10 Long Distance Relationship Advice for College Students

There is always a time in a person’s youth when he or she falls in love with another person who will always be known as his or her college sweetheart. In fact, you might have someone like that in your life right now.

College is a tough time in any one’s life but having a person who loves and supports you make it much easier to handle. Unfortunately, loving each other also means supporting your partner in his or her career choices which may end up with you two being in separate colleges.

One does not need to worry though, the distance can never fan out the burning love of youth for below are ten long distance relationship advice for college students:

1. Try to send as much care packages as you can.
A care package is a box that is full of everything that your partner loves. It can be a pack of cupcakes, a sweatshirt of yours that he or she likes to wear, his or her favorite song albums, or even a photo album! Sending a care package is like sending a big box full of your love to your partner to prove that even a few miles can’t keep you from loving him or her.

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2. Be connected always.
In every relationship, communication is the key that is why it is very important to stay connected at all times. Living in such a modern era, communication is not much of a problem anymore due to the internet and easy-to-connect social media applications. You can send each other small updates throughout your day although just make sure to never do it while in class!

3. Never forget to have an end-of-the-day-catch-up-talk.
It is important to talk to your partner at least once or twice a day, so when the day is over, always make sure to have an end-of-the-day-catch-up-talk. This is now an opportunity for you both to talk about what happened during your day at school and to catch up with each other’s activities. Even if you are far away from your loved one, make sure to be involved in his or her daily life.

4. A visit wouldn’t hurt.
Doing surprise visits every now and then does not hurt so do not deprive each other of physical contact. If you have gathered enough money then why don’t you get something nice, book a ride, and go see your loved one? Because no saved up money in the world can ever replace the smile on his or her face when you show up after your partner just had a long day at school. That smile is irreplaceable.

5. Encourage each other in studying.
Being the students that you are, you should support each other in the academic field. Never be the reason why your partner is failing a subject. If you love the person, then you should do everything that you can to help him or her succeed. It is important to remember that education is an equal priority and one must never drag his or her partner if he or she truly loves the person.

6. Be your partner’s number one fan.
If your partner is into any extracurricular activity, then be his or number one fan! Do not hesitate to jump and cheer from the sidelines, even if you are a lot of miles away! If you can’t watch any of your partner’s games, have someone record it or call him or her just before they compete. Moral support is a definite booster! Nothing says “I love you” more than a firm “I believe in you” to your partner.

7. Allow each other to enjoy the college experience.
Both of you are still living your youthful lives, so do not hesitate to enjoy the college life! Even if you are in a relationship, do not restrain your partner from having unique experiences. Do not stop your partner from hanging out with his or her friends, you wouldn’t want to end up being too clingy. Put your trust in your partner, let loose a little, and enjoy!

8. Be understanding when it comes to time.
It is quite understandable that there may come a time when one of you or even both of you are very busy because of schoolwork. Being understanding is a virtue especially in long distance relationships. There may be times when you would not even be able to talk to each other because of busy schedules but take note that both of you have your own career paths to mold and not being able to take sometimes can pay off in the long run. Remember to support each other no matter what!

9. Give your trust to each other.
Aside from communication, it is also important to give your trust to your partner. College is a time when a person explores and meets many different people, so if you are paranoid and clingy, then it will definitely eat you up! If you really love the person and want to make it work, then you should be able to take the blind leap and trust your partner!

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10. Set the future as your inspiration.
Both of you are still students, so use the vision of your future together as an inspiration to study better and work harder. If you want to have a wonderful and successful future for you and your loved one, then you should support each other in your own academic fields!

Always strive for success! Relationships are supposed to bring each other up and not drag each other down. Even if you and your partner are far apart, you can work on your dreams together separately.

People might say that being in love during college is a waste of time and a distraction but you can prove them otherwise. Having a loved one with you, whether physically or not, always makes the journey more enjoyable and much easier.

For college students, use love as a tool for inspiration. Take every experience that you have as a lesson to enrich and improve your life. Love knows no time, no age, and no distance!

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