11 Signs You’re Way Too Immature For A Relationship

You may think that you are ready to be in a relationship, but you could be showing signs that you’re really not ready for the commitment that comes with settling down. Whether you are currently in a relationship, or you have someone in mind who is perfect boyfriend material, your own immaturity could be the one thing that’s stopping you from being happy and blissfully in love.

If you’ve been in a series of failed romances, but you’re finally ready to put 100% into a new situation, hold off on changing your relationship status to “taken.” Take the time to read through this list to see if you are suffering from immaturity. Now is the time to work on your maturity level if you want to be happy in your relationship.

Keep reading to see the 15 signs that prove that you are just too immature to be in a real relationship.

11You Like Pushing Buttons

An immature woman will quickly find out what makes her partner angry. And instead of avoiding topics that she knows will cause a disagreement, the immature woman will bring up these discussions frequently as a way to push her partner’s buttons. If this sounds like something you have done in your past relationships, then you are probably too immature to be in a relationship right now.

Intentionally annoying your boyfriend and doing things that you know will set him off is never beneficial. In fact, it will just cause your relationship to break down and deteriorate over time. It’s time for you to really take a step back and figure out why you feel the need to push peoples’ buttons. Do you think that getting a reaction out of them shows that they care? Do you secretly get enjoyment out of seeing other people frustrated and upset? If so, your maturity is lacking, and this is an issue you will need to address right away.

10You Hold Grudges

If you think that holding grudges is the best way to teach your partner a lesson, you’re sadly mistaken. In a relationship, your boyfriend is bound to make you upset at some point, and arguments will happen whether you try to avoid them or not. But once you accept his apology for the part he played in the disagreement, you need to learn how to let go and move on. If you keep harping on the past, and constantly hold grudges, you are only causing more damage to the relationship. Those who constantly hold grudges are looking to get sympathy, love playing the victim, and they are searching for the compassion and comfort they feel they were duped out of in the past. But holding grudges is also a sign of immaturity, and once you learn to move on, you will be a much happier person. You will be able to finally enjoy your relationship even more.

9It’s All About the Physical

In the beginning of a relationship, of course you want to spend a lot of time getting physical with your guy. He’s just so hot, you can’t keep your hands off of him! But at some point, the two of you will need to unlock lips and really get to know each other. If all you have in common is your physical chemistry, the relationship is bound to fail over time. The mature woman knows this ahead of time, and so she keeps her partner physically as well as mentally stimulated by engaging in thought-provoking conversations and sharing her interests with him. On the other hand, the immature woman will believe that she can keep her relationship afloat by simply being a hottie and rocking her man’s world in the bedroom night after night. If this sounds like you, you may be good enough for a short-term relationship, but if you want to be in a committed relationship that lasts throughout the years, you need to bring something else to the table.

8You Constantly Cancel Plans

So your partner takes the time to plan an elaborate date for you. He lets you know well in advance that he’ll be picking you up on Friday evening at 7 PM. When Thursday rolls around, your BFF calls you and tells you she has tickets to see Justin Bieber in concert. Instead of telling her you already have plans with your guy, you quickly accept her invitation. There’s no way you’re going to miss out on see The Biebs live, right?!

If you must cancel on your partner for any reason, make sure it’s not something that happens frequently. Once you start making plans and canceling over and over again, you’re really starting to let your immaturity show. Frequent cancelations are a way for the immature girl to maintain control when she feels like things are out of her hands. Breaking plans last minute makes her feel a sense of power in her relationship, but soon enough, her partner will tire of her wishy-washy ways.

7You Never Say Sorry

A big sign that you are too immature for a relationship is if you can never say you’re sorry. If you do something to anger your partner, it’s only right to offer a heartfelt apology to smooth things over. But to the immature person, saying “I’m sorry” comes with a bunch of hidden fears and deep-rooted emotions. According to research, non-apologists refuse to admit blame because they believe an apology will open up the door for shame, further accusations and confrontations.

By refusing to apologize, the immature woman is trying desperately to handle her emotions, and she believes that by refusing to admit any wrongdoings, it will help her to remain powerful in the relationship. If you know that you have done wrong, but you still refuse to apologize to your partner, you’re definitely not ready for a relationship. By refusing to take the blame, your relationship will definitely suffer over time.

