11 Twin Flame Stages You’ll Experience While Searching For “The One”

You’ve probably heard of the concept of twin flames. It’s quite different to soulmates because you can only have one twin flame – your mirror and the only person you can never truly kick out of your mind and heart.

However, finding “the one” is not as easy as you might think. In fact, there are some twin flame stages everyone has to go through before reuniting with their match made in heaven.

Even though every couple is different, what is interesting is that almost all go through similar stages of twin flame, and here are 11 of them.


1. Personal growth

The first stage of your twin flame relationship actually has nothing to do with your mirror soul. In fact, it is something all of us have to go through alone and you’re no exception.

This stage of twin flame starts ages before you meet your karmic deep connection. It actually begins in the early phases of your life, even though this is something you’re probably not aware of.

Basically, during this time, both of you live your separate lives. You think that your existences have nothing to do with each other, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Every move you make and every step you take is actually a preparation for your big encounter. Everything you experience on your journey is a path that leads you to “the one”, and vice versa.

You might think that your twin flame will come knocking on your door out of nowhere. However, destiny has its ways and not a single event in your life happens by accident.

Instead, everything is planned ahead. Every little thing you go through and every person who comes into your life serves as a preparation for the big finale.

Even if you don’t notice it, this stage is all about your personal growth.

I know that sometimes you feel like you’re not moving forward but trust me, even your setbacks and stepping stones are a part of the process in which you will become the person you’re meant to be.

All the failures you experience during this time serve as tough but valuable lessons. Most importantly: they serve as a basis for self-improvement.

This is the phase in which you should understand what you want and don’t want from life and love.

The phase in which you need to learn the importance of self-love and the stage which is crucial for you to realize your self-worth.

All of a sudden, you have this uncontrollable urge to start working on yourself. You do everything in your power to become the best possible version of yourself.

At first, you have no idea why you’re doing all of this. However, later on, you’ll realize that all along you just wanted to be better for your twin flame love.


2. The longing

You might be one of those people who doesn’t believe in other halves. You think that real life is not a fairy tale and that you shouldn’t expect miracles.

Maybe you don’t believe in the concept of soulmates and you don’t think that a person who will complete you exists.

However, with time, all of that changes. It’s not that you voluntarily change your mind and attitudes – it just happens and you simply can’t control it.

The primary feeling that characterizes this second of the twin flame stages is craving.

For all of this time, you feel like something is missing – like you need just another piece of the puzzle to make your life complete and existence meaningful.

At first, you have no idea that you’re actually craving the absence of your twin soul. You don’t know why you feel this void.

After a while, when you grow a bit older, a strange feeling appears. You don’t have any logical argument for this but deep down, you simply know that “the one” is out there.

At first, you think that you’re imagining things. You assume that you idealize and romanticize the concept of unconditional love too much.

This happens because you’re afraid to believe. Even though you know the truth, you doubt it.

Basically, you’re scared of getting your hopes up. You’re terrified of disappointment and you’re skeptical about this sensation, despite your strong intuition.

Nevertheless, after some time, you start to realize that your gut is telling you the truth. After all the attempts to escape it, your hope overwhelms you and you simply stop fighting your destiny.

You understand you need your other half to fill the emptiness and the numbness that’s been overwhelming you.

You don’t know who this person is, when they will come, or what they will look like but you become certain that they’re out there.

So, you start yearning for them. You patiently wait for them to show up and you have no doubt whatsoever that they will appear sooner or later.

Moreover, now you know that you’re ready to finally meet “the one”. You see yourself on the right track and you understand why the previous stage of your life happened.


3. The pursuit

The next phase is still not directly connected to your twin flame but it is bringing you closer to them. In this stage, you start to actively search for “the one”.

Again, it’s not something you voluntarily decide to do. It’s just that this emptiness becomes unbearable.

You can’t stand to spend another minute of your life alone. Don’t get me wrong: this has nothing to do with being single.

You don’t have the desire to date just anyone. You need one, specific person who will give color to your life.

However, the trick is that this person isn’t as easy to find as it might appear. In fact, you have to kiss many frogs before you find your Princess or Prince Charming.

So, that is exactly what happens. You go into the dating pool and you put yourself out there.

You meet a lot of people and you even date some of them, all in hope of finding the one. You give some of them a chance to touch your soul but that doesn’t happen, as much as you try.

However, you still hope. Even though you feel that this is not it every time you meet the wrong person, you still keep your hopes up and you expect that you will grow to realize that they’re your twin flame.

