10 Signs Your Relationship is Worth Fighting For

A relationship between two people in love can be exciting yet unpredictable. Sometimes, young couples freely and constantly express their willingness to spend the rest of their lives with their partner, saying promises of “forever” and “eternity” only to find those words empty when challenges start bombarding them.

Forming a strong bond between two people takes more than just loving each other and promising to create a future together. If you have had romantic relationships before, you would know that love is not always enough. This is the reason why one should always carry a constant willingness to exert the necessary effort to make their relationship last.

However, there will always be a question of finding limits in everything. Are your efforts to revive and rekindle an almost broken relationship worth it? Should you keep fighting even if you keep on getting hurt? Should you finally give up the fight and start over? This article can hopefully give you the answers that you need in order to reflect on that big and final decision without regrets.

Everything that has been said leads us to the most significant question of all: what are the signs that your relationship is worth fighting for?

1. Your partner is one of your most favorite people.
It doesn’t have to be love or romance that should keep a relationship last. If you are in love with someone you genuinely like and admire, it can be the best assurance that you are indeed with the right person. For instance, ask yourself: if you were to write down top five people in your life, would your significant other make it to the list? If your answer is yes, then you’d know that they’re worth fighting for.


2. You both know how to communicate and express how you feel.
Most of the time, people easily give up on something even without trying to understand the consequences. Sincerely talking about the problem and discussing possible ways to fix whatever is broken is a big step into resolving any relationship issue. Would you give up and leave things unsaid? Don’t make decisions without a proper and honest conversation. Express how you feel about it, let it all out and start from there.

3. You don’t want to be with anyone else.
If you’re still in love with your partner and if you don’t think that someone else is the reason why you are both falling apart, then there’s a reason why you should not give it up. If you still see yourself caring and loving this person for a long time and not anyone else, why would you end it? It’s simple but most couples tend to complicate it: if you feel deep inside that you want to be with that person, don’t do and say things that will tell them otherwise.

4. Boredom is not in your vocabulary.
You know that you’re with the right person if you never feel bored whenever you’re together. This is perhaps the most unnoticed sign that you really appreciate your significant other not only as a lover but as a companion. Don’t forget this feeling and if there are times when you feel that a breakup is the only choice you have left, imagine the good times you’ve shared and how you would never experience those moments again.

5. Your differences complete your relationship.
Arguments in couples are normal and even between people in love. Fighting over petty and trivial things is a part of every relationship. This is because even if you think you’re soulmates, you will always have your individual differences. So what do these differences do to you as a couple? Sometimes they’re the reasons why people grow apart. However, there are times when these dissimilarities actually make both of you complete. It’s ironic but it’s true.  Just like how famous sayings express it, you complement each other.

6. You still feel giddy whenever they do something sweet.
The honeymoon stage in a relationship usually lasts only a few months and if you’re lucky, a year. However, there are some rare moments when you still experience the butterflies, the giddy feeling whenever one of you does something special for the other regardless of how many years you’ve been together. It doesn’t even have to be grand and well planned because sometimes, even the simplest and most spontaneous acts can spark excitement and deliver the good old “puppy love-ish” thrills you once felt.

7. It feels good when you’re together.
When most of your moments of being together still feel good, then you know you should hold on. Sure, there are times when you argue over trivial things. There will even be days when you feel as if you’ve been taken for granted because of the demands of work and other responsibilities outside the relationship. However, it’s important that you treasure good times and look back at better moments rather than focusing on the negative ones.

8. You can be apart without the drama.
Most couples who have made it feel comfortable enough to be apart without having the usual LDR drama that others go through. If you have this kind of security in your relationship, the one that’s built on trust and individual independence, then you know that you should hold on no matter what.


9. You’re the best of friends.
Sometimes, temporary absence of romance and passion makes couples unsure of their relationship. This is the time when the bond you have as friends matter. If you are the best of friends, respecting and admiring each other, not only as a lover, but also as a person, then you know that there is no saying good bye. Friendship in couples are not only more intimate but also more secure.

10. You have helped each other grow.
You know you’re in a good relationship when you have helped each other grow and achieve the best versions of yourselves. This special kind of companionship can survive any storm and any obstacle if both of you just do your part and make the effort of trying to find the best in even the worst situations.

In any kind of relationship, there will always be instances in which you would need more than love in order to keep going. In fact, these frustrating circumstances will be repeated over and over until you either give up or you find a way to survive one more time.


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