6You Just Want to Party

You don’t have to completely get rid of your social life and your friends when you enter a relationship, but if you’d much rather be at the bar than spending time with your partner, it could be a sign that you’re too immature for a relationship. Forming a deep bond with your partner, becoming emotionally attached and strengthening your relationship over time requires spending quality time together, getting to know each other, and learning more about your compatibility as a couple.

You don’t really think you can strengthen your relationship by twerking at your favorite nightclub every Friday night, do you? If you would rather party than enjoy a chill night at home with your boo, it’s a sign that being in a relationship is just not right for you at this time. Maybe the timing is off, and at a later date, when you have grown and matured a bit, you’ll be emotionally and mentally ready to give a relationship the time and attention it requires.

5You Have “Foot in Mouth” Syndrome

An immature person will constantly say things that they instantly regret. Whether it be ragging on their partner for their clothing choices, or making fun of their boyfriend for his taste in music, having “foot in mouth” syndrome is a definite sign that you’re not mature enough to be in a relationship. Putting your partner down and constantly bashing them is not only doing harm to your relationship, it’s downright rude!

As you mature, you will learn that everyone is different, and you can either accept them the way they are, or keep it moving. But to constantly put someone down will surely put an end to your relationship before it even has a chance to start. if you’ve noticed that you’re constantly embarrassing yourself by shoving your foot in your mouth, it’s a sign that you have a little bit of growing up to do before you’re truly ready to be in a committed relationship.

4You Have No Goals for the Future

Your partner probably doesn’t expect you to have the next five years already planned out, but you should have somewhat of a clear idea of where your life is headed, what goals you want to accomplish, and where you see the relationship going. All of these things are a sign of maturity, and they will let your partner know that you are serious about them and the romance. But if you’re just getting by, and living your life one day at a time, how do you really expect your boyfriend to take you seriously?

This sign of immaturity will cause problems down the road when the two of you begin to talk about the future, and you finally realize you don’t have the same goals and ideas on where your lives are headed. If you have no clue what you wish to accomplish in your life, now’s the time to to sit down and come up with a game plan if being in a healthy and successful relationship is your end goal.

3You’re Closed Off

It’s okay to keep a wall up until you’re comfortable and you start to really trust your partner. But if the two of you have been dating for awhile, and you still aren’t ready to emotionally let him in to your life, then you’re definitely not mature enough to be in a relationship.

It’s almost impossible for your boyfriend to get closer to you if you continue to keep him at a distance. By opening up, you’re showing him that you trust him with your heart, and you’re ready to be fully open with him. But as you hide your true feelings, and you continue to push him away, you’re only letting your immaturity show.

There are many reasons why people hold back when it comes to expressing themselves. Maybe it stems from something that happened during their childhood, or perhaps a past relationship has damaged them. But either way, closing yourself off from your partner is definitely immature.

2You Constantly Battle

Some people are natural debaters. They love engaging in meaningful conversations about everything from sports to politics to business. But there is a huge difference in conversing about relevant topics and constantly battling with your partner about everything under the sun. If you notice that you and your boyfriend are always arguing about the most meaningless things, it could be a sign that you’re too immature for a relationship.

Being in a relationship is all about picking and choosing your battles. Over time, you will realize that not everything is worth fighting over. Of course, if something is bothering you then you need to speak up. But if your boyfriend is simply stating his preference for a specific sports team, it doesn’t give you the right to start laying in on him about his preference. It’s time for you to mature and realize that constantly fighting is the quickest way to ruin a relationship.

1You’re Selfish

A mature woman won’t have a problem with putting their boyfriend’s needs first. When her bae is sick with the flu, she will stay home with him and nurse him back to health instead of going out with her friends. When his car unexpectedly ends up in the shop, she will get up extra early in the morning to drive him to work on her way to her yoga class. She is willing to give because not only does she care about her boyfriend, but she knows that he would do the same for her.

But when it comes to the immature woman, she’s extremely selfish. If the situation doesn’t benefit her, there’s no way she would go out of her way for anyone…not even the man she supposedly loves! This is a sign of immaturity, and it definitely means that you’re not ready to be in a committed relationship.

If you’re too concerned about what you’re getting out of the relationship, then maybe it’s best that you end things now and be on your own. Your boyfriend deserves to be with someone who can reciprocate and show that they love him unselfishly.

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