10 Signs You’re About To Enter The Friend Zone

Unfortunately, sometimes we fall for people who don’t necessarily feel the same way about us as we do about them. This can often lead to some complicated feelings and emotions. When we find ourselves falling for someone who only sees us as a friend and nothing more, the term “friend-zoned” comes into play. That means there is no passing go, there is no collecting $200; go straight to friend jail and remain there for all of eternity.

More often than not, once you have been branded as “just a friend,” there is no moving forward from there. It’s too late for the person you want to see you as anything other than a friend. If you appear to fall short of just crossing that line to becoming a potential romantic partner it can be frustrating. There are signs to help you indicate whether or not you are about to enter the friend zone. Continue reading to see what they are!

10They Have No Problem Telling You Their Most Embarrassing Moments

Usually, when people are trying to impress someone that they have a romantic interest in, they will omit any embarrassing information from the conversation for a little while.

Revealing those moments that make us blush the most usually come later on down the road. If the person you are interested in seems to have no problem rehashing every single embarrassing detail to you, there is a good chance you have entered the friend zone or are on your way there.

9They Always Mention That You Would Look Good With Someone Else

So, you have fallen for someone but yet they always seem to want to set you up with someone they know. Or they always seem to say things like, “Do you know who you would look cute with?” Then, there is a pretty good chance that they don’t feel the same way about you that you do about them. This could also indicate that you have entered the friend zone and there may be no returning from that. It’s like a subtle way of them trying to tell you that you would go great with someone, anyone, just not with them.

8They Always Say You’re “Cute” But Nothing More

No matter how many times you have tried to get dressed up, it never seems to matter because you’re always just “cute” or “adorable.” They pretty much say things about you that they could also use to describe their beloved fur baby, but not a potential partner.

You may have even heard them use the phrase “they are so hot” before when referring to a person that they have found attractive, but have never once referred to you as being “hot” or even “gorgeous.” If any of this seems to ring true or even sound familiar to you, there is the real chance that you may be trapped in the friend zone.

7You Two Hang Out A Lot But It Never Seems Like An Actual Date

If you hang out with your crush regularly but no matter how hard you try, you two have never actually been on a real date, there is a good chance that you are about to enter the friend zone. Maybe you have even been friend-zoned a while ago and just never realized it. You have become someone they like to lounge around with, but they most likely have no romantic connections with you. You can’t force a connection that may have never been there in the first place.

6They Tell You Want An Awesome Friend You Are

One not so subtle way to help figure out if you have been friend-zoned is by paying attention to the keyword “friend.” If the person you are crushing on starts referring to you as their “awesome friend” or if they tell you that you are an amazing or great friend, you may never be able to leave the friend zone since they see you as nothing more than a friend.

So, you may either have to make your move quickly and try to cross over into becoming a potential romantic partner or settle for just being their friend.

5They’ve Never Even Tried To Make A Move

Some people think that just because their crush has never tried to make a move that they might just be shy. There is this whole other possibility that maybe they just don’t see you as someone they are interested in dating, so they don’t want to make a move that has the potential to send out mixed signals. Just because we want to date someone, doesn’t mean that person actually wants to date us. If you think you may have been friend-zoned, pay attention to how they are acting toward you compared to someone you think they may have feelings for.

4Their Friends May “Joke” That You’ve Been Friend-Zoned

If your crush’s friends ever made a joke about you being in the friend zone, there is a good chance that they were actually poking fun at you and that it’s really not a joke at all.

Once their friends start saying that you’ve entered the zone, you most likely have. If their friends are even saying it, imagine what they could have been telling their friends about it. Usually, a person’s friends will know what’s going on well before you have even figured it out.

3They Subtly Turn Down Your Advances

If the person you are crushing on seems to always, kindly, turn down any advances that you make, that may be a sign that you have crossed over into the friend zone. If the timing is right, and someone is into you, they will usually allow you to make certain moves even if it is something as simple as they let you hold their hand. But when every advance has been blocked, it may be time to set your sights on someone else.

2You’re Their Go-To Person

When you become your crush’s go-to person that they seem to run to every time anything bad or good happens, that might be a sign that they have classified you as just a friend.

Those words, just a friend, can be pretty harsh when you have fallen for someone who doesn’t seem to want you back. They may even come to you for advice about the person that they actually like, which can sting quite a bit. Look to other signs on this list to be sure that you have entered the friend zone.

1They Tell About Someone They’re Crushing On

When you really like someone and want to be with them, you would never tell them if you thought someone else looked good or if you had feelings for someone else. The reason we don’t say things like that to the person we like is so that we don’t do anything to jeopardize our chances of getting into a relationship with our crush. So, if your crush starts talking about other people that they like or what to be with, that most likely means that you have entered the friend zon


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