10 Inspirational Tips to Heal a Broken Heart

A heartbreak could be literally deadly. You may die from heart attack, suicide, or accident due to too much alcohol—or you could kill someone, if given the chance. That’s why it should not be taken lightly. You should deal with it intentionally.

Yes, there is no shortcut to healing a broken heart. No matter how hard you try to move on in a day, it is impossible, especially if you have truly loved. It may take months or even years. However, if you are just patient enough, you will heal just fine.

If you know someone who is suffering from heartbreak, or if it’s you, then check out the following inspiring tips that have helped many survived what they thought to be their doomsday.

Tips on how to heal your broken heart

1. Cry as much as you can.
Crying does not make you a loser. Actually, they say that strong people cry. It’s okay to shed a bucket of tears, because you are hurting. This will help you let out the pain you feel inside. Don’t hold back, because repression can make the moving on process slow.


2. Accept the truth.
Denying the fact that the person so dear to you is gone makes it harder. Stop hoping s/he will come running back to you. Even if there is a chance for that, but s/he doesn’t do it, just completely let go. Unless the person gives you something to hold on, then there is no reason to wait. If s/he comes back in the future, then that’s the time you decide about accepting him/her again.

3. Believe that time heals.
For many, this is true—so this could work for you as well. No matter how long it takes, time will come when you just remember the person, but you don’t remember the feeling anymore. As time goes by, you get new adventures, meet new people, and be in new surroundings—and these fresher experiences soon outweigh the old ones.

4. Forgive yourself and those who caused you pain.
Whether it was your fault or the other party’s, choose to forgive yourself and everyone who hurt you. This is a conscious and painful decision that requires renewal every day. At first, it seems impossible to accomplish, but as you pursue forgiveness, your clutch loosens overtime.

Holding on to grudges won’t burden no one else but yourself. That’s why, no matter how hard it is, decide to forgive daily until such time that you’ve successfully done it.

5. Know that you have no other way but moving on.
I used to hate this idea, but sad to say I found out it’s true. No matter how down you are right now, soon you will go up again. There is no other way. That’s the law of nature. Unless you give up on your life or you snap, you will move forward even if it’s a slow process. That’s why, don’t lose hope about your situation. You will be okay.

6. Surround yourself with family and friends.
Why should you keep yourself lonely when there are more people out there who deserve your true love? Spend time with your family and friends. Being with them will remind you that you are worth loving. Also, as you interact with people you are comfortable with, the pain of loneliness somehow lessens.

7. Rediscover yourself.
Heartbreak is good at reminding humans of their worth as a person. Instead of drowning in self-pity and despair, why not use this as a drive to rediscover your identity? Do what you used to love doing. Pamper yourself like no one else can. Travel and explore new places. Try new hobbies. Reinvent your wardrobe.


Once you are done grieving over your dead love, you would be thankful to be given the chance to love yourself a little more.

8. Believe that someone better is meant for you.
Probably, you think you can’t live without that person—but that’s only for now. Someday, when you’re all better, you would be thankful that you didn’t end up with him/her. When you fall out of love with someone, that’s the time that you see his/her flaws. Then, you realize that you could have ended up with a miserable relationship or marriage in the long run if you didn’t part ways earlier.

Everything happens for a reason. Who knows? Your heartbreak could lead you to the right guy or girl who would be the best for you. Use this opportunity to seek for a better partner whose personality complements yours.

9. Focus on career.
What could be the best distraction from heartbreak? Yes, nothing else but career. While being single and loveless, use your time to improve your career. Strive to be the best employee, employer, or entrepreneur that you can be.

If you haven’t finished university yet, make it a target. If you got a degree already, then proceed to post-graduate studies. Set higher goals for yourself.


10. Seek spiritual healing.
You are a tripartite being: composed of body, soul, and spirit. Don’t just focus on restoring your body and soul. Mend your spirit as well. Do this by doing meditation, prayer, or reading spiritual books. Praying, especially for those who hurt you, can help you forgive easier. It can also help you understand, accept, and let go of your sufferings.

You may not be a believer, but at your lowest point, you won’t lose anything if you try calling out to a Supreme Being. Personally, it was heartbreak that helped me answer questions about faith and circumstances. Afterwards, I believe I have gained a more positive outlook in life.

It’s not the end of the world
When heartbreak is new and fresh, it is normal to feel too much pain—to the point of thinking you’re dying. It’s not strange that you can’t eat nor sleep. Ending your life may even cross your mind. However, trust me, it won’t last long.

You’re not the first person to have a broken heart. Everyone you meet on the road has his/her share, but they’re still alive and kicking, right? Soon, you can proudly call yourself a survivor too. Just don’t give up.


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