10 Most Romantic Vacation Spots for Troubled Couples

Are you tired of the daily grind? Worse than that, are you tired of your partner? Don’t want to walk through the door because you know you’re in for another fight? Feel guilty every time you catch yourself rolling your eyes at something they said?

Well, rest assured that you’re not the only one. Couples experience problems all the time. From newbies to those who have been together for decades, relationship troubles are certainly not new to the world.

Whether you intend to stay or go, you may want to consider giving it one last shot before making your final decision. No matter what you’re going through, there’s no denying that you once loved your partner with all you heart. Isn’t that reason enough to save the relationship? If so, you should consider rekindling the romance, and a great way to do so is to head off on a romantic adventure together. There’s no harm in trying to save what you’ve built together, and even if the trip is fruitless, at least you can say you tried. [Read: 18 critical signs of a relationship that’s falling apart]

Vacation locations for broken relationships

A save-cation will be sure to highlight the problems that you have and may even offer solutions to them. Whether these solutions are temporary or permanent, seeing eye-to-eye with each other will be a relief. Fingers crossed that you will sort it all out at one of these 10 romantic vacation spots.

#1 Maldives. It’s hard not to feel love for the person you’re with when you’re surrounded by absolute beauty. The Maldives is one of the most pristinely perfect places in the world, and no matter which atoll you end up on, you can rest assured that it will be paradise on earth. From all-in resorts like Club Med to exclusive private islands, take your pick from the myriad luxurious and romantic options available to you.

#2 Big Island, Hawaii. Hawaii is renowned for its rich culture, beautiful heritage, amazing landscape, and perfect beaches. There’s no better place to douse yourself in love and lust than on the Big Island, the largest of Hawaii’s eight islands.

The Big Island boasts everything from black sand beaches to a live volcano, and will be the perfect place to rekindle your love if your relationship is on the rocks. You can opt for absolute privacy and stay barricaded at one of the many luxury resorts or opt for an adventure getaway and indulge in hiking, camping, kayaking, and so on. [Read: Sexy fun on the beach for couples]

#3 Chamonix, France. They say that Paris is the most romantic city in France, but there’s no denying that Chamonix in the French Alps offers unparalleled romance. The magnificent mountains will be sure to take your breath away, and there’s no denying that indulging in fine wine, cheeses, and strolling through the adorable town will make you fall in love with each other again.

Whether you want to take it easy and breathe in the crisp mountain air from your chalet or get closer to the sun by skiing thousands of meters above sea level, Chamonix will be sure to revive your love life in ways that you never imagined. [Read: 12 quick tips to make your relationship instantly better]

#4 Namib Desert, Namibia. Imagine ever-changing sand dunes as far as the eye can see. Minuscule grains of sand are being blown around by the wind, their tiny surfaces reflecting the sun’s brilliant rays billions at a time, shifting and changing the landscape with every blink of the eye. As you trudge over yet another dune, you suddenly see the Atlantic Ocean in front of you in all its cold, choppy, and harsh glory.

The Namib Desert stretches all the way to the ocean, and those who are unprepared will think that they just stepped into a surrealist painting. It is a place that’s unreal, untouched, and unfettered by conventional tourism and perfect if you want to fix your broken relationship. The harsh landscape will put things into perspective, especially if you’re able to see how raw and beautiful nature is. [Read: 10 effortless ways to rekindle the lost spark in a relationship]

Don’t worry, you won’t be thrown out of a helicopter and expected to sandboard to the ocean. There are tour companies that will handle everything from your jeep travel to luxurious overnight stays.

#5 Seychelles. There’s a reason why Britain’s Prince William and Princess Kate selected the Seychelles as their honeymoon destination. Diverse coral reefs, pristine beaches, dense forests, amazing seafood, rare wildlife, and myriad ultra-luxurious resorts call this African archipelago home.

There’s certainly no reason why you can’t rekindle the romance here. Known as one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Seychelles offers everything from utter relaxation to nonstop adventure, so depending on what kind of holiday you want, you’ll get it.

#6 Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo may not seem like the ideal place to head to for a romantic save-cation, but it sure is in springtime during the highly regarded sakura or cherry blossom season. Tokyo on its own at any given time is as awesome as it can get. Bright lights, big city, incredible food, interesting people, rich culture, scenic architecture, and well, you get the picture. However, if you pay the city a visit during sakura season, you’re in for a magical treat.

It’s almost as if everyone is transformed into another person during the week-long festivities. Love is certainly in the air, and it takes the form of billions of delicate flowers budding, flowering, and falling gracefully from thousands of trees all over the city. From the well-manicured gardens at Shinjuku to the boulevards that line the moat by the Royal Palace, Tokyo during cherry blossom season is certainly the place to be at, to fall in love again. [Read: 30 questions for couples to keep the naughty spark alive]

#7 Cappadocia, Turkey. Imagine waking up a couple of hours before the crack of dawn, rolling out of your cozy bed encapsulated within a real life cave, taking a drive through deep canyons and ancient rock formations, before jumping onto a hot air balloon, and lifting off the ground for a magical sunrise.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then head over to Cappadocia. This historical Turkish region has seen the rise and fall of empires and no doubt, the rise and fall of thousands of couples who flock over to experience the romantic mysticism and magic of the area for themselves. [Read: 10 naughty sex games for couples to feel really horny again!]

#8 Napa Valley, California. Scenic landscapes of rolling hills and perfectly lined vineyards are the norm at Napa Valley. Why not consider this beautiful region if you’re off for a save-cation? Charming B&Bs, vineyard hopping, and wine tasting will undoubtedly get you and your partner in the mood. What’s not to love about drowning your sorrows in the best vintage the region has to offer, and talking everything through till all your problems are solved? [Read: How to use pillow talk to rekindle the romance]

#9 Macchu Pichu, Peru. Putting yourself through the wringer and challenging yourselves as a team will undoubtedly lend a hand in fixing your troubled relationship. Sure, some people may say that hiking and camping for days is a recipe for disaster, but many others will tell you that taking yourselves out of your daily routine and switching up your lifestyle is the key to a relationship’s success.

Not only will you see the best and worst in each other on this trip, the magnificent view of the ancient ruins of Macchu Pichu will be sure to silence all doubts that life is worth living with the one you love. [Read: 18 ways to become more spontaneous in life]

#10 Udaipur, India. Save for the Taj Mahal, when one thinks of India, one wouldn’t necessarily think of romance. However, head over to Udaipur, and be pleasantly surprised. Famous for its palaces and lakes, Udaipur is an enchanting and effortlessly romantic place to head to if you want to fix what’s broken.

Known to many as the Venice of the East, you will be blown away by how picturesque, historical, and cultural this city is. From exploring little markets to photographing temples and palaces, you can be sure that colorful India will give you plenty of solace and romantic ideas on how to lift your relationship off the rocks.

Go on this trip with the expectation that it’s not going to be perfect. Contrary to a honeymoon, taking a vacation when you’re on the rocks means tension, awkwardness, and potential fights. Don’t force the romance. Just let your partner come and bask in the glow of these romantic locations!


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