It’s not that you’re completely indifferent towards all of these people. In fact, you even grow to love some of them and there are often mutual feelings included.

To be honest, most of the time, you kind of force yourself to feel things a little bit stronger.

You’re getting tired of your search and consequently, doing your best to convince yourself that you’ve finally found the one and that you can stop looking.

Nevertheless, every time it happens, deep down you know that it’s not the real deal. Whenever you think you’ve fallen in love, before you know it, you become aware that this is nothing but temporary love.

You know that remaining in each one of those relationships would mean settling for less. You know that you’re destined for greater things and that earthly, everyday love can never please you for real.


4. The abyss

However, this optimism doesn’t last forever. In fact, after a while, you start to lose hope.

This is not a decision you make by yourself. In fact, the world around you impacts you greatly, even though you might try to fight it.

Whenever you share your thoughts with your closest ones, most of them ridicule you. They tell you that you’re too picky, that your standards are too high, and that you’re expecting the impossible.

You try to explain to them that you’re not looking for perfection. You just want someone you can “click” with but you haven’t found that person.

So consequently, in the end, you fall under pressure and you lose hope. You fall into despair and you plan on giving up on love altogether.

You go back to thinking that all of this time, you were just imagining things and that this concept of “the one” is just a dream in your head and something you created to escape the brutal reality.

Not only that: this stage of the twin flame is also characterized by loss of self-confidence. You start to see yourself as incapable of loving, as not meant to be loved, and all of your self-love disappears.

Everything around you becomes darkness. The only guidance and the only goal you have has disappeared and you feel utterly lost and confused.

You’re tired of all the bad relationships you had in your past and you become certain that you’ll never find your karmic love and a healthy relationship.

Some people are lucky to bump into something like this but you’re clearly not one of them.

You accept the fact that you’re destined to die alone. After all, this is what you’d rather choose than being with someone who doesn’t complete and who can’t give you what your soul craves for.

Consequently, many people lose the desire to live, once they lose their strongest motivation. They become depressed and enter a grieving phase.

The worst part is that you’re grieving the loss of someone you never actually met. Naturally, you start doubting your sanity and begin to question this entire concept.

Is all of this even real? Is there such a thing as a twin flame connection?

What you don’t know is that this is all a part of your twin flame journey. You don’t understand that all those wrong people had to cross your path and for a moment be a part of your life.

Everything you went through and everyone you ever met had a deeper purpose and it all happened for a cause. All of them served as preparation for the one.

After all, if this didn’t happen, how could you possibly know that your twin soul is finally there? How could you compare the twin soul union with every other, average romantic relationship in your life?


5. Change in consciousness

Luckily, this phase doesn’t last forever. In fact, soon enough, a miracle happens and your consciousness changes.

All of a sudden, you experience something called a spiritual awakening. You get in touch with your true self and your consciousness changes forever.

When this happens, you finally see the light, in its true brightness. After all the suffering, you get rid of your demons and leave the darkness in the past, behind you, where it belongs.

No, you still don’t meet your soul connection but you’re getting there with every step of the way.

While you were going through your personal growth, you did become a better version of yourself but only now have you really become ready for them.

Nevertheless, this shift of consciousness isn’t only connected to your views on eternal love. In fact, the main thing about it is everything that happens about you as a person.

The point is that, during this time, you experience a sort of spiritual rebirth.

You feel like you’ve finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel – like everything bad and negative is gone and you’ll know that you’ve got rid of all of your doubts.

You’ll know that you’re about to encounter your twin flame because of the love you’ll feel for yourself.

More than ever, you’ll know that you are worthy and all of those dark thoughts of never finding unconditional love are behind you.

This time, you will meet the side of you you didn’t even know existed. You’ll feel you’ve woken up from a nightmare which lasted years or even decades.

You’ll feel like for the first time ever, you’re living your best life. Like you’ve been purified from all of that toxic energy that has been surrounding and overwhelming you for your entire life.

Ironically, this is when you’ll stop obsessing over finding your twin flame love. You’ll stop worrying about that and you’ll stop actively searching for them.

That’s when you’ll tell yourself: “I am finally done searching for my twin flame.”

More than ever, you’ll be certain that they will come, and that will bring you a peace you’ve never experienced and didn’t even know could exist.


6. The encounter & falling in love

Out of all stages of twin flame,  this one might be the most intense because this is the point when twin flames meet.

