only possible if your happiness does not depend on other people.

Most importantly, make sure that you don’t give all your love to someone by leaving some for yourself. Most of the time, people tend to forget this part of being in a relationship and when it doesn’t work out, they are left with nothing.

12. Choose your words well.
Words can be powerful. A single line can change someone’s life just as how a single word can tear it apart. Practice kindness by choosing your words well, especially during the times when you feel angry, betrayed or hurt because these are the moments where words are like sharp daggers that can easily pierce one’s heart.

Be kind and be calm when dealing with these challenging moments because the consequences of your actions after a temporary argument can have lasting effects in the future. Love your partner enough to always choose to be kind even if the circumstance demands you to choose hate.

Love and kindness teach people to love life, especially for couples in a romantic relationship, despite the challenges that they face every day. In fact, these two qualities serve as their source of hope and strength whenever they think that their only option is to give up.

Being a kind and loving partner will not only help your relationship to grow, but it can also make you better people not just for each other but for everyone around you.

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