10 Indicators of High Testosterone in Guy – The Overflow of Man-Juice

Aside from a Y-chromosome and the thing between his legs, an abundant supply of testosterone is that one other blueprint feature that makes a man, well… a man. After all, it is named after another one of his defining anatomical features which is the testes. These 14 signs of high testosterone in men tell you what it means exactly.

While testosterone is a hormone that both s*xes produce, men get a higher dose of the stuff than women. It highlights his various masculine features that we’re all familiar with: higher muscle mass, larger bone structure, copious amounts of hair, etc.

What does extra testosterone do?

And like all the other chemicals produced by the human body, having a little too much of the normal amount produces noticeable physiological effects. With the average male testosterone level at 35 nanomoles per liter, what usually happens if you get an extra drop?

Physical effects – Ever wonder why bodybuilders dope themselves with the stuff to achieve that Herculean body figure? Testosterone determines how physically masculine you look. This means that the more testosterone you have, the manlier you look.

#1 Stronger and more pronounced jawline. There is evidence that abundant testosterone levels shape your body like a Picasso painting: sharp and edgy. Men with above average testosterone levels have a squared and more pronounced jawline.

#2 Wider facial area. Aside from the jaw line, extra testosterone also results in a wider and bonier facial area. So guys with an extra dose results in them having a wider face, sharp cheekbones, and a stronger chin.

#3 Larger Adam’s apple and a deeper voice. We all know that boys experience testosterone surges during puberty which brings about the changes in his body. One of these changes is the deepening of the voice caused by developing muscle and cartilage of the laryngeal area.

Therefore, a guy with extra testosterone has well-developed vocal cord muscles as shown by a big Adam’s apple and a deep, baritone voice.

#4 Higher bone density. Men with extra testosterone develop higher bone density, making their frame larger than other men. This can be noticed by measuring the back area. Men with normal testosterone can grow tall while maintaining an average frame but guys with higher bone density would have a “wider” frame than the rest.

#5 Wider shoulders. If you notice a guy who has never stepped inside a gym but still has that “inverted triangle” upper body shape due to broad shoulders, his body produces higher amounts of testosterone than normal.

#6 Lots of facial and body hair. The ability to grow a full beard alone is a sign of high testosterone levels. Testosterone and its derivatives are the ones responsible for accelerating facial hair growth so a little over the normal amount causes that annoying condition that requires a shave every day.

#7 Longer ring finger. A study found out that if a guy received a higher dose of testosterone while in the womb, his ring finger would be longer than the average guy. The ring finger of an average guy is usually shorter than the index finger so if the ring finger is noticeably longer than the index finger, that guy is gifted with high testosterone levels even before he was born.

#8 Increased strength. High testosterone means more muscle mass and more muscle mass means more strength. That’s why guys with higher testosterone have no trouble developing their muscles even with minimal workouts.

#9 Higher metabolic rate. Testosterone plays a large part in how your body uses and stocks energy. And since higher testosterone means that your metabolism is on overdrive, your body carries less fat and more muscle.

#10 Increased libido or s*x drive. Testosterone is a s*x hormone. And the more of this a guy has, the more susceptible he is to his urges. Males with above average testosterone have increased libidos, making them desire more s*xual activity than the average guy.

The downside – while there are benefits from having too much testosterone, it also has inconvenient side effects.


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