The point in which your twin flame journey reaches its peak and when you realize the importance of the law of attraction.

However, this meeting won’t happen out of the blue. Instead, you’ll sense it coming and it will happen with divine timing.

Even though your mind will probably be telling you that you’re imagining things, your soul will know.

Deep down, you’ll know that this is the time and that you’re ready for one of the most important moments of your life.

Some people see the signs the Universe is sending them. For example, they keep running into the same person, always see Angelic numbers around them, or experience different coincidences.

Others have a strong intuition which tells them that they’ve met their soulmate.

Either way, what you’re sensing is telepathy and synchronicity to your true love. They can be on the other side of the world but they’re feeling the same things you do and you sense each other’s minds and emotions.

I’m sure you’ve seen something like this in the movies or you’ve read or heard similar stories. You know how they tell you that you’ll just know when you meet the one?

Well, that couldn’t be more true. You can’t explain nor can you verbalize the feeling you got when you first laid eyes on this special someone.

You feel like you know this person from your past life. It’s like you’ve spent all the years up until this moment searching for them, without even being aware of doing so.

When you meet your twin flame connection, all of the void that’s been haunting you ever since you can remember is being magically fulfilled.

This person has brought you the things you didn’t even know missed in your life and made you feel the things you didn’t even know were capable of feeling.

The second you see this person, you’ll be intrigued by them. Even if you don’t exchange a single word, you’ll feel the law of attraction and you’ll feel magically drawn to them, like to a magnet.

You’ll want to know more about this person. You’ll have this unexplainable urge to get to the bottom of their personality and to meet the core of their being.


7. The flame awakening

The next on the list of twin flame stages is called the flame awakening because this is when you become fully aware of everything that’s happened. When you first meet your twin flame, you don’t know what hit you.

Yes, you’re perfectly aware that something is going on. You know that you’re experiencing something you’ve never experienced before.

Nevertheless, you still don’t have the capacity to identify these feelings.

You’re so drawn to this person that you don’t have the time or the energy to analyze what’s been going on or to name your feelings and the events that have taken place.

However, all of it changes in this stage. Now you know that you’ve met the one.

You didn’t look for it nor did you find them. They just came to you and the Universe sent them right in front of you from your past life.

You’re still overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings of this person but you might also be afraid. You’ve spent all of your life waiting for this moment and now it has come, you have no idea what to do.

You feel like you’re losing control over your mind and body. You can’t think straight and the only thing that moves you is the desire towards your special someone.

From that moment on, you know that you couldn’t imagine living without this person. IN fact, that mere thought terrifies you,

Nevertheless, the best part is that the other person will go through the same scenario inside their heads as well. You see, a twin flame journey is never one-sided.

There is no chance on earth that you can feel karmically connected to someone without the other person returning your emotions and without them feeling the same type of deep connection.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be called a twin flame.

So, both of you know that something important has happened. Both of you see each other as special and see the soulmate connection you experienced as out of this world and something that happens once in a lifetime.


8. Running and chasing stage

After reading all of this, you might assume that this is the happy end of the story. You went through this entire journey on your own just to end up meeting your twin flame union.

Now that you’ve finally encountered them and now you both feel this incredibly strong soulmate connection, everything should be in perfect order. Your path has come to an end and you two can live happily ever after.

Well, wouldn’t life be simpler if things played like this? Sadly, that’s not how it rolls.

In fact, something completely different will happen now. The harsh truth is that not everything will go smoothly from this stage and you will enter a period of running and chasing.

You and your twin flame are so deeply in love with each other that this passion often causes you many troubles.

Yes, the truth is that twin flame couples are very similar to each other. However, they also mirror the things you both want to hide about yourselves. Basically, your twin flame represents your shadow self.

Now, everything you hate about yourself and all the things you don’t want to admit to is encompassed in the one person you have right in front of you.

Basically, they represent all of your qualities you try to run from, which naturally annoys you.

The same thing happens in reverse. They feel the same way and go through the same dilemmas.

Consequently, arguments have to arise. Despite the eternal love you two share, your egos and insecurities collide and confront.

At this stage, you fight about literally everything. The problem is that there are moments when you feel like you can’t stand this person and when everything they do or say annoys you.

However, at the same time, you know that you can’t live without them and you need them like you need air to breathe.

You’re not aware that your twin flame, who is actually your mirror soul, is actually there to challenge you. They provoke you so you end up questioning all of your values and norms.

