11 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Secure

It takes a lot of effort to make a woman feel that aside from being loved and appreciated, they can peacefully go on with their days with a deep sense of security and trust that their relationship is at its strongest and most stable stage.

But how can you exactly achieve this relatively perfect scenario for your own relationship?

To answer this question, we’ve gathered some of the most thoughtful ways on how to make your girlfriend feel secure. Here they are.

1. Don’t take her for granted – especially in front of other people.
Never do that to her because aside from breaking her heart, you’re also making her feel that you would rather pay attention to other things – and other people – than to be with her.

For example, have you ever invited your shy and timid girlfriend to go out with your friends and somehow later in the evening, “forgot” that you brought her there? You’re having fun, drinking and dancing while she sits there, alone and feeling out of place in a noisy and unfamiliar place. Familiar? Then you know you’re guilty of this one.

2. Don’t give her even just a single reason not to trust you.
Some temptations are hard to resist but as someone who is in a relationship, you should always remind yourself that you have this responsibility to walk out from the things that can hurt the person you love.

Lying, cheating, and keeping secrets: those are just some of the most common things that will convince her to never trust you again. She may forgive you but it’s just a matter of time until everything you’ve done will come back to remind her that she should not believe in everything you say all the time – even if you’re really telling the truth.

3. Introduce her to your circle – and maybe to your family?
Let her into your life and make her feel that you’re proud to be in a relationship with her. Introduce her to the most important people, your crowd, and your gang – because it can surely make her feel special.

It’s the best way to welcome her into your world and your social circle – and doing this sweet gesture can really make her the happiest.

4. Forgive her shortcomings and accept her imperfections.
She will never feel secure in your relationship if you don’t give closure on the unintentional mistakes that she has done in the past. She will live every day remembering what she did wrong and it would make her feel anxious, thinking that maybe there will come a time that it will be an enough reason for you to break up with her.

Never let her feel that her imperfection is something that can destroy what you have. Accept her for who she is and assure her that you love her just as she is.

5. Give her compliments every chance you get.
Make her feel beautiful and special every day. Tell her how gorgeous her outfit is, remind her that you have chosen her because she has something special in her. Just express how you feel and don’t hesitate to call her pretty. Not that hard, right?

Compliments can do a lot to boost their confidence and they can assure her that she has a special and irreplaceable part in your heart.


6. Make her feel that she can always count on you.
A feeling of security also comes with the thought that they have you to lean on especially when it matters the most. Make her feel that aside from being a lover, you can also be a good friend to her.

Being there for her during the toughest times in her life because it can offer her a sense of emotional security, a relieving assurance that you’re not only a dedicated lover but also a reliable friend.

7. Stay focused on your goals while still doing your part as a partner.
Feeling secure also comes with the thought that you have a bright future for the both of you. For instance, do you have your own individual goals? Are you doing your part to create a beautiful and secure future (both emotionally and financially) for what’s ahead?

Think long term and give her the assurance that in five or ten years, you will still be together, living happily and comfortably in the life you created for the both you.

8. Be a good listener; and don’t hesitate to open up, too.
Don’t be afraid to dive into the ‘emotion zone’. Guys and girls have the right to express their deepest emotional thoughts and doing this regularly as a couple can really help you understand each other more.


This also creates a strong connection between the two of you.

9. Answer the important questions and be honest at all times.
Girls sometimes ask a lot of questions not just out of curiosity but also because they want to be reminded that everything they believe in, that everything they know is honest and true – especially if it’s about your relationship.

10. Don’t entertain other people’s advances – ever.
It’s normal to meet new people and make friends but as someone who is in a relationship, you must also be sensitive and observant. Know the difference between friendliness and flirting – and it’s not that hard to figure it out if you really try.

Don’t betray your girlfriend by accommodating and entertaining obvious advances from other people. Be mature enough to politely decline or to be blunt if necessary.

11. Move on from your past and focus on your present: her.
Whether it’s about your past heartbreaks, past love, anything that will make your girlfriend feel that you’re not living in the present should either be kept locked in the deepest dungeons of your heart or should be let go.

Move on from these irrelevant details and focus on what’s in front of you: someone who deeply and genuinely loves you. Accept this new life, new love and new future set for you with this very special person.

The last thing that you want to do is to make your girlfriend, the love of your life, feel insecure because what follows next can cause a more serious and devastating impact on your relationship: jealousy, paranoia, doubts, feelings of unworthiness, to name a few.

Your most important role is to make your significant other feel that you are genuinely committed and sincerely faithful to the promises you made to each other.


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