No, they’re not there to destroy them, as much as it might appear to be that way at first glance. They’ve entered your life to help you finish your personal growth.

The trick about this stage of the twin flame journey is that one person usually does the chasing while the other one is running.

However, that doesn’t mean that one partner is more in love – it’s just a sign that one is braver than the other.

Sometimes, you have the instinct to run for your life from this rollercoaster of emotions. The chaser is more aware of their feelings and is in touch with their inner self.

On the other hand, the runner is not so self-aware. They want to escape the change at first so consequently, they run away from their twin flame.


9. The separation

The worst part about the previous stage is that it can last for years. In fact, it’s usually followed by the separation, which is one of the final stages of your journey..

You might even have other partners or lose all contact with your karmic soulmate. However, they’ll always remain somewhere at the back of your head.

Wherever you go and whoever you meet, this person will continue to exist inside of you. You’ll try to fight your feelings but that won’t be possible.

I’m not saying that you will miss your twin flame 24/7. You won’t grieve for losing them all the time.

Yes, you will feel desperate without them at first. You’ll feel like you can’t live without their presence.

However, you won’t reach out to each other. Every time you think of doing so, you’ll remember all the turmoil you went through and you won’t listen to your heart.

After some time, they’ll stop being the first and the last thing you think of every day when you wake up and before you go to sleep. You’ll stop missing them so intensely and you won’t cry when you remember them.

However, despite this, you’ll never get rid of the feeling that you’re missing a part of yourself. Even when you think that you’ve forgotten all about them, they’ll come back to your memory.

There is a crucial difference in how the runner and the chaser experience this stage. While the chaser is more likely to remain single and suffer in silence, the runner will probably behave in the opposite way.

As I already said: the chaser is more awakened. They’re in touch with their inner self so they’re perfectly aware that they’ve lost their twin flame and that they won’t find someone like them ever again.

On the other hand, the runner does what they do best: run. However, they don’t only run from their twin flame – they also try to run from their feelings.

This is the type of person who represses their emotions as hard as they can. They refuse to admit that they’ve fallen for someone so hard and especially don’t want to accept the fact that they’ve let their soulmate go.

So, instead of realizing their mistake, they try searching for the same sensation in other people.

Of course, this happens without any success and whether they like to admit it or not, they always return to their twin flame, at least in their thoughts.

At some point, both of you will see this as the end of your relationship and won’t know that you still have a long journey ahead together.

In fact, this is nothing but a test for your twin flame union. A test you will certainly pass.


10. The surrender phase

Finally, after a while of fighting with yourselves, both of your surrender. You see that there is no point in running away from something that can’t be avoided and you simply accept the fact that this person is your fate.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you immediately reconnect with your karmic bond. Instead, firstly you reconnect with yourself and regain self-love.

For the first time ever, you disregard your ego and insecurities and focus on what is most important – your emotions. You start listening to the Universe and you let it guide you.

This is another stage reserved for a lot of tough but valuable lessons. You learn a lot about your inner self, about your weaknesses, strengths, and most importantly you get to know your spiritual side.

If you do get in touch with your twin flame during this stage, you are now changed people. You do your best to surpass your differences and to fight the challenges life has thrown at you.

From this point of view, you see that all the reasons which brought to your separation were nothing in comparison to this twin flame union you have.

You understand that you can’t escape each other and more importantly – you stop trying to do so.

Instead of wasting all of your time and energy on constant fighting, you start working on your issues and do your best to find the middle ground.

You used the time you spent apart to think about your mistakes. You spent it working on yourselves and figuring out what went wrong.

So now, you’re much smarter and wiser and you’re ready for the next phase of your lives – the the reunion stage.


11. Twin flame reunion

The last of the twin flame stages is the twin flame reunion. Both you and your twin soul have grown incredibly and found a way to overcome your arguments.

You’ve let go of your need to be in control and you’ve realized that all you want is a peaceful union and a healthy relationship.

Even though you might think that this is where you experience the old rollercoaster of emotions you’ve already been through, this phase is actually different to anything that’s gone on between you two in the past.

In fact, what characterizes it the most is the feeling of calmness. There are no more arguments and no more challenges since you successfully defeated them all.

Now is the time for you to live the peaceful life you deserve and have craved so much. After all the turmoil, you feel like you’ve come home and you don’t plan on going anywhere.

Finally, in this reunion stage, you and your twin soul become one. You become a union and a team instead of warriors.  Most importantly: you start doing what you came here to do: complete each